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Old Chicago Menu Colorado Springs

Old Chicago Colorado Springs

Shooting at an Old Chicago restaurant in Colorado Springs leaves one person injured

We had a great Old Chicago in Tyler TX that closed leaving us with several gift cards that we could not use. We were visiting family and decided to go to this Old Chicago on Friday. It was an hour wait and another hour to…get food. Carry out folks were all over. We left.We came back on Sunday, had to wait 15 minutes before a hostess showed up and was told there would be an hour wait to get food due to a staff shortage. I showed the hostess my gift cards and was told that I could use only one of them.Obviously this Old Chicago is in trouble and the corporation does not honor gift cards that were already paid for.Do not buy Old Chicago gift cards and go to The menu other great restrauants in the area who appreciate their customers.More

Took family there one afternoon. Pizza was average at best. Tried the ale crust and if you like crust with little toppings you will like this place. The crust tasted like flour and nothing else. Normally ok but when you have 3 or more inches…of crust around the pizza with absolutely nothing on it you can understand a bad crust. Server was terrible with ignoring us most of the time except with the bill. Wings had very little flavor and the sweet chili wings were bland at best. Garlic cheese bread had way to much fake garlic on it and if you got cheese it was on maybe a third of the pieces. From reviews thought this was a place to go. Not so much.More

Old Chicago Menu And Price

Breaded and fried, served with spicy marinara. 0
Signature dough with pepperoni, fresh green onions and cheese. Baked and served with pizza sauce. 0
BEER-BATTERED ONION RINGS Thick onion slices, beer battered & lightly fried. Tossed with Parmesan herb seasoning and served with your choice of house-made ranch or signature BBQ sauce for dipping. 0
FRIED SPICY PICKLES Flash fried with beer batter and tossed in a zesty southern spice blend. Served with house-made ranch or sweet Thai chili sauce for dipping. 0
CHEESE GARLIC BREAD Our ciabatta bread with roasted garlic butter, topped with mozzarella and provolone cheeses and drizzled with basil-infused olive oil. Served with pizza sauce. 0
ROASTED CAULIFLOWER Italian Garlic: Tossed in garlic butter, topped with our garlic Parmesan blend, garnished with green onions. Served with creamy garlic dip. Buffalo: Tossed in Buffalo sauce, topped with crumbled hous 0

Restaurant Report Card: Nine Violations For Colorado Springs Old Chicago Location

COLORADO SPRINGS In this weeks Restaurant Report Card, a Colorado Springs Old Chicago location with nine health code violations, and a downtown burger joint with an excellent health history.

A November 22 health inspection at Old Chicago on Austin Bluffs and Academy revealed nine violations, including:

  • The ice machine found dirty and only being cleaned once a month.
  • Food being held at dangerous temperatures which had to be thrown out.
  • An employee handling ready-to-eat food without washing hands.

FOX21 reached out to the manager several times, but we havent been able to reach anyone willing to make a comment.

This is why Old Chicago on Austin Bluffs and Academy fails our Restaurant Report Card.

But if you like big buns and you cannot fry, youve got to check out the burgers atThe Green Line Grill.

Were on the corner of Cimarron and Wahsatch, come down and see us, said owner Bobby Couch.

The hole-in-the-wall burger staple has been open for six and a half years.

I think our people, our employees, and our atmosphere, and the grilled onions of course, make our burger different than anyone elses, Couch said.

The Green Line Grill has had six excellent rated restaurant inspections in a row.

It takes a commitment to cleanliness obviously, teaching everyone on the staff to maintain what youre doing every day, in a quality manner, said Couch.

He said people come for the daily specials.

But folks stay for the sweet oniony goodness.

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Reviews For Old Chicago Pizza

No matter how understaffed you may be, customer service should be number 1. If it weren’t for the customers, you probably wouldn’t have a job.Yeah times are hard but a little kindness goes along way. We all are struggling with the pandemic no need to be rude. The bartender didn’t have to be rude about drinks, she could of atleast offered water.

We’ve been coming to OC for 5 years for Browns Backers and thankfully we’ve had amazing teams on the floor to help us through the years. Ashlee, Desiree, Katelyn, Heather, Anna, Johnny, Alex, Maddy… and so many more! You are all the reason we want to come back week after week! Ashlee, Maddy and Katelyn – thank you and your team for everything these first few weeks. I know they have been difficult and short staffed but you gals jump up to the occasion!

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