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Museum Of Science And Industry Chicago Parking

Hotel With Free Museum Shuttle & free Parking

Kone Parking Elevators at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL

This hotel offers a free scheduled shuttle to the museum and free parking that will save you $50.00 a day. Many visitors quickly find that one afternoon simply isnt enough at the Museum of Science and Industry. Staying at this hotel results in money saved so your family can do more in Chicago. Regardless of what brought you to the Windy City, be sure to pencil in a visit to the awe-inspiring museum.

The Museum is housed in the Palace of Fine Arts building from the 1893 Worlds Fair and opened as part of the 1933 Worlds Fair. The building and its various exhibits have been leaving visitors in awe ever since. With over 2,000 exhibits the museum boasts something for everybody covering nearly every scientific discipline on the planet.

Some of the more popular exhibits are the full-size replica coal mine and the Transportation Gallery which houses The Great Train Story. It includes a 3,500 square foot model railroad outlining the story of transportation from Chicago to Seattle. The Museum of Science and Industry also houses relics of American history including the U-505 German submarine captured during World War II. Another popular exhibit is the command module from Apollo 8 the first manned spacecraft to leave low Earth orbit, orbit the moon, and return safely to our planet. The museum has exhibits that play to the fascination of your family. Be sure to check and see what special events or visiting exhibits will be around during your stay in Chicago.

Museum Of Science And Industry Free Days

Admission on Museum of Science and Industry free days includes their classic exhibits, from the Great Train Story to the Baby Chick Hatchery.

These free admission days are a great time to take advantage of the many special exhibits.

Giant Dome Theater films, Fab Lab workshops, and Future Energy Chicago are $12 for adults and $9 for children 3 11.

The Museum of Science and Industry is free for Illinois residents with valid ID on the following dates in 2021:

These free days for Illinois residents at the Museum of Science and Industry are a great deal. Ticket prices are $21.95 adults and $12.95 for children ages 3 to 11.

Tips And Tricks For A Better Visit

  • Head online: To make the most of your visit, plan ahead and scope out as many exhibits as you can online. Since theres so much to see, it will help you get a feel for which exhibits are must-sees for you and your family and help you to block off enough time to check them out in depth.
  • Give yourself time: Previous visitors have mentioned that they wished they had more time to explore. To be sure you have plenty of time to see everything the museum has to offer, especially if this is your first time visiting, try to get to the museum early so youre not rushing through any of the exhibits.
  • Make reservations: Tickets for temporary exhibits and films can sell out. Make reservations for any special shows or exhibits that you really want to see.
  • Dont skip Finnigans Ice Cream Parlor! Located on the main level in Yesterdays Main Street, getting your favorite flavor in a cone, sundae or shake will give you much needed energy to continue exploring and learning.
  • Take a vintage photo: After your ice cream cone and silent movie, take a photo of your experience in 1910 Chicago at the Old Time Photo Studio in Yesterdays Main Street.

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Everything Isnt For Kids

The vast majority of the museum is family friendly. However, some of these Chicago science museum exhibits contain information you may not be excited to share with your kids yet. Examples include war, death, and internal organs. Peruse the Chicago science museum map ahead of time to determine if you want to skip specific sections.

Museum Of Science And Industry Parking

A side view of the Museum of Science and Industry, Hyde ...

The Museum of Science and Industry has a convenient garage that opens right into the museum. Rates are $22.

You can also get discounted parking with Parkwhiz and Spothero .

The Museum of Science and Industry is a must-see destination for any local or visitor. If you plan on visiting, be sure to save this for later:

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This Is An Amazing Museum But Very Expensive

This is an amazing museum, but very expensive. Admission for a family of four, plus two added “experiences” per person was just over $200. Add lunch for around $50 at the museum’s cafe, and an Uber to and from our downtown hotel at $70, and we spent over $300 for just over four hours of entertainment. I’m sure that there are ways to save , but we didn’t have time for that level of planning. Glad we did it, but it was a “one-and-done” for our family.

Numbers In Nature: A Mirror Maze

Its amazing how many patterns exist naturally on this planet, but its even more amazing when you get to see them all in one room. At the Numbers in Nature exhibit, youll see how math and nature work together to create some of the worlds most beautiful patterns. The mirror maze seems endless with the dizzying pattern, but you can find your way out if you continue to explore and apply your newfound knowledge. Plus, the maze make for a great photo!

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Permanent Exhibits Included With Your Museum Entry

The museum has been opened since 1933. Some of these exhibits have been here almost as long.

Art of the Bicycle

Art of the Bicycle has a ton of bikes to see, a lot of which would barely work today. At a minimum, your kids will enjoy comparing these to their own.


Circus has clearly been around for a long, long time. Things get a little weird. There are some intricate miniature scenes with moving pieces that may interest kids for a few minutes.

Museum of Science and Industry Fairy Castle

This giant dollhouse minus the dolls has been at the museum since the 1940s. There is a lot of complex detail. It is definitely worth a quick stop.

Earth Revealed

This section has a large video playing on a screen shaped like the Earth to teach you about the planets weather and climate. By the time you reach this section, you will probably be tired. It is a great place to sit down for a few minutes and decompress. Your kids will like the unique screen. It is a screen, after all.

Eye Spy

Eye Spy is a small, odd cute section where you can look for objects in detailed displays.

Farm Tech

Farm Tech features large farming equipment, some interactive areas, and toilet references, so your kids should be all set.

Genetics and the Baby Chick Hatchery

This section features baby chicks hatching in incubators since the 1950s. All the time. Always hatching. 8,000 per year. There are some other things to see and touch, but the chicks are the highlight of this section.

Great Train Story

Idea Factory

Use A Tourist Attraction Discount Pass

[FAIL] KONE Elevators at the Museum of Science and Industry parking garage in Chicago

Admission to the Museum of Science and Industry is currently included with three Chicago tourist passes, which allow you to save money on tickets to multiple popular attractions.

Here are a few of the other activities and locations you can visit using a tourist pass:

  • Chicago Children’s Museum
  • And more!

Depending on how you use a tourist pass and which one you choose, you could save 50% off everything included.

For more details, please check our post covering Chicago tourist attraction discount passes.

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First Time Visitors Guide To Chicagos Museum Of Science And Industry

Remember when proving a point required research at a library? Now, modern technology and the world wide web give you the power to settle debates in seconds. Yet, for all of the power of the internet, there are still many things that search engines cant tell you. Some things you just have to see for yourself. At the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, curiosity and the thirst for knowledge inspire innovation. The exhibits encourage questions and spark conversation by immersing you in the technological, scientific and industrial achievements that have changed our world and continue to help it to evolve.

Family Says Young Son With Rare Condition Denied Entry To Chicago Museum For Not Wearing Maskyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

A Chicago family says their 3-year-old son was denied entry to the MuseumofScienceandIndustry because he wasn’t wearing a mask, and now the family is asking Illinois officials to remind the public that medical exemptions exist for the requirement to wear facial coverings in indoor spaces.

NBC Chicago on MSN.com

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Get Cheap Parking Near Museum Of Science And Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry in Hyde Park, Chicago ...

If youre a science nerd who loves everything about technology, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago will feel like heaven to you! Located in Jackson Park, the Museum stands on the location of the former Palace of Fine Arts. Whether its engineering marvels, genetic miracles, or technological breakthroughs, the MSI has exhibits memorializing every one of them. Since it is a popular Chicago attraction, it wont come as a surprise that finding Museum of Science and Industry parking can get challenging at times.Despite having on-site parking and street parking on the surrounding roads, it can get pretty frustrating to get a spot that matches your needs of both convenience and affordability. You dont want to end up spending a fortune on Museum of Science and Industry parking! The best way to go forward would be to ditch the conventional options and go for off-site parking around the Museum of Science and Industry.With Way.com, you get access to cheap parking near Museum of Science and Industry without compromising on safety and security. Pre-booking an off-site spot is often the best way to avoid driving around the MSI in circles waiting for on-site parking to open up! Take a look at our rates below and see how you can make a ton of savings!

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Museum Of Science And Industry Parking Tips

The Museum of Science and Industry is located along Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

It is best to pre-book parking in advance before going out. There are plenty of websites and parking apps that offer smooth, contactless parking reservations at secure spots and garages.

Even if you are parking in a secure parking garage, never leave your valuables exposed on the dashboard or on the seats. Keeping your gadgets like mobile phones and laptops in full view is just an invitation to be car burglars even at the safest parking lot.

Consider A Museum Of Science And Industry Membership

Are you going to go a couple of times? Is your family interested in the extras? If so, a membership may make sense for you. You get some solid perks, plus some fluff, like free coffee. As of the time of this writing, your most affordable options are:

Individual Chicago Science Museum Membership

Individual membership admits one member and one guest. It currently costs $95 per year and includes:

A. Four discounts to special exhibits

B. Four discounted passes to the Marvel exhibit

C. Four Giant Dome Theater tickets

D. 10% off Museum of Science and Industry prices on food and merchandise

Dual Membership

Dual membership admits two members and one guest. It currently costs $145 per year and includes:

A. Six discounts to special exhibits

B. Six discounted passes to the Marvel exhibit

C. Six Giant Dome Theater tickets

D. $8 parking

F. Free admission to other museums in the Association of Science and Technology Centers

G. 10% off food and merchandise

Family Membership

Family membership admits two adults, kids under age 18 who reside in the member household, and one guest. It costs $195 per year and includes:

A. Unlimited discounts to special exhibits

B. Unlimited discounted passes to the Marvel exhibit

C. Ten Giant Dome Theater tickets

D. Free parking

F. Free admission to other museums in the Association of Science and Technology Centers

G. 10% off food and merchandise

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Is There Parking At The Museum Of Science And Industry

Yes, the MSI does have on-site parking at their underground garage. You can access the entrance from E 57th Street and South Cornell Avenue. However, given the number of visitors to the Museum every day, youd have to be extremely lucky to get a spot when you drive up. Plus, youll have to pay a flat rate during drop off, which could be expensive if youre only going to be there for a few hours.

Off-site parking around Museum of Science and Industry has much more flexible options like hourly or daily parking, while also offering great deals that shave off as much as 50%. The easiest way to access these is by using the Way.com website or app more on that below.

Museum Of Science And Industry

Montgomery Hydraulic Elevators @ Museum of Science & Industry Parking Garage in Chicago, IL
  • 684-1414
  • 684-2907

MSI is open to the public, continuing our rigorous health and safety procedures. For visit details, go here: https://www.msichicago.org/visit/know-before-you-go/

Purchase advance tickets for our new Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes exhibit today! Go to https://www.msichicago.org/explore/whats-here/exhibits/marvel-universe-of-super-heroes/ for tickets or to become an MSI member. Tickets are selling fast for summer, so reserve yours today.

The Museum of Science and Industry is the largest science museum in the country! Housed in the only remaining building from the 1893 Worlds Fair, MSI is a Chicago must-see! Youll experience mind blowing, hands-on exhibits and have the chance to navigate through a mirror maze manipulate a 40-foot tornado climb aboard a World War II German submarine take a run in a human-sized hamster wheel descend into an Illinois coal mine board a 727 hanging from the ceiling transmit your pulse to a 13-foot, 3-D, beating heart and much more! Its fun and interactive!

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How Much Is Parking At Museum Of Science And Industry

There is an underground parking structure attached to the Museum of Science and Industry entrance at the northwest corner of East 57th Street and South Cornell Avenue. Parking is $22 for non-members and individual members, $14 for people with a dual membership, and free for family memberships.

Pro tip: Have your membership card ready when you enter the garage. You have to scan it.

Note: The parking charges are per car. One family cannot arrive in two cars and park both for free.

Note: The garage closes at 7:00 p.m. It may seem like a smart idea to visit other parts of Chicago after the museum with your car in the free lot. It wont work.

Note: The garage can fill up. Arrive early.

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