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Moving To Florida From Chicago

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Your Neighborhood In Chicago Will Actually Define You

Chicagos backbone is in its 77 well-defined neighborhoods in nine districts each with its own mix of attractions, culture, history and personality. From Lincoln Square to Hyde Park, each neighborhood becomes part of its residents identities.

  • North: Chicagos Northern neighborhoods are youthful and desirable. From catching a Cubs game in Wrigleyville to boutique shopping in Lincoln Park and live jazz in Uptown, there is always a concert, street fest or baseball game to catch.
  • West: The West Side offers a bit more of an eclectic vibe. Thanks to the West Loops Randolph Street and Fulton Market, the West Loop is considered the citys culinary destination. Further west, you can take in the stunning murals, monuments and churches of Wicker Park.
  • The Loop: Chicagos Loop is home to all the top tourist attractions: The Bean at Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, the Historic Theatre District, as well as art galleries, cocktail lounges and shopping on Michigan Avenue.
  • South: Chicagos South Side boasts an array of cultural and social offerings. From monuments in Bronzeville to the Museum Campus in South Loop to Chinatowns authentic cuisine, diversity runs deep.

The Pros And Cons Of Moving To Florida: The Good The Bad And The Ugly

While some might argue differently, its not all sunshine in Florida. There is some bad and even ugly there too. But, were optimists here at Bellhop so we are going to give you the good first and then follow things up with the bad and the ugly.

3. The good stuff about moving to Florida .

Besides the beauty and the beaches and the sunshine , Florida boasts no state tax. And, while this might not seem like that big of a deal, it is when you consider Chicagos income tax is 3.75% and Californias is 13%. In other words, by moving to Florida, youll be putting away more money in the bank and thats never a bad thing.

In addition, getting beachfront property in Florida is not as expensive as you might first assume. CNBC made a list of the cheapest beach towns to buy a home in and half of the cities listed were in the state of Florida. No state tax combined with affordable housing isnt such a bad combination.

4. The bad stuff about moving to Florida .

If youre not into tourism, which permanent residents of a place heavily touristed generally arent, Florida can get old pretty quickly. As we mentioned previously, 65.5 million people visited Florida in the first half of 2018 last year. So, somebody is lying if they tell you its not something to be concerned about.

5. The ugly stuff about moving to Florida .

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Dining Destinations In Chicago

If youre moving to the food-centric Windy City, youll grow accustomed to the three signature food groups: Italian beef, deep-dish pizza and the Chicago-style hot dog. Prepare for beloved beef sandwiches at Als Beef, the best deep-dish youve ever had at Pequods, Giordanos, or Lou Malnatis. Or try a traditional Chicago-style dog from Portillos, which includes sport peppers and celery salt. And remember: in Chicago, ketchup on your hot dog is considered a sin.

But if you just want a great meal out, Chicagos restaurant scene is one of the best in the country. With more than 8,000 restaurants, theres a neighborhood or menu for virtually any palate. The West Loop is Chicagos hottest dining district, so if youre looking for a new favorite restaurant, thats a good place to start. If youre into ethnic gems, head to Chinatown for Asian delights, Argyle Street for Vietnamese, or Devon for Indian food.

Top Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago has a number of Michelin-starred restaurants and celebrity chefs, standout local stars being Rick Bayless for high-end Mexican cuisine Bravos Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard and Grant Achatz , a renowned chef managed who created one of the most impressive culinary legacies on the planet while battling tongue cancer.

Take Only What You Need

Chicago to Florida Moving Cost [2020]

Depending on the nature of the move, its possible that you go way below the average residential moving costs. How? Its very simple just dont take anything you dont plan to use in the near future.

After years of living under one roof, its only normal that a certain degree of clutter will have accumulated. Luckily, your upcoming move is the perfect chance to get rid of it once and for all.

First of all, inventory your entire home to see where you stand on clutter. Then, sit down and go through your things with the purpose of reducing their number to their reasonable minimum.

Remember: fewer items to pack and transport means less money to pay out of your own pocket + the bonus of having more free space in your new home.

How to get rid of unwanted items? Learn what you should do with all the furniture pieces and other possessions youve decided to leave behind.

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Moving From Illinois To Florida Swapping The Prairie For The Sunshine

Relocating your entire life can be one of the most stressful scenarios you find yourself in especially if that relocation brings you across the state border. There are so many items that begin to surface that you may have never taken the time to even contemplate because they were just second nature to the life routine youve been running for so many years. Subjects like weather, food, career, safety, schools, and did we say food, begin to look like unknown entities when you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a place that more so resembles a foreign country. More specifically, if your next move happens to take you from the state of Illinois to the state of Florida, there are definitely some changes that you will experience right off the bat. Doing your research in preparation for this transition may ease the initial blow of now dwelling in an environment that stands apart from everything youve ever known. Below you will uncover some of the key aspects of this transition from the Prairie State to the Sunshine State that may aid in lessening the overall load of this distant move. Knowledge is most certainly powerful and as you explore some of the possible similarities as well as the differences between these two states, we may actually be able to shed some light on any perceived assumptions or common misconceptions.

What Is The Average Cost Of Movers Per Hour

The average moving price of local moves is about $60 per hour per mover. However, that price can be higher depending on your location within the country.

Heres a table with the average cost of movers for a local move based on the number of bedrooms in the home youre moving out of. The average moving costs are calculated with the typical hourly rate of $60 per local mover.

Home Size
12 $3,600

NOTE: Please note that due to the adverse side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, actual prices may be much higher than the average moving costs stated in the table above.

For accurate moving cost calculation, use ourfree Moving Cost Calculator.

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What About Hurricanes Bugs Snakes Gators Sink Holes Heat

My answer to that is tornadoes, bugs, sink holes are in more states that Florida. Snakes and bugs are everywhere. But of course the warmer of a climate you live in the more youll see those critters. Its just the way it is. And no matter where you live theres always something. No place is perfect. Some places have earth quakes, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, bugs, whatever every place has something. But we knew that before moving here. We did lots of research and also researched areas for crime. And again no place is perfect but we are so happy with where we are now.

Chicago To Florida Movers


Finding the right Chicago to Florida movers is the secret to a hassle-free and effective relocation. You can find numerous removalists in your area, specializing in residential or commercial moves. All you have to do is hire the right service provider that offers a one-stop moving solution.

Professional Chicago to Florida movers have the latest equipment and facilities to handle all types of moves regardless of the size of the project. It is best to choose a service provider with well-trained and experienced moving team in order to have a smooth move from start to finish. Most importantly, find a company that offers affordable rates.

Agility Van Lines is the Leading Chicago to Florida Movers withModern Services at an Affordable Price!

Agility Van Lines is the leading Chicago to Florida movers that delivers the best quality and dependable moving solutions locally and interstate. We make sure that you have everything you need from packing, unpacking, and anything in between. Our moving crew will take care of your valuables with utmost care.

At Agility Van Lines, bringing your belongings to your new location with care and safety is the heart of our business. We are the trusted Chicago to Florida movers that delivers a one-stop moving solution for both residential and commercial applications. Get in touch with our team now for more details!

Get your Valuables to your New Place Safely, Hassle-Free!
Chicago to Florida Movers Information Center

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Schools: For Families With School

  • Unlike most quality of life ratings, school ratings are all over the place and often contradict each other.
  • The quality of education can vary from school to school even within the same district in the same state.
  • The effect of moving kids from their friends, relatives and environment to somewhere completely different can have consequences. If the move doesnt work out, which happens more than what most people realize, you may need/want to move again.

The South Florida Hype

Although there are many prosperous areas within the state of Florida, one of the most up and coming regions just so happens to be the southeast coast. From West Palm Beach all the way down south to Miami, there are an astonishing array of cities along this path that all bring something unique to the table. If you havent quite decided which part of Florida to settle in, then you may just want to consider planting your roots in this area.

Next up on the list is Broward County which is the meat of the sandwich that makes up this hearty and fulfilling area of South Florida. Here you will explore cities such as Fort Lauderdale that are known for their beachside living and one of a kind establishments. Places such as Primanti Brothers where you can grab one of the best slices of pizza at any time of the day or night are staples to this picture of paradise. You can even get in a little retail therapy when you need at places like The Galleria Mall which just so happens to be located minutes away from the beach. So, after you find your new bikini at the mall you can hop right on over to the beach and bask in all the beautiful rays of Florida sunshine.

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Make Friends With Snowbirds And Retirees

The seasonal influx of snowbirds and retirees will be very apparent in certain communities in Florida. But live in Florida long enough, and youre bound to make friends with a few. Theres nothing wrong with living in a transient community, but there are certain things youll notice, like the influx of traffic during the busy tourist seasons as well as when the snowbirds arrive.

Things To Consider Before Moving From Chicago To Florida

Top 10 Movers from Miami, FL to Chicago, IL for 2021

Before removing from one state to another, there is a list of things you should focus on. These things require a lot of self-questioning and hard decision. You have to be brutally honest with your self in order to priorities what make one place worth moving to. From your point of view, so think about them before hiring Coral Springs moving company and book your relocation.

These are the things about the new city you should explore thoroughly before you make a final decision of moving from Chicago to Florida:

  • The living costs and affordability
  • Unemployment rate
  • The density of the traffic and quality of public transportation
  • Outdoor and sports activities

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Thinking About Moving Back To Fl From Chicago

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OptimusPrime69 Never give ur sunshine state identity

Originally Posted by I live in Broward county now …. and am very happy here. I’m a male in my late 20s. Have a good job, my own place, love the weather, Love the access to the amazing beaches, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Went to the Florida keys in March, got myself some amazing fishing in, not to mention a killer tan. Love the outdoor options FL has. Tho, make no mistake FL lacks any real urban cores….like Chicago, but it’s all personal preference. I, personally dont mind that FL doesn’t have a major city like Chicago, yet has many medium sized cities to choose from. Orlando, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm, Miami, the keys, Clearwater, etc. IL just seems boring outside of Chicago. And yeah the whole license plate thing.!


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