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No Kill Animal Shelters In Chicago

How Do You Determine When An Animal’s Time Is Up

‘It’s been really hard’: Valley animal shelter reaches no-kill status

We do not impose time limits on animals. As long as the animal remains healthy and behaviorally sound, he/she will stay in our adoption program. Staff and volunteers socialize and exercise animals to help keep them healthy while they are in our care. If an animal begins to show signs of stress in the shelter, we may transfer him/her to another facility or rescue group or provide a temporary respite in a foster home.

Do You Take Animals From Chicago Animal Care And Control

The Anti-Cruelty Society does accept dogs from Chicago Animal Care and Control . Almost 20 years ago we pioneered the concept of animal transfers out of Chicago Animal Care and Control, and since then they have added more than 200 Homeward Bound partners. The only dogs that are at risk at CACC are pit bull types. Since The Anti-Cruelty Society is an open admission shelter, the thousands of animals that enter our shelter never have to enter the City system, and we accept pit bull types, unlike most limited admission shelters.

Second Best Option For Your Pet

The second best alternative is to find your pet a home with a friend or family member who knows your pet well. You can continue to see your pet so that he doesn’t feel abandoned, and you have confident that he is being cared for. Be very careful when handing your pet over to a stranger you have met online or through acquaintances. Make sure that you check references to ensure the person is responsible and ask that they reach back out to you in the event that they can no longer care for your pet. In fact, it is best to document those stipulations in a contract to show your seriousness.

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A Matter Of Life & Death

There are many considerations responsible pet owners must take into account when deciding whether to give up their pet. Read this carefully to ensure your pet has the best chance at a good future. Making the wrong decision could mean your pet’s life is taken prematurely.

If you are interested in re-homing a pet adopted from PAWS Chicago, please contact us at 773-935-7297 to discuss returning the animal to PAWS.

Building A No Kill Chicago

Chicago could become a âno
*On Wed., August 10, the Adoption Center hours will be 2pm-7pmSCHEDULE AN ADOPTION APPOINTMENT: Learn about our in-person adoption processat pawschicago.org/adopt.
Glenn L. Felner North Shore Adoption Center
1616 Deerfield Road
Blazer Building Training Center
Chicago, IL 60614 – Map it
Please visit PawsChicago.org/training for the most up-to-date information on our virtual and in-person training classes.
Englewood Outreach Center
Located in the lower level of St. Stephens Lutheran Church.
Offers programs and resources for neighborhood pet owners. Hours vary. Center does not house animals.Pet owners in Englewood and Back of the Yards may call 773-217-9113 for more information.

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Who Is Famous Fido

Famous Fido Rescue

Famous Fido Rescue and Adoption Alliance is a 501 nonprofit rescue organization. We rescue animals deemed unadoptable in high-kill city shelters, as well as those in crisis situations brought in by individuals.

Wellness and Learning Center

Famous Fido Rescue and Adoption Alliance is a 501 nonprofit rescue organization and the Wellness and Learning Center is established to provide three functions.

What It Takes

Famous Fido Rescue and Adoption Alliance takes more than caring, compassion and love for animals to stay open. Read more about how much it really takes for Us to operate.

Chicago Animal Shelters Take Adoptions Online During Pandemic

Adler goes for a walk.

Illinois residents are spending more time at home than ever, and will be until at least April 7 the date when Gov. J.B. Pritzkers stay-at-home order is set to potentially expire. As you hunker down at home, you may be thinking that now is the perfect time to add a furry friend to the mix. But is that even possible?

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What Are Rescues And Why Do You Send Some Pets To Them

Rescues are organizations that find home for specific breeds or animals with special needs such as medical or behavioral issues. They are often run solely by volunteers and fosters, meaning they have no permanent facility. Many have waiting lists for their particular breed. We screen all of our rescue partners to ensure the best animal welfare. We use rescues and other partners to help us place as many animals as possible into permanent homes.

Every Single Animal Was Adopted From Chicago Animal Control This Week For The First Time Ever

Nearly all Northwest Arkansas animal shelters are considered ‘no-kill’

People stuck at home are rushing to adopt or foster dogs and cats from the city’s shelters, but you’re not out of luck if you want to help.

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CHICAGO Every animal was adopted from Chicago Animal Care and Control this week for the first time in its history and shelters throughout the city have seen a similar outpouring of support during the pandemic.

Thousands of people have applied to foster and adopt dogs and cats at Chicagos shelters since the stay at home order went into effect March 21. Theres been so much interest in fostering, in particular, that some shelters havent had enough cats and dogs and now have a waiting list of people willing to care for an animal in need.

Chicago Animal Care and Control completely ran out of adoptable dogs and cats earlier this week, a first in the agencys history, said spokeswoman Jenny Schlueter. The department is still taking in animals and will likely have more ready to adopt in coming days, and its still housing 51 dogs, six cats and two birds who arent ready for adoption for various reasons.

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Clerical & Database Administrators

We require administrators to manage our mailing lists and organize our animal database. Our animals files must be kept up to date and organized to ensure that their histories and medical records are accurately recorded. These must be maintained to ensure that we update their vaccinations in due time.

The City Shelter Euthanizes Nearly Half Of The Pit Bulls It Intakes

The stigma placed on pit bulls is well-documented, and the rate at which they’re put down by the city doesn’t help. During the first half of 2015, the city pound euthanized 49 percent of the pit bulls it took in. That’s a slight improvement from the rate of 51 percent and 60 percent over the same periods of 2014 and 2013, respectively.

Ultimately, Chicago’s city code allows the executive director of Animal Care and Control to make the call regarding the disposition of any animal whose ownership is unknown. If they determine the animal suffers from severe behavioral issues after three days of impoundment, it can be put down. The city may also euthanize any animal that attacks or harms people or other domestic animals if their owner does not comply with a set a tricky regulations that includes fines and muzzling.

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I Want To Volunteer At The Anti

Volunteering at The Anti-Cruelty Society means more than just spending time with a cat or dogits about making a difference in our community, preparing animals to meet their forever families, facilitating life-long bonds, and networking with other animal-loving people along the way. Whether you have several hours a week or just a handful of hours every month, the animals need you! For details, click here.

Kennel & Cattery Help

Too costly to turn Chicago animal shelters into no

Cleaners& Feeders Requires cleaning rooms and cages and changing bedding and towels, scooping cat litter, cleaning the yard, preparing cat or dog food for feeding. Again, this job is so important to keeping our animals in good health and ensuring they have clean, sanitary and comfortable living conditions.

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Why Does The Anti

The shelters that have an overpopulation of homeless pets are shelters that do not have the capacity and do not have enough people locally willing and able to provide homes for them. Often these areas do not have affordable spay/neuter services available. The Anti-Cruelty Society is an open-admission shelter, meaning we accept animals in need, provide necessary care and adopt all healthy and behaviorally-sound animals, no matter how long it takes. By taking in animals via rescue transports, we are saving the lives of pets that would otherwise be euthanized.

Whiskers & Tails Rescue Foundation

Whiskers & Tails Rescue Foundation is a non-profit organization, and is Chicagos first animal rescue to focus solely on Trap-Neuter-Return & Trap-Neuter-Adopt . They believe that cats are a part of the community, and we should appreciate the work of feral cats to keep away the vermin. Therefore, we should give back by helping educate the Chicago community on practices like TNR to keep our feral and stray cats alive and roaming free, but without having an unhealthy excess.

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Doesn’t Chicago Have An Overpopulation Problem What About Local Animals

In the last 5 years, owner surrenders to the Society have declined by almost half. Chicagos dog population is largely under control due to a long history of providing affordable spay/neuter and educating the public about the benefits of adopting rather than buying a pet. We also offer an array of services designed to keep animals in their present homes. Chicago does have an overpopulation of pit bull type dogs because many of these dogs are under-socialized and untrained. Because we are an open admission shelter, the Society takes in any animal and does not discriminate based on breed.

Surrendering Your Pet To Paws Chicago

Marion County Animal Services to become no-kill shelter

Partnering with PAWS Chicago guarantees your pets life. Founded with the No Kill mission at heart, we are committed to each and every pet in our care. And we are committed to our pets for their entire lives. If anything should happen where their adopters can no longer care for them, we ask that they be returned to us.

Because we are committed to every pet in our care, we manage our admissions to ensure that we can provide the quality care that each pet requires. Depending on the season, we may have a wait list based on your pet’s species and age. Similar to a hospital, we triage our admissions to ensure that real emergencies are considered first. Many times of year, we have no wait list during breeding seasons, it can take several weeks to several months.

To have your pet considered for the PAWS Chicago adoption program, please complete the appropriate form below. Once submitted, we will contact you about next steps, which will include a meeting with our Admissions team and your pet, looking at medical records and evaluating behavior.

Did you adopt your pet from PAWS Chicago? If so, please contact us at 773-935-7297 or for information on surrendering your pet.

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Defining No Kill Communities

PAWS Chicagos primary mission is to build a No Kill Chicago. How will we know when we get there?

There are two primary measurements to evaluate No Kill status

Community Save Rate Similar to a shelters Save Rate, the community should be saving at least 90% of animals coming into shelters to be considered No Kill.

Human Population Benchmark Another way to measure No Kill is the ratio of animals killed to human population in a community, found by taking the number of pets killed during one year and dividing it by the number of 1,000 people in the community.

San Francisco first declared it was a No Kill city when it was killing five animals per thousand people in YEAR. However, that number has since been revised. Today, it should be in the range of two animals per 1,000 people.

Where does Chicago stand? Weve made incredible progress since we began in 1997, and we are close to reaching our goal. But animals are still dying in our city and beyond. We ceaselessly continue our work on their behalf.

Chicago by the Numbers:

Defining No Kill Shelters

A typical rule of thumb is to determine whether a shelter saves more than 90% of its animals. That is its Save Rate. The Save Rate takes all Live Animals that are in a shelter in one year and divides it by Total Animals that have been in the shelter that year

Today, many leaders are raising the bar and stating that the real No Kill Save Rate should be 95%. Most important is saving every pet that is healthy and treatable.

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Chicagos City Pound Kills Hundreds Of Animals A Monthbut Its Getting Better

The Chicago Animal Care and Control shelter at 2741 S Western Ave isn’t exactly the happiest place in town. More than 5,500 cats and dogs were euthanized there in 2014, which breaks down to about 105 per week. That might seem like a lot of animal deaths, but it pales in comparison to the 17,215 that were put down at the shelter in 2006.

Even with increased efforts to find safe homes for animals and legislation that makes it easier for no-kill shelters to take in strays, arriving at the city pound isn’t far from a death sentence for cats and dogs.

Dog Or Cat Cuddler/socializer

Delaware recognized as first no

Dog or cat cuddler/socializer- Requires people to come to the rescue and spend some one-on-one time with a dog or cat. Abuse and abandonment experienced by these animals in their recent past is highly stressful for them, and regular sessions of gentle attention can ensure that they remain adequately socialized. You will be asked to stroke the animals, give them treats, and talk to them. We especially need this for our seniors. A little extra gentle care and attention helps get them through their stay. Dog socializers need to be very experienced and cautious with handling dogs and have understanding that they may exhibit stress-related fear aggression in the beginning of your relationship with them. Cat cuddlers, as well, may experience fear and aggression-and you will need to go slow and be gentle with the felines.

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Giving Your Pet To A Shelter Is A Last Resort

The last option is for you to turn your pet into a shelter. If you want to ensure your pet’s life, you must do your due diligence! Many shelters pretend to be No Kill, but in reality they save far fewer than the bare minimum threshold of 90% to qualify as a No Kill shelter. Ask for data on all animals that came into the shelter in the prior year and ask whether the shelter would be willing to contact you if, for any reason, your animal was at risk of euthanasia.

Sadly, shelters are not always transparent to the public about a pet’s likelihood of survival. Many call themselves “Open Door”, but they take in more animals than they can save and kill the excess. They often euthanize greater percentages of the animals they take in than the city pound in the area, which frequently have robust transfer relationships with No Kill shelters and rescue groups.

If you must give your pet to a shelter, consult our Guide to Determining if a Shelter is No Kill.

More Than 6 Million Companion Animals Enter Shelters Every Year In The Us Alone

Of that number, 1.5 million are euthanized, either because of illness, injury, behavior, or because of overcrowding in shelters. That is why we are committed to creating solutions and evolving the way we as a community think about animals.

Albert Einstein once said that Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So, as an organization, we are changing the rhythm of things and spreading awareness about how to care for animals and providing resources to save as many as possible from entering shelter environments. The cats and dogs at our center are all from groups who are among the most euthanized in kill shelters, including: seniors, bonded pairs, and behavioral challenge animals.

Our goal is to help these animals needs to be understood, so their adopters are prepared for their lifelong care and ultimately, the cycle of abandonment can come to an end.

Join us in our mission. Sign up for email updates here.

Why is Famous Fido so Important?


Adoption is so much more than picking and choosing a cat or dog to come home with you in a day. Its a lifetime commitment, to love, and care, and be responsible for another. Its about becoming a family.

On Sunday, August 7, 2022, we hope to bring many families together. This is an opportunity for you to come meet with the animals in center and see who you build a bond with. Its about taking a look around and seeing the many faces in need.

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Looking For A New Furry Best Friend Why Not Adopt Weve Put Together A List Of The Top Pet Rescues And Animal Shelters Where You Can Adopt A Pet In Chicago

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, pet adoptions have been sky-rocketing! And Chicago is no exception. The Chicago Tribune talks about some Chicago animal shelters actually reaching out to shelters from other states for more animals mostly dogs because of the high demand for pet adoption in Chicago. This is a wonderful problem to have!

Typically, there are about 3.3 million dogs and 3.2 million cats who enter pet rescues and shelters every year, and only about half get adopted. And although you may like the idea of a purebred cat or dog, mixed breeds are actually much less likely to have the hereditary issues of a purebred animal.

Remember, there are hundreds of different dog and cat breeds and mixes out there some youve probably never heard of all with different personalities and traits. And they are all just looking for a sweet, loving family to take them in. Thats why weve compiled a list of animal rescues and shelters in Chicago for you. This way, youll know the place youre adopting from is safe, and youre supporting a great cause!

Chicago is such a dog-friendly city once you bring home your precious pet, youll have plenty of places to go and things to do together! Whether its taking your pet to a Chicago dog beach or dog park or visiting one of the many pet-friendly bars, restaurants, and breweries in Chicago, there are endless places you can go with your furry best friend right at your side.

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