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Plus Size Tummy Tuck Chicago

Will A Tummy Tuck Remove My Stretch Marks

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Whether or not this procedure will remove your stretch marks is wholly dependent upon their location. If they are on your lower abdomen, there is a good chance many of your stretch marks will be removed when the excess skin is trimmed. But the procedure cant do anything about stretch marks outside of the incision areas.

Why Is Chicago Liposuction Lipo 360 Different

The clinic has the latest equipment. The surgeon has been performing these procedures for many years using a series of different techniques from SmartLipo Triplex Laser, WaterLipo, and Vaser liposuction. This combination offers better results than traditional liposuction by minimizing discomfort and performing the surgery most quickly and safely.

When Will I See The Final Results

For your scars to blend with your skin and become less visible, all residual swelling to disappear, and the full result to be visible generally takes about one year, although you will experience immediate improvements, as the excess skin, fat, and tissue is removed.

You can have children after a tummy tuck but should be aware that the muscles and skin may once again be damaged. Many women choose to wait until they are done having children to undergo this surgery.

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Are There Other Benefits Of Tummy Tuck

In addition to the benefit of increased self-confidence, there may be other positive side effects. Tummy tuck appears to reduce the incidence of stress urinary incontinence and improve ventral and umbilical hernias. A tighter abdomen also seems to be associated with improved posture and even better weight management. For example, a study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found evidence of short- and long-term weight loss in women who underwent the procedure. Removal of fat cells appeared to alter the hormonal activity that governs appetite.

Determining Goals For Your Tummy Tuck

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When someone wants a tummy tuck, we begin by asking, Whats the problem? It can be any combination of abdominal wall weakness, superficial fat deposition and loose skin. If the abdominal wall is loose, we tighten it by bringing the abdominal muscles together . This recontours the body wall and eliminates the central weakness called the diastases. Fatty deposits are best corrected with liposuction, and ideally, at the same time. This thins the soft tissue blanket and allows our body contouring to show through. In most cases, the abdominal liposuction should be performed with liposuction of the flanks and back. This allows a complete abdominal rehabilitation to take place. The skin is removed where and when its needed. The best results put the scar as low as possible and extend the scar outward in a line that can be best hidden by clothing.

The navel is usually left attached as it normally sits on the abdominal wall, but in some cases, its floated or brought down with surrounding skin. This is best performed when there is a high navel or when little skin is removed. The details of the procedure are many. Does one use drains? Does one use pain pumps? How do you close the skin? All of these details matter and depend on the patients goals and anatomy.

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Overweight Tummy Tuck Recovery

Following a full or mini tummy tuck procedure for overweight individuals, patients should set aside a minimum of two weeks off of work and other daily activities. Any form of exercise should be avoided for at least 4 weeks, and individuals who do have physically demanding jobs will need to contact Dr. LaBarbera for an estimate of how much time to arrange for recovery.

The recovery phase rolls out much easier when patients make prior arrangements. Any form of movement will be difficult since abdominal muscles tend to be sore over the first few weeks. Patients who have small children should seek full-time assistance over the first few weeks. Itll also be hard to lift anything that is heavier than a couple of pounds immediately after the procedure. Your initial plus size abdominoplasty consultation is a great opportunity to pose whatever questions you may have about the surgery or the recovery process.

How Much Does The Mini Tummy Tuck Cost

Mini Tummy tuck costs in Chicago will vary depending on the extent of surgery. This procedure can vary among patients and is different depending on the desired outcome.

At a consultation with Dr. Kotis, he will listen to your goals, make suggestions for the procedure accordingly and give you an estimated tummy tuck cost for the agreed upon procedure. Our office proudly offers financing options and accepts cash, credit card and check for payment. Visit our financing page for more information.

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Tummy Tuck Surgery

Our doctors will thoroughly review an individuals health history and perform an examination to determine if they are a good candidate for tummy tuck surgery. Important factors including skin tone, existing scars, potential hernias, fatty tissue, and muscle abnormalities will be taken into consideration during the evaluation. Preoperative photos will also be taken during your visit to help our doctors with surgical treatment planning. During your consultation, you will get the chance to discuss your aesthetic desires, and our doctors will go over the available options and techniques that can deliver optimal results.

How Long Does It Take To Recoverthe Average Downtime For A Tummy Tuck Is 10


While everyones recovery experience is different and your recovery will vary depending on the type of abdominoplasty you get, you can expect to feel some soreness around the site of your incision accompanied by some degree of discomfort in the abdominal area.

You should take time away from work and other responsibilities to rest for at least 1 to 2 weeks. You may be provided with a compression garment to wear, which can help speed up the tummy tuck recovery process by promoting blood flow and reducing swelling.

High definition lipo sculpting to destroy fat cells permanently and enhance your natural contours.

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Why You Want A Mommy Makeover: Its Personal

Many women who come to Dr. Kotis for a Mommy Makeover come to us with similar concerns and desires. It can be very distressing to see your once taut, firm body and lovely, youthful breasts looking stretched, saggy, or damaged. A Mommy Makeover is a custom procedure and may include several different treatments. The first step is an in-person consultation with Dr. Kotis to evaluate the extent of the damage.

Who Is A Strong Candidate For A Mini Tummy Tuck

If you are unhappy with the look of your abdomen, it is best to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kotis. At the consultation, Dr. Kotis will help you determine if a Chicago abdominoplasty or mini tummy tuck would be more appropriate for achieving your desired results. Strong candidates for a mini tummy tuck in Chicago will be close to his or her ideal weight, finished having children and in good health. The mini tummy tuck results are optimally observed in individuals with excess skin or wrinkling in the region underneath the belly button. Most candidates cite weight loss or pregnancy as the initial factors that contribute to his or her frustration with this region.

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Will I Have A Scar

Since tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that requires an incision, it may leave a faint scar. However, our surgeons are careful when placing the incision so any scarring will be easily concealed by underwear or a bathing suit. Also, we can recommend products to use to minimize scarring. With time, your scarring will fade dramatically until it is barely visible.

Who Is A Candidate For A Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck

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If youve lost a significant amount of weight and your skin no longer has the elasticity needed to tighten around your new abdomen both horizontally and vertically, then you may be a candidate for an FDL tummy tuck. You must be willing to have a vertical incision and understand that there is a post-care healing program that may require two to three weeks of recovery. Most patients who have the amount of excess skin to warrant an FDL tummy tuck find the incredible results to be extremely satisfying and definitely worthwhile.

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A High Bmi Is Not An Obstacle Towards Achieving Your Best Body

Latest studies*

With Dr. Nick Masri, one of Miamis top plastic surgeons, you can safely attain your body goals and enjoy the body youve always wanted despite having a high BMI thanks to his over 20 years of experience operating on post-bariatric and massive weight loss patients.

Not using BMI as the sole criterion in determining ones surgery fitness, Dr. Masri performs a thorough virtual and in-person evaluation in each of his patients to come up with a comprehensive medical history.

It allows him to address any potential medical issues that may arise and provide excellent patient outcomes among individuals with a high BMI without sacrificing the highest aesthetic standards.

So, if you have a BMI thats considered too high for surgery, dont press the panic button just yet.

Your Initial Consultation: What To Expect

The idea of restoring your pre-baby body is exciting. Your initial consultation with Dr. Kotis will cover a lot of ground, including a review of your medical history, and an evaluation of the areas of your body you feel need correction, including breasts, tummy, thighs, or buttocks. A full assessment of the problems, as you see them, will reveal the scope of the surgical procedures that will be needed in your case. Your consultation will not be with an assistant or nurse Dr. Kotis conducts all patient consultations in person so he fully understands their hopes and dreams in a Mommy Makeover.

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What Is The Procedure For A Mommy Makeover

The body goes through many changes during pregnancy, the stomach stretches, and the body retains higher amounts of fat. And unfortunately, after pregnancy, stretch marks, and fat may not go away with exercise. For this reason, women turn to Dr. Kotis for a mommy makeover package. At his practice, Dr. Kotis can reshape a post-baby body to its pre-baby state. A mommy makeover package includes a few different procedures for optimum results. Liposuction, abdominoplasty and breast augmentation can all be included in a mommy makeover Chicago package. Performed during a single appointment, these combined techniques can remove excess fat, tighten loose skin or contour breast appearance.

Breastfeeding can cause ptosis or drooping breasts. To lift and create a perkier appearance, breast augmentation can be performed. Dr. Kotis can place implants and remove tissue to create a more round or lifted appearance.

How Can You Prepare For Tummy Tuck Surgery

Plus Size Tummy Tuck Consultation Reviews

Ideally, preparation for an abdominoplasty starts months before the procedure. It should include:

  • Making lifestyle changes: In the months leading up to a procedure, it’s essential to focus on exercise and a healthy diet. During this preparation, you should also stop smoking, reduce your alcohol intake, and limit your stress. Taking these steps can get you to your ideal weight while promoting immune system health, key to recovery.
  • Finding a plastic surgeon: Consult with a few different surgeons at least a few months before you plan to undergo an abdominoplasty. That will give you some time to find a skilled, trustworthy professional who makes you feel comfortable and confident. Also, keep in mind that top tummy tuck surgeons can be booked months out, so it’s better to start your search for a surgeon as soon as you get serious about undergoing an abdominoplasty.
  • Preparing for recovery: You will need to coordinate transportation to and from the surgical facility, and you may need to stock up on some supplies, like gauze pads, pillows, and ice packs. Your surgeon should explain precisely what recovery entails and what you’ll need to support the process, based on the type of tummy tuck you’re undergoing.

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Bring Your Body Back: Empowering Mothers

Motherhood is wonderful, and no life experience is more rewarding or challenging. Raising your children has its joys and stresses. If pregnancy and breastfeeding damaged your body, with your tummy stretched, or breasts that look saggy, deflated, with stretched nipples or other problem, it impacts your quality of life. The use of advanced surgical techniques can bring back the fresh, firm look your body had before having children or even better.

A Mommy Makeover is empowering you no longer will feel that you must wear loose clothing to hide your body. You will feel confident revealing your figure in tight clothing, swimsuits, or lingerie. A Mommy Makeover has benefits far beyond the physical, as the procedure restores your sense of wellbeing and confidence in your body image.

Candidates For Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty can be an excellent procedure for men and women who have loose skin and tissue around their midsection. This excess could be the result of overstretching and subsequent deflation caused by pregnancy or weight loss.

Patients considering a tummy tuck should be in good health and have realistic expectations of the capabilities and limitations of the abdominoplasty procedure. We discuss all aspects of the procedure during our initial consultation and do our best to answer any questions at that time. If further questions arise, we encourage patients to contact our office. The happiest patients are those who know what to expect from their tummy tuck, who have a good body image, and who are committed to healthy eating and exercise habits.

Lastly, the best candidates for abdominoplasty have reached their ideal weight, or the overall size they want to maintain for many years. This will help us to achieve the best results. Losing more weight after a tummy tuck could mean that the skin will loosen, potentially requiring revision surgery in the future.

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What Does A Tummy Tuck Achieve

A tummy tuck can dramatically improve your appearance by creating a firm, flat abdomen and slim waist. The procedure is performed to:

  • Tighten lax abdominal muscles
  • Remove stretched, sagging skin
  • Eliminate excess fat

For many people, one of the most difficult areas of the body to tone and trim is the midsection. A protruding abdomen and rolls of loose skin and fat can make you self-conscious and can distort the contour of your body, even if you are otherwise physically fit.

At our practice in Chicago, the tummy tuck is commonly performed on massive weight loss patients or women whose skin and muscles have been overstretched by pregnancy. Patients who wish to restore their bodies after childbirth often combine their tummy tucks with other procedures, such as labiaplasty.

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