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Roller Skate Shops In Chicago

What’s My Roller Skate Size

Chicago Skates Precision Rink Skate SKU:7329182

How do I figure out what size roller skates to order? What should my foot feel like in a roller skate boot? Your shoe size may not be the same as your roller skate size. A new boot should feel similar to a new pair of sneakers, your foot should not feel restricted nor should it slide all over. For the best boot fit, we highly recommend to use the size guide for each brand of roller skates you are interested in as adult sizes may vary. Need roller skates for the kiddos? We’ve got adjustable roller skates that will grow with them. Have questions about sizing your skates? Not to worry, roller skate boot sizes can be confusing, good news is that our skate experts are here to help 833.238.8800.

Best Roller Skates For Beginners

If you are new to the roller skating community, Welcome! Searching for the perfect pair of skates can be overwhelming. What key feature should I look for in roller skates? What size am I in roller skates? What are the best type of roller skates for me? Not to worry we have all the information you will need to find the perfect roller skates for you.

Key roller skate features in order:

  • Boot
  • Plate
  • Wheels

Your skate boot should be firm while offering the right amount of support. We carry both high and low cut roller skate boots. Plates will be either plastic or metal. The hardness of your wheels is based on the surface you plan to skate on. Your wheels will react differently on the waxed floor of the roller rink than it will on the concrete. The hardness of your wheels will be higher if you skate in the rink. If you plan to skate in the outside you’ll need gummy wheels with a low durometer. The durometer is printed on the wheel followed by the letter A. You will typically have a few sets of wheels to adapt to different surfaces.

Skates.com offers roller skates set up out of the box. Many skaters also tend to venture to other styles of skating. Keep in mind that existing quad roller skates can be modified to match your new style.

What Are The Best Roller Skates For Me

Determining what type of skates would be best for you is based on what type of quad skating you plan on doing. How and where do you plan on using your new skates?

  • Artistic
  • Speed
  • Rhythm

There are a rainbow of different color quad skates to chose from in stock. Roller skate boot material varies by skate and brand, we carry leather and suede boots along with synthetic options. For our vegan friends, Moxi, Impala, and Riedell all make vegan roller skate options. Whether you are looking for glitter or classic quad skates at Skates.com you are sure to find skates to match your unique style.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about skate shops in Chicago, IL?

This is a review for skate shops in Chicago, IL:

“The owner was so sweet by helping me with an roller skate bearing that had stripped and broke off on me. This is not an item that this store usually deals with, but he was willing to work on my skate. Not only did he fix my skate, but he didn’t charge me for the new bearing and his labor…… Amazing and Unheard Of!! Please utilize this place and keep up the patronage!!!”

Walmart Is Here To Help You Get Way More Than Home Goods Their New ’80s Shop Is Home To A Bunch Of Fun And Funky Roller Skates For Beginners And Advanced Skaters

Chicago Skates CRS405

Why it’s great: You’re already shopping here for your essentials, so why not add something fun to your cart? Walmart also carries roller skate accessories like replacement wheels, laces, and protective gear. And if derby is more your style, they’ve got gear for that, too!

Price: Women’s roller skates start at $37.99.

See all roller skates at Walmart.

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Proskaters Place Is Home To A Unique And Colorful Array Of Skates For Those Who Believe That This Green Mode Of Transportation Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Why it’s great: Established in Canada in 2011, ProSkaters Place is committed to green living, which means their minimizing their carbon footprint and byproduct waste during the manufacturing process. So you can stay healthy and make sure the world does, too.

Price: Women’s roller skates start at $49.79.

See all adult roller skates at ProSkaters Place.

Roller Derby Sells Their Own Brand Of Spirited And Print

Why it’s great: Roller Derby has been around almost since the inception of the sport. Their family of brands â which includes Pacer, Lake Placid Ice Skates, Tour Hockey, and 360 Watersports â provides everything from

Price: Adult roller skates start at $44.99.

See all the roller skates available at Roller Derby.

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Skatepro Is About To Become Your Go

Why it’s great:SkatePro is great for all of your skate *and* board-related interests from surfing and skiing, to scooting and skateboarding. They have a wide range of styles and prices, so everyone can find exactly what they’re looking.

Price: Women’s roller skates start at $72.95.

See all roller skates at SkatePro.

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Wicked Skatewear Is No Stranger To The Bold Just Check Out These Impala Roller Skates:

Why it’s great:Wicked Skatewear is a woman-owned business that started as a space for roller derby players to get the best skates, protective gear and apparel for their needs, but has since grown into a paradise for skaters of all kinds.

Price: Women’s roller skates start at $94.95.

See all women’s roller skates at Wicked Skatewear.

Best Roller Skates Of 2021 For Women Men And Kids

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

Roller skating became an unexpected trend to gain popularity in 2020.

The old-school activity made a comeback thanks to its growing presence on TikTok,reminding everyone just how fun it can be to glide around the neighborhood on a different set of four wheels.

While a spike in the search term “roller skates” in May 2020, it looks like the term is slowly gaining traction again. And many top-rated bestselling styles across retailers are currently sold out or low on stock.

Whether it’s due to holiday shopping, New Year’s resolutions to get out of one’s comfort zone or eager anticipation for the return of warm weather, it’s clear roller skates are not just a thing of the past.

If you’re looking for your first set of wheels or looking to upgrade, we rounded up some of the best roller skates to buy online now. From adults to kids, below are our picks for the best roller skates you can shop. Hurry before they’re all gone.

To shop this article by category, simply click on each link below:

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Roller Skates For The Whole Family:

Outdoor Roller Skates

Casual skate on the bike path, fitness, transportation, roller hockey, dance session at the park with your crew… We have skates to suit your style! Shown here is the Moxi Lolly skate, a favourite, but we also stock Impala Skates, Rio Roller, Riedell, Sure-Grip, Bont, SFR and many more!

The only difference between indoor and outdoor skates is the wheels, and wheels can easily be switched . Get yourself a set of indoor wheels, some bearings, and a tool and you’re ready for sessions outdoor AND indoor.

Derby skates for players of all levels, from junior roller derby to WFTDA / MRDA. We also offer full customs by all the top brands like Riedell, Bont, Antik, Crazy Skates and Sure-Grip. We have nearly 15 years experience in fitting and customizing skates for athletes of all levels. We specialize in custom skates: Amazing custom colour combinations, custom designs, custom fit including split sizing, and full custom mold making for custom-last and 3D-scanned custom boots.

We select our line of fun and affordable skates for children and teens based on quality and value for the money. We may not sell the very cheapest models on the market, but the products we select meet our basic standards for design, quality manufacturing and materials. Our kids skates offer a comfortable, safe and FUN ride. We also sell and kids skates & gear packs for the little athletes.

A Quest For The Perfect Pair Of Skates

Chicago 400 Roller Skate

Artistic skating often involves challenging moves, including large jumps and landings. Consequently, all of our artistic skates feature high-top designs and incredibly resilient sole plates to absorb these jarring impacts and provide unrivaled ankle support.

Roller derby often subjects athletes to demanding skating environments and dangerous collisions with competitors. To mitigate potential risk and downtime caused by skating injuries, our roller derby skates feature premium, durable materials to shield wearers from harm. Our derby skates also use low-cut designs that maximize speed and ankle flexibility.

Jam skating involves gripping dance routines that often make use of advanced shuffle skating maneuvers. To facilitate these difficult moves, our jam skates use low-cut designs and top-quality dance plugs to increase ankle flexibility and freedom of movement.

Outdoor skating can expose ones boots to a variety of harsh environments rife with mud, dirt and water. We outfit our outdoor roller skates with high-rebound urethane wheels designed to absorb surface imperfections and plow through the elements to keep you rolling.

Rhythm skating encompasses shuffle skating, dancing and slides, and each of these activities demand exceptional flexibility and maneuverability. Riedells rhythm skates utilize a high-top boot design and high-quality roller skate dance plugs to maximize ankle support and facilitate effortless braking and mobility.

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Devaskation Has The Skate For The Style Of Skater You Are Are You More Aggressive Or Artistic Fitness Or Recreational Whatever It Is This Online Skate Haven Can Help You Deck Out Your New Roller Skate Shrine And If You *can’t* Find What You Need Just Custom Make Your Own Devaskation Roller Skates

Why it’s great: The folks behind the scenes are all skaters themselves! Some have even competed at World Championships. Shop DevaSkation for quad roller skates, inline skates, safety gear, wheels, skate parts, skateboards, and more.

Price: Adult roller skates start at $94.95.

See all roller skates at DevaSkation.

Latest Chicago Skates Reviews

  • 1Rated 1 stars out of 5
  • Comfort1Rated 1 stars out of 5
  • Style1Rated 1 stars out of 5

I received a pair of obviously worn roller skates. The boots were scuffed and the originally-white toe stops were dirty and abraded. I did not bother to try them on, opting to return them immediately.

Davidfrom NYC on August 03, 2021

Review for Zappos Rewards Points

  • 4Rated 4 stars out of 5
  • Comfort4Rated 4 stars out of 5
  • Style2Rated 2 stars out of 5

All around great skates for the price. Be careful changing wheels. One of the screws that connect the skate to the shoe was too long and carved away ar my new wheel. I plan on grinding it down so its an easy fix for me. I like my trucks a little tighter than they came from the factory which is when the screw became an issue.

Review for Zappos Rewards Points

  • 5Rated 5 stars out of 5
  • Comfort5Rated 5 stars out of 5
  • Style5Rated 5 stars out of 5

they are super cute. work great!

Review for Zappos Rewards Points

  • 5Rated 5 stars out of 5
  • Comfort5Rated 5 stars out of 5
  • Style5Rated 5 stars out of 5

Fit and size was great! My granddaughter turned 9 yrsd and it was her best present

Pattgajdekfrom Va . on March 23, 2021

  • 5Rated 5 stars out of 5
  • Comfort5Rated 5 stars out of 5
  • Style5Rated 5 stars out of 5

Got them as a gift for my friends son! He loved them and the fit was perfect.

::Superflyychick::from Chicago on February 09, 2021

Review for Zappos Rewards Points

  • 5Rated 5 stars out of 5
  • Comfort5Rated 5 stars out of 5
  • Style5Rated 5 stars out of 5


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Figure Skating Store Has All The Roller Skate Brands You Know And Then Some

Why it’s great: Whether you’re in it to have fun or to win the gold, the Figure Skating Store has what you need to succeed. From roller skates and figure skating dresses, to travel accessories and protective gear, they’ll make sure you’re good to go.

Price: Women’s roller skates start at $74.99.

See all women’s roller skates at Figure Skating Store.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Is Known For Its Huge Selection Of Well Sporting Goods So It Should Come As No Surprise That They Also Carry Both Inline And Quad Roller Skates


Why it’s great: A family-grown business, Dick’s Sporting Goods specializes in all things athletic. From heated snowboarding socks and fishing rods to swimming caps and, of course, roller skates, they have everything you need to start your journey as a professional athlete or committed hobbyist.

Price: Women’s roller skates start at $43.99.

See all roller skates at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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Chicago Roller Skate Co Est 1905

Museum Artifact: Metal Roller Skates, c. 1920s

Made By: Chicago Roller Skate Company, 4458 W. Lake St., Chicago, IL

They used to call him Slow-Poke when he had those old-fashioned, slow, hard-rolling skates. But, Oh Boy! On Chicagos he whizzes to the lead like a flash. Chicagos, the Choice of Champions, have established more Worlds Records than all others, yet cost less in the long run. Theyre the skates for Y-O-U! Ask Dad for a pair today!

For much of the 20th century, the Chicago Roller Skate Company was headquartered just a few miles south of another reputable, wheel-based sporting good manufacturerthe Schwinn Bicycle Co.and in many ways, the stories of the two businesses would unfold in the same fashion.

Once the standard bearers of their industries and the preferred choice of every kid looking for cool, independent modes of transport, these brands were ultimately pulled underby the cruel current of a changing culture. Yes, cheap foreign imports were a big factor, but strategic missteps also played their role. Much as Schwinn had failed to foresee the rise of the mountain bike in the 1980s, the Chicago Roller Skate Co. underestimated the phenomenons of inline skating and skateboardingdespite having an inside track on both markets way back in the 1960s.

Its a bit rude to start the story there, though.

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