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Must Eat Restaurants In Chicago

Where Are The Coolest Places To Eat In Chicago

Chicago, Illinois Culinary Must Eats

Girl & The Goat We are new to Chicago and this is one of the restaurants that everyone is talking about so this more 4. Three Dots and A Dash The design in here is so cool blending speakeasy and tiki bar. The drinks are great and the staff more 5. Beatnik On The River Loved the food and vibes!

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse

To say Gibsons is popular would be an understatement this is the highest grossing independent restaurant in all of Chicago. The restaurants prime location just off the Magnificent Mile and commitment to quality has fueled its reputation as a Chicago classic since it opened in 1989. Once youre in the door, the dining rooms pressed tin ceilings amplify laughter and conversations, lending a boisterous atmosphere that suddenly makes another round feel like the only good idea. But Gibsons owes its staying power to its steaks: The restaurant is the first in the country to have its own USDA certification, Gibsons Prime Angus beef. Save room for desserts, which the menu humbly lists as carrot cake or chocolate mousse pie, but in reality are towering, multi-layer creations that rival the citys skyscrapers in height.

Dining at the restaurant: Gibsons is open for limited indoor dining and outdoor dining on the restaurants covered, heated patio.

Takeout: Takeout and delivery are available through the restaurants website, offering prepared items, family meals that feed four people, and cook-at-home steaks and chops that come with a container of the restaurants signature seasoning salt and videos to help guide diners through the cooking process.

Best Italian Beef In Chicago Als Beef

Another Chicago staple that could probably be its own food group, Italian beef is a go-to lunch in the loop. Just know how to order so you dont hold up the line. Theyll ask if you want it dry, wet, or dipped which refers to how juicy itll be and whether you want it topped with hot or sweet peppers .

Also Try: Mr. Beef, Tonys Italian Beef

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The 10 Most Classic Restaurants In Chicago

The Windy City has a lot to offer besides deep-dish pizza, and any restaurant in business since 1932 has to be doing something right.

Chicagos dining scene is unquestionably exciting and diverse, but sometimes you need a restaurant thats dependable, reliable, and has stood the test of time. With that in mind, heres our guide to the most classic spots in the Windy City.

Though it opened in 2003, the design of Avecimagine dramatic ceiling-to-floor wood panelingcontinues to win over even the most devoted design buffs. Looks aside, its the Mediterranean-inspired menu by Executive Chef and Partner Paul Kahan and Chef de Cuisine Perry Hendrix that keeps the slick space perpetually packed. The chorizo-stuffed dates wrapped with bacon have been a bestseller since day one, along with the oven-roasted whole fish, whose preparation shifts with the seasons.

615 West Randolph Street, 312-377-2002, avecrestaurant.com

Equal parts neighborhood bar and restaurant, this low-key, no-frills establishment has been serving up some of the citys most dependable comfort food since 1932. But their claim to fame is the house ribs, which are slow-baked, and finished with a zesty barbecue sauce. To wit, regular patron Frank Sinatra couldnt get enough, and would order them the same way every visit: Ribs, and keep em coming!

1655 North Sedgwick Street, 312-266-1616, twinanchorsribs.com

1028 North Rush Street, 312-266-8999, gibsonssteakhouse.com

Drinks And A Show At The Green Mill

Unique Places to Eat in Chicago

UptownMake like modern day Scarface at this landmark cash-only jazz bar, known for incredible live music, stiff cocktails, and a deeply seedy history as Al Capones Prohibition-era headquarters. Rumor has it a network of tunnels still lies beneath the floorboards, connecting the watering hole to different former gangster hangouts all over the Northside. Its touristy, sure, but the spooky-swanky atmospherenot to mention the world-class nightly performancesis well worth waiting out the crowds.How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating.

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The Famous Kuma Burger At Kumas Corner

Only in Chicago could a joint that blasts heavy metal music, refuses to carry Budweiser, and stirs a controversy with the Catholic Church, be adored. Kumas Corner has become a destination in every food lovers pilgrimage.

Depending on what you order, your burger may include bourbon poached pear, roasted poblano peppers, avocado mash and other inventive ingredients.

Still, the one that most people return to is The Famous Kuma: 10 ounces of prime ground beef served with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. A fried egg crowns this imposing patty, securing its epic status.

It gets better:

Though Kumas may have an edgy attitude, their heart is pure gold. They make sure to have a selection of vegetarian offerings, including an Impossible Burger. Every month, they pick a different charity to donate to. They also support local, homegrown producers and breweries, making it an extremely Chicago experience we love to share with our food tour guests.

Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Co

This one has been all over the internet lately because of its Pizza Pot Pie. Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. brings history to its customers in the bottom floor of an old Lincoln Park home, while also redefining deep dish. The pies are made from scratch and can also be bought frozen to eat at home. #blessed

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Best Bagel In Chicago New York Bagel

This may sound random, but you have no idea how hard it is to find a good bagel in a predominantly Christian, red state. To give you an idea of how bad the demand is, the one non-Einsteins within Denver proper just opened to 45-minute waits . This Jew girl needs her schmear, and preferably with lox.

Also Try: Chicago Bagel Authority

Cemita Atmica At Cemitas Puebla

Top 5 Must Eats in Chicago

Chicagos Mexican population is one of the largest in the country and their cuisine is woven tightly into the fabric of the food scene here. Thats why we go beyond the taco to honor the cemita, a typical sandwich made up of avocado, chipotle sauce, Oaxacan cheese, and meat inside a homemade sesame seed roll.

No one does it better either than Cemitas Puebla, who put themselves on the map by creating the Cemitas Atómica. This monster sandwich blends pork loin, breaded milanesa and Krakus ham for a heart-stopping number.

Insider Tip: You can try Cemitas Puebla, Kumas killer burgers and Do-Rites artisanal doughnuts in Chicago Food Planets Gateway to the West Loop Food Tour. Not only will you get to nosh on some of Chicagos most innovative dishes but youll also learn more about the neighborhood that started the citys dining revolution.

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Double Doozie At Sweet Mandy B’s

Yes, this is slightly biased because its my favorite bakery in the country, but I promise this is by far the best bakery in Chicago. All of your baked good dreams are fulfilled here. There is not a single bad item on the menu. A must try is the double doozie , but the chocolate chip peanut butter chip brownie and lemon cupcakes are a must, too.

Not Every Great Restaurant In Chicago

Youre in Chicago for the first time ever. Youve got 72 hours and an appetite for everything. Where do you start?

Thats a question we get asked a lot, and its a hard one to answer. But were gonna try so that you dont return home having only sampled our finest mozzarella sticks from the food court at Navy Pier.

Theres no doubt youll spend time wandering up and down the Magnificent Mile and checking out the West Loop. And while theres great food there , dont confine yourself to eating all your meals in these areas youll miss some of the best restaurants in the city.

This isnt meant to be a definitive list of Chicagos best restaurants its just what wed do if we were in your shoes. Speaking of shoes hopefully you brought something comfortable. Youve got a lot of ground to cover.

Sorrylooks like you screwed up that email address

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Malbec Beef Empanada At 5411 Empanadas

Theres so much to do in Chicago, its tempting to forego a sit-down meal and opt for the portable capabilities of street food. Behold, then, the mighty empanadas at one of Chicagos best food trucks: 5411 Empanadas. Baked to a dark golden hue and served with a side of herbaceous chimichurri sauce, theyre easy to carry around and even easier to eat.

Our go-to order?

The Malbec Beef, a blend of shredded Angus beef slow roasted in red wine reduction.

Parsons Chicken And Fish

20 Must
  • Address: 2952 W. Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60647. for directions and reviews.
  • Phone: 384-3333
  • Hours: 7 days a week, 11am to 11pm

One of my friends claims that their fried chicken is the best in the city. But my real reason to go would be to enjoy their massive patio and drink a beer.

If fried chicken isnt your thing, they also feature a bunch of other tasty treatsthat you can wash down with delicious frozen alcoholic slushies.

Pro Tip: The fried fish is not as good as the fried chicken as its heavy on the batter.

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Italian Deli: Tempesta Market

Take the traditional Italian market, add some rock-and-roll references plus the pursuit of quality inherent in a stalwart deli like Ann Arbors Zingermans and youve got Tempesta Market. Appetizers may include Berkshire pork meatballs glazed in tomato basil sauce, and gem lettuces tossed with rosy-hued curls of roast beef, shiny curds of stracciatella and a lustrous herb vinaigrette. Sandwiches can include the likes of the Southside Johnny featuring sourdough stuffed with juicy rosemary broth-splashed porchetta, grilled Wisconsin cheese, verdant broccolini, and spicy garlicky chimichurri that kick the butt of your average Italian hero.

Best Hot Dogs In Chicago Portillos

Just say yes to sport peppers and celery salt and hard pass on the ketchup, which is a cardinal sin around these parts. Chicago dogs arent hard to come by in Denver, but that trifecta of beefy goodness, cheese fries, and gluttonous chocolate cake is and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Someone please open a franchise out West help a girl out.

Also Try: Superdawg Drive-inn, Wolfys, Devil Dawgs

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Fried Shrimp: Haires Gulf Shrimp

Chicago is nowhere near an ocean and yet, fried shrimp shacks dot the landscape almost as much as Italian beef joints or deep-dish pizza parlors. Most places serve thick under-salted flour-laden clumps. Haires, however, purveys a light, golden crispy battered and butterflied shrimp so addictive, it can be eaten like popcorn. Though it needs no celebrity endorsement, Chance the Rapper has been spotted at this Southside gem.

Baby Back Ribs At Smoque Bbq


Nothing is more classic and representative of Chicago than a restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere and huge portions. Smoque is known for their family style tables and neighborhood kind of place atmosphere. The barbecue sauce is homemade so you cant go wrong with anything from their large variety of meat.

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Lemon Italian Ice At Mikos Italian Ice

Nothing says summer in Chicago like grabbing a cup of cool and colorful Italian ice at Mikos. The sorbet-like dessert is made exclusively out of crushed, frozen fresh fruit and is completely dairy-free. Though Mikos boasts exotic flavors like cucumber and guava, nothing beats the classic lemon on a hot July night.

Conceptual Cocktails At The Aviary

West LoopWhile the pandemic has undoubtedly left its ugly mark on traditional fine dining, Alinea Group mastermind chef Grant Achatz has kept his penchant for executing feats of molecular gastronomy brilliance alive and well over at this long running West Loop cocktail bar-slash-innovation hub. Snag a reservation and settle in for a la carte creations or an intricate three-course tour of top shelf tipples engineered to tickle the imagination alongside a host of creative bar bites. How to book: Reserve and order take-out via Tock.

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New Orleans In Chicago: Ina Mae Tavern

Chef Brian Jupiter has the soul of the bayou running through his blood. Unlike any cook before him, he has somehow found a way to bring a taste of The Big Easy to Chicago at Ina Mae Tavern. Chargrilled oysters can bubble with butter, while fried crawfish tails can be as addictive like popcorn shrimp. Po’ Boy-style sandwiches stuffed between crusty bread channels the best of New Orleanss stalwarts like Parkway Bakery and Domilises.

Best Seafood Restaurant In Chicago Shaws Crab House

Must eat restaurants in Chicago? : Page 3

Despite being landlocked, Chicago manages to pull off seafood pretty well, especially shellfish with many of these serving up daily fresh catches.

Also Try: Calumet Fisheries, GT Fish & Oyster

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Chorizo Tacos At Frontera Fresco

Rick Bayless is famous for his mexican restaurant, Frontera Grill. You can quickly experience some of his famous foods though by visiting one of the Frontera fast-food chains, Frontera Fresco. There you can choose from a variety of tacos, tortas, quesadillas, huaraches, salads, tamales, and soups. Whatever you order, make sure you get a side of guacamole and chips. Their guacamole is one of the best.

Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago Giordanos

The best deep dish in Chicago is a hotly debated topic, but it really comes down to whether you prefer your za saucier or cheesier. Personally, Im a coat that pie in as much tomato sauce as possible kind of girl. If youre all about that cheese life, Lou Malnatis will be more your style. If you want the OG though, give UNOs or Ginos East a try. Others also swear by Pequods for their caramelized crust, but personally, its too crispy for me.

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Neapolitan Pizza: Paulie Gees

Given the longstanding rivalry with New York for civic supremacy, and the fact that were talking about some of Chicagos most-essential spots, it might seem weird that a Brooklyn-born pizza joint would make this list. But Paulie Gees turns out some of Chicagos best Neapolitan-style pizzas, easily passing the Friday-night craving test. Which is to say, when your inhibitions are down, Gees pies are the ones you crave. The wood-fired and blistered crusts of their Neapolitan pies feature a cross-section of airy bubbles that look more like a croissant than a pizza.

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