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Performing Art Colleges In Chicago

Art Colleges In Chicago

Roosevelt University| Chicago College of Performing Arts

There are information about tuition rates, graduation rates, school rankings, and so on, which should be carefully considered before choosing a university.

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California Institute Of The Arts Drama And Dance

CalArts is considered the best dance school on the West Coast and one of the top drama schools in the country. The School of Dance boasts distinguished faculty and brings in guest artists to give students industry and expert perspective. Some recent visiting artists include Gerard & Kelly and Benjamin Millepied .

The school also offers several performance opportunities, such as in American College Dance Festivals it also has an International Exchange program with the London Contemporary Dance Center which allows students to gain international dance experience.

CalArts also boasts a top-notch drama program as well. The drama school is a great choice for actors who know they want to pursue film or television acting since, during the final year, students enroll in Acting Studio for the Camera. This course specifically trains students for acting and auditioning for film and TV. Additionally, at the end of the final semester, students get to perform in an industry showcase in Los Angeles. The drama school has a bunch of famous alumni including Don Cheadle, Ed Harris, and Alison Brie.

Take the leap and apply to a performing arts school!

Performing Arts Masters Programs: The Ma Degree And Master Of Fine Arts

are typically offered in two formats: the Master of Arts or the Master of Fine Arts . Master of Arts programs are often more general in their coursework and may place emphasis on the business, administrative, and educational aspects of the arts. These programs could support the pursuit of artistic careers behind the scenes, as well as on stage, or managerial roles. Master of Fine Arts programs, on the other hand, typically emphasize the art itself and its production. Students might participate in the in-depth study of techniques and methods to improve their performance form and presentation. This could be a great option for those wishing to elevate their craft and pursue their art in a performance capacity post-graduation.

In terms of admissions requirements, many performing arts masters programs seek students who are both academically and performance minded. They may stress undergraduate academic performance as much as talent. Thus, students may be required to submit an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher as part of their application, as well as participate in auditions or portfolio examinations. Check with your intended programs for specific criteria regarding audition pieces.

Performing Arts Doctoral Programs

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University Of North Carolina

Founded in 1925, the University of North Carolina is located in Chapel Hill. This North Carolina school is the second oldest drama school in the United States. The school is also partnered with PlayMakers Repertory Company. Actors like Andy Griffith is a famous actor who was previously part of the group. UNCs school for drama offers a number of undergraduate specialties in its top performing arts education. These specialties include acting or directing. With a simple, clean, and easy to navigate website, students will be sure to find the school helpful and informative.

Emory College Of Arts And Sciences

Stories: Department of Fine and Performing Arts: Loyola University Chicago

Emory College of Arts and Sciences is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is on the list of best performing arts degree colleges in the US. With top degrees in Theater Studies and Dance, the elective courses are open to all students. Named in 2003, the Swartz Center of Performing Arts offers several programs for interested students. It offers art experience for the whole community. Students can attend music, theater, dance performances, art exhibitions, poetry readings, or film screenings for credit as well as earn various degrees in those subjects. The school also welcomes many guest artists year round and hosts over 300 performing arts events.

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Chicago College Of Performing Arts

Comprising the Music Conservatory, the Theatre Conservatory, and the Interdisciplinary Conservatory, CCPA trains world-class musicians and theatre professionals in the heart of one of the country’s most creatively accomplished cities. We invite you to learn more about the faculty and students within our talented, diverse, and inclusive artistic community.

Why Pursue A Theatre Degree At North Central College

Theatre majors are actors, dramaturgs, costumers, educators, writers, talent agents and directors. With so many post-grad opportunities, if you enjoy any one aspect of theatre or even every part of theatre, this program is for you. This program is designed to prepare you to succeed in any theatrical environment but is especially equipped to help you take on the nearby Chicago theatre scene in companies like Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Steppenwolf, The Other Theatre Company, Goodman Theatre, Greenhouse Theatre and more.

At North Central, youll study with faculty who are accomplished actors and dramaturgs working in the Chicago theatre scene. You will have ample opportunity to act, sing and dance, direct plays and even write and produce your own productions. Whether you want to shape what happens backstage with a Directing and Dramaturgy emphasis or shine onstage with an Acting emphasis, a theatre major with North Central is sure to provide a strong start to your career.


  • Performing on stage and giving characters personality
  • Designing and building stage sets, creating costumes and doing makeup
  • Spending time in and around theatrical spaces

then a degree in THEATRE might be for you.

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Red Skelton Performing Arts Center

The famed Red Skelton Performing Arts Center is located at Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana. As the hometown of the famous comic actor Red Skelton, much work has been put into this center throughout the years. It was erected in February of 2006. The theatre contains 850 seats, dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, and classrooms. The theatres foyer contains paintings, statues, and posters of Red Skelton. Vincennes University offers many degrees in music and theatre. These include an Associate of Science in Music Theatre and Technical Theatre and an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science in Theatre and Theater Arts/Acting. All associate degrees are transferable for a bachelors in a similar field.

What Could Life Be Like If I Earn A Performing Arts Graduate Degree In Chicago

Chicago Academy for the Arts Celebrates 40 Years

The image of the starving artist might be at the forefront of your mind when considering performing arts graduate degrees. This is mainly due to the nature of employment of many artistic careers, such as that of an actor, dancer, choreographer, composer, director or musician.Most are essentially freelance artists , meaning financial gains could be dependent on the availability of jobs at any given time. For example, an actor may perform in several shows one month, and only a few the following. Many of these wages are also dependent on the area of performance with cities possibly having more positions available than their rural counterparts. For that reason, an average expected yearly compensation is hard to pinpoint.

However, performing arts graduate programs could potentially help jumpstart your career. The arts is a competitive industry and while many entry level positions only require a bachelors degree if they even require a degree a performing arts graduate degree may give you a competitive edge. Performing arts graduate programs could help you develop additional skills, knowledge, and training to perfect your craft and potentially enhance your career. Lets not forget, you may have the opportunity to build relationships and network with professional peers!

Top States for Employment for Recreational Therapists


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What Do You Want To Specialize In

If you’re interested in dance, do you want to do ballet or contemporary? If you’re interested in acting, do you want to perform in plays, musicals, television, or film?

Look into the programs and see what courses are offered. Try to avoid picking a school specializing in ballet if you want to do contemporary dance. Similarly, avoid picking a musical theatre program if you want to act in TV .

Ba In Theatre And Performance Ba In Theatre Design Production And Technology And Bfa In Acting

The Theatre program curricula emphasize a balance between history, theory and practice, and integrate traditional performance theories and forms with contemporary interdisciplinary performance practices. With a commitment to ensemble-based learning, the program fosters student exploration from originating impulse or idea to realization in course work, performance, and production. All majors take courses in acting, voice, movement, directing, and/or playwriting, history, and design in order to develop a broad understanding of the field. BA in Theatre and Performance majors have the opportunity to take full advantage of a wide range of courses across the discipline. Likewise, BA in Theatre Design, Production, and Technology majors take courses across the discipline with a particular focus on theatre design or technology. BFA in Acting majors pursue a structured course of study that focuses on developing the actor for professional work and training.

All majors are required to actively participate in the departments productions in conjunction with their ongoing class work. Majors participate in the UICs Mainstage Season performances and student-generated projects under the direction and coaching of the theatre faculty and guest artists, all of whom are highly regarded professional artists in their respective fields.

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The Juilliard Schooldrama And Dance

Always listed near the top of both drama and dance rankings,Juilliard boasts an unbelievably long list of notable alumni who have won more than 105 Grammy Awards, 62 Tony Awards, 47 Emmy Awards, 26 Bessie Awards, 24 Academy Awards, 16 Pulitzer Prizes, and 12 National Medals for the Arts. That’s quite a pedigree!

The school is extremely exclusive, selecting only eight to 10 students for the BFA Acting Program, eight to 10 students for the MFA Acting Program, and about 24 students for the BFA Dance Program.

Outside the classroom, the dance program holds 15 public performances each year, and the drama program puts on many plays and senior showcases in both New York and Los Angeles for industry professionals such as casting directors, agents, and managers. If you’re looking for a program that can put you on the fast track to an amazing career, Julliard is an excellent choice.

Rutgers Universitydrama And Dance

The Chicago Academy For The Arts Profile (2020)

Rutgers’ Mason Gross School of the Arts has world-class drama and dance programs. Thanks to its proximity to New York City, the dance program offers students opportunities for master classes and workshops in world dance forms with international artists. It also has two tremendous programs abroad, DanceJerusalem in Israel and the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.

Rutgers’ drama program is unique and well rounded. Classes run the gamut from Shakespeare to modern TV. Students spend their third year at the Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe in London, which culminates with a performance on the Globe stage. The final semester is focused on an effective transition into the professional acting world with classes in On-Camera Technique, Auditioning, and Introduction to the Life of a Working Actor. The drama program has some famous alumni, including Kristen Davis and Calista Flockhart.

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How Is Performing Arts College Defined For This List

This list includes schools that exclusively offer drama and dance degrees. Since music schools tend to differ dramatically from drama and dance schools, I’ve left them out of this article if you want to read more about the best music schools in the US, here is the place to find that information.

Furthermore, I’ve focused on schools where drama and/or dance is a priority. These schools only offer performing arts degrees or have specialized performing arts schools at the larger university.

Going to a performing arts college has many advantages for students. You will be surrounded by like-minded artists who will inspire you, help you with your creative pursuits, and also likely be your colleagues when you graduate. Additionally, you’ll be at a school that doesn’t view your art as a mere extracurricular activity.

Although it’s possible to get a performing arts degree from other colleges, this list of best performing arts colleges is designed for students who know 100% they exclusively want to study acting or dance and are looking for an environment that fully supports them in their ambitions.

What’s The School Like

Is it a big school or a small school? Is it a conservatory or is it at a larger university? If you hate large schools, just don’t choose one. You don’t want to dread being surrounded by tons of students or being forced into cheering for the basketball team.

If you get overwhelmed by intensity, a conservatory might not be a great choice for you since they’re both small programs where competition is fierce. On the other hand, at a school like Syracuse, you could take breaks from your theatre community by hanging out with other students who are majoring in journalism, engineering, pre-med, etc.

In short, pick a school where you will be most comfortable so that you can thrive.

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Which Performing Arts Degree Program Is Perfect For You In Chicago

As a performing artist pursuing a graduate degree program, its important to not only find a program that addresses your educational goals, but your lifestyle and professional ones as well. Maybe youre looking for a shorter program to jumpstart your career as a performer. Then a graduate certificate program may be for you! Or perhaps you want to perform every day during your class time. A MFA in performing arts program may then be a great choice. Read on to learn more about masters, doctoral and certificate programs in performing arts and get a feel of how each could potentially support your needs.

Best Art And Design Colleges In Chicago For 2021

Everyman – Portland Community College Performing Arts Center

Columbia College Chicago Chicago, IL

Columbia College Chicago offers 40 Art and Design degree programs. Its a medium sized, private not-for-profit, four-year university in a large city. In 2019, 1,073 Art and Design students graduated with students earning 1,015 Bachelors degrees, 56 Masters degrees, and 2 Certificates.Based on 6 ReviewsGet Admissions InfoSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago Chicago, IL

School of the Art Institute of Chicago offers 9 Art and Design degree programs. Its a small, private not-for-profit, four-year university in a large city. In 2019, 827 Art and Design students graduated with students earning 598 Bachelors degrees, 214 Masters degrees, and 15 Certificates.Based on 1 ReviewsGet Admissions InfoRoosevelt University Chicago, IL

Roosevelt University offers 32 Art and Design degree programs. Its a small, private not-for-profit, four-year university in a large city. In 2019, 162 Art and Design students graduated with students earning 88 Masters degrees, 67 Bachelors degrees, and 7 Certificates.Based on 1 ReviewsGet Admissions InfoDePaul University Chicago, IL

DePaul University offers 26 Art and Design degree programs. Its a very large, private not-for-profit, four-year university in a large city. In 2019, 472 Art and Design students graduated with students earning 341 Bachelors degrees, 126 Masters degrees, and 5 Certificates.Based on 10 ReviewsGet Admissions InfoUniversity of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, IL

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Why A Degree In Arts And Design

Art & Design is tough. Really tough. It is a constant competition to design something better. It is thinking outside the box so many times youve decided to forget the box altogether. Not to mention you will become a master at thriving with little to no sleep and develop thick skin from enduring brutal critiques.

The 20 Best Performing Arts Schools And Degree Programs

The following list of performing art schools rank among the best of the best in education. Performing arts is not only a subject that engages students and faculty but the nation and the world. They enrich the environment we live in by displaying thought-provoking and mesmerizing visuals that anyone can appreciate.

For people to appreciate performing arts, however, the craft has to be raw and honest. As Zooey Deschanel put it, If it doesnt feel true, I dont want to do it. Many different careers can be pursued with a degree in performing arts, such as stage or film acting.

This list of best colleges for performing arts degrees are ranked according to:

Most of these schools will also have online education options for flexibility and time-saving abilities. The students may have a full-time job or families to care for. Read on to find out more about the top performing arts colleges. When you are ready to begin the college admissions process, this list can help guide you in the right direction.

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How To Prepare For An Arts And Design Degrees

So, why put yourself through this? Passion. When you put everything into a project and its ripped apart, you get more coffee, improve the design, and come back with an even greater masterpiece.

But if passion alone isnt enough, how about this. Median salaries for the top 10 design careers surpassed $50,000*. Art & design jobs are also expected to increase by 7% over the next eight years*. With higher salaries than most majors and plenty of career avenues, art & design graduates are cashing in on their passions. Graduating from an art & design program is a difficult and competitive feat. But if you can do it, you will create a growing career where your computer battery is your only limit.*PayScale Salary Survey data*Occupational Outlook Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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