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Saint Ignatius College Prep Chicago

Girls Athletics Head Coaches

St. Ignatius College Prep Chicago, Wolfpack Broadcast Network

Girls Basketball Head Coach: Cara Doyle

Girls Bowling Head Coach: Kevin Lombard

Girls Cross Country Head Coach: Matt Haffner

Competitive Cheerleading Head Coach: Kristina Mercer

Competitive Dance Head Coach: Katie Wiencek

Girls Diving Head Coach: Michael Sprehe

Girls Field Hockey Head Coach: Tori Karsten

Girls Golf Head Coach: Kevin Beck

Girls Lacrosse Head Coach: Audra Kielbowicz

Girls Rowing Head Coach: Tony Brooks

Girls Softball Head Coach: Allison Heraty

Girls Sailing Head Coach: Ted Anderson

Girls Soccer Head Coach: Caroline Zadina

Girls Swimming Head Coach: David Stephens

Girls Tennis Head Coach: Joe Tedino

Girls Track & Field Head Coach: Matt Haffner

Girls Volleyball Head Coach: Mariah Robinson

Girls Water Polo Head Coach: Nicole Lum

I Had To Change A Lot

On the Instagram account, there are allegations of racism and harassment in nearly all facets of student life at Ignatius.

A current student who is Black said the environment which she describes as predominantly white and conservative was a complete shift from her liberal, social justice-centered education at St. Sabina Academy in Auburn Gresham.

I had to learn a lot and change a lot and in my time there, she said.

In an English class, a teacher tried to force a white classmate to say the n-word, which appeared in a book the class was reading, the student said.

He would ask me in the middle of class, How does it feel to be followed through a store when youre with your white friends? and things like that, and it was really awkward, the student said.

Just a few months ago, the student said, her club needed approval from the school administration before releasing a letter in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. But by the time the administrators finished with revisions, the letter was nothing like the one the students submitted.

We couldnt say, Black lives matter. We couldnt say that the school wasnt doing anything, the student said. In many ways, they try to water everything that we do down or shut us down, just to make other people comfortable.

The experience was a preview of what was to come at the school, the alumna said.

Religious Conversion And Visions

While recovering from surgery, Íñigo underwent a spiritual conversion and discerned a call to the religious life. In order to divert the weary hours of convalescence, he asked for the romances of chivalry, his favourite reading, but there were none in the castle, and instead his beloved sister-in-law, Magdalena de Araoz brought him the lives of Christ and of the saints.

The religious work which most particularly struck him was the of . This book would influence his whole life, inspiring him to devote himself to God and follow the example of and other great monks. It also inspired his method of meditation, since Ludolph proposes that the reader place himself mentally at the scene of the Gospel story, visualising the crib at the Nativity, etc. This type of meditation, known as Simple Contemplation, was the basis for the method that St. Ignatius would promote in his .

Aside from dreaming about imitating the saints in his readings, Íñigo was still wandering off in his mind about what “he would do in service to his king and in honour of the royal lady he was in love with”. Cautiously he came to realize the after-effect of both kinds of his dreams. He experienced desolation and dissatisfaction when the romantic heroism dream was over, but, the saintly dream ended with much joy and peace. It was the first time he learned about .

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Foundation Of The Jesuit Order

In 1539, with Peter Faber and Francis Xavier, Ignatius formed the Society of Jesus, which was approved in 1540 by . He was chosen as the first of the order and invested with the title of “Father General” by the Jesuits.

Ignatius sent his companions on missions across Europe to create schools, colleges, and seminaries. , then ambassador of in Rome, met Ignatius there and having formed a good impression of the Jesuits, invited them to travel with him to his new appointment as Viceroy of Sicily. As a result, a Jesuit college was opened in , which proved a success, so that its rules and methods were later copied in subsequent colleges. In a letter to Francis Xavier before his departure to India in 1541, Ignatius famously used the Latin phrase “Ite, inflammate omnia”, meaning, “Go, set the world on fire”, a phrase used in the Jesuit order to this day.

With the assistance of his personal secretary, , Ignatius wrote the Jesuit Constitutions, which were adopted in 1553. They created a centralised organisation of the order, and stressed absolute self-denial and obedience to the Pope and to superiors in the Church hierarchy. This was summarised in the motto perinde ac cadaver “as if a dead body”, meaning that a Jesuit should be as emptied of ego as is a corpse. However the overarching Jesuit principle became: .

  • Ignatius as Superior General

  • Statue of Saint Ignatius in the , Rome

St Ignatius Students Alumni Speak Out About Racism On Campus Again But Will Anyone Listen This Time


Current and former students say they experienced racism and other forms of bigotry at the elite private high school and administrators failed to address the problems.

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LITTLE ITALY St. Ignatius College Prep is one of Chicagos most prestigious private high schools, but during Reyna Estradas freshman year, she considered leaving.

Estrada, now a 22-year-old alumna, said she witnessed numerous instances of racial discrimination among faculty and students during her time at St. Ignatius, 1076 W. Roosevelt Road. She remembers being asked by students to stop speaking Mexican and was asked if she watched Dora the Explorer to learn English.

The problems didnt stop at race, Estrada said. When she came out as gay during her freshman year, she said friends told her being gay was wrong and she had to abide by Catholic teachings if she was going to be at a Catholic school like St. Ignatius. One teacher told her being gay shouldnt be endorsed, Estrada said.

It was rough, said Estrada, who graduated in 2015.

She wasnt alone.

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St Ignatius College Prep Sets Foundation For Success

A Jesuit Catholic high school, Saint Ignatius College Prep, 1076 W. Roosevelt Rd., offers a diverse community dedicated to educating young men and women for lives of faith, love, service and leadership in the Jesuit tradition of ad majorem dei gloriam or for the greater honor and glory of God.

Through outstanding teaching and personal formation, the Ignatius classroom sets the foundation for intellectual excellence, integrity, and life-long learning. Inspired by the gospel, this community strives to use Gods gifts to promote social justice.

Founded in 1869 as Chicagos first Jesuit school, Saint Ignatius College Prep is an urban co-educational high school. A National Historic Landmark, the school uses its original building and modern facilities to prepare students for a life characterized by faith, integrity, lifelong learning and compassionate service in society.

Ignatian Values, set forth by Ignatius Loyola, the schools patron saint and founder of the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits, inspire and guide all Saint Ignatius students, faculty, and staff to seek the magis, or more, to live in pursuit of justice and service to the community in the model of Jesus Christ.

Be sure to check the Saint Ignatius College Prep website for information on shadow days for eighth-grade students, a virtual Open House with presentations by members of the schools administration, and information about the Entrance Exam.

What Are The Closest Stations To Saint Ignatius College Preparatory School

The closest stations to Saint Ignatius College Preparatory School are:

  • Roosevelt & Blue Island is 182 yards away, 3 min walk.
  • Racine & Roosevelt is 493 yards away, 7 min walk.
  • Taylor & Morgan is 633 yards away, 8 min walk.
  • Uic-Halsted is 1483 yards away, 18 min walk.
  • Halsted Street is 1483 yards away, 19 min walk.
  • Polk is 2143 yards away, 26 min walk.
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    The Saint Ignatius Mission Statement

    Saint Ignatius College Prep, a Jesuit Catholic school in the heart of Chicago, is a diverse community dedicated to educating young men and women for lives of faith, love, service and leadership. Through outstanding teaching and personal formation, the school challenges its talented student body to intellectual excellence, integrity, and life-long learning and growth. Inspired by the gospel of Jesus Christ, this community strives to use Gods gifts to promote social justice for the greater glory of God.

    How Many Students Go To St Ignatius College Prep

    Saint Ignatius College Prep – A Chicago Beauty

    Thereof, how many kids go to St Ignatius?

    Nearly 100 percent of Saint Ignatius students go on to four-year college programs at universities across the United States and beyond. Student Body.

    Students by Grade

    Similarly, how do I get into Saint Ignatius? Admissions Criteria

  • Should perform well above grade level on standardized tests taken in the seventh and eighth grade at his or her present school.
  • Should be progressing in academic subjects commensurate with ability.
  • Should receive a favorable recommendation from the principal, teacher, or counselor of the school the student now attends.
  • Also Know, how much is St Ignatius Chicago?

    Tuition. Tuition for the 2017-2018 school year is $18,500 however, there is a $2,700 gap between the cost of education and tuition. Saint Ignatius students received over $2.5 million in need-based grants for 20092010 for the 20102011 year, Saint Ignatius was awarded roughly $2,690,000.

    How many students go to St Ignatius High School?

    1,524 20182019

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    You Need To Make That Change

    A 2019 alumna who is Black said the prestigious school opened doors for her.

    I like to say that I was grateful for the overall academic experience, the former student said. I think that it was something that really pushed me and that obviously gave me a lot of opportunities that I wouldnt have been able to get as far as retreats and trips.

    But she is still troubled by reading the parody letter on social media that alluded to the schools Black students being monkeys. That stayed with her after graduation.

    In a new online petition, current and former students are demanding the school implement a plan to address bigotry. The plan, which is available online, calls on St. Ignatius to present a diverse curriculum and faculty, punish perpetrators of discrimination and ensure teachers and administrations participate in a bi-monthly seminar on anti-discrimination, among other steps.

    The petition has received more than 1,200 signatures.

    We are tired of the lack of action that Ignatius has demonstrated regarding the welfare of minority students, petition organizers wrote online. From anti-Semitism, racism, ignorance and classism, there is a deeply embedded culture of anti tolerance at Ignatius and we are calling the administration to action.

    Estrada said the school needs more diversity among its faculty and administration and sensitivity training for all students.

    But, ultimately, St. Ignatius has to admit their shortcomings, Estrada said.

    I Really Dont Think She Was That Sorry

    St. Ignatius website says students should be religious, loving, open to growth, intellectually competent and committed to doing justice.

    But some classmates at St. Ignatius were racist and homophobic, alumni said.

    St. Ignatius as an institution has this prestigious reputation throughout the city of Chicago . But a lot of the students who came from marginalized communities, I can safely say they did not have a great time coming in there, Estrada said.

    Another alumna who graduated in 2017 said a white student told her they should build a wall around her because she is Mexican.

    She burst into tears, but was met with apathy, she said.

    While I was recounting why it was so offensive to me and what my family means to me and why thats so insulting to not me but how I identify as a whole I started crying because I was just so emotional about it, the alumna said. I really dont think she was that sorry about it.

    The same alumna said she saw a white freshman yelling at a Latina woman working in the cafeteria, with the freshman telling the woman she wasnt preparing her meal fast enough.

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    St Ignatius College Prep

    Saint Ignatius College Preparatory School
    Religious affiliation
    1869 153 years ago
    Baseball Basketball Softball Volleyball Football Field Hockey Rowing Soccer Lacrosse Rugby Tennis Water Polo Wrestling Swimming & Diving

    Saint Ignatius College Prep is a selectiveprivate, coeducationalJesuitcollege-preparatory school located in the Near West Side neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. The school was founded in Chicago in 1869 by Fr. Arnold Damen, S.J., a Dutch missionary to the United States.

    Boys Athletics Head Coaches

    St. Ignatius College Prep · Neighborhoods · Open House Chicago

    Boys Baseball Head Coach: Sean O’Connor

    Boys Basketball Head Coach: Matt Monroe

    Boys Bowling Head Coach: Nicole Lum

    Boys Cross Country Head Coach: Ed Ernst

    Boys Diving Head Coach: Michael Sprehe

    Boys Football Head Coach: Matt Miller

    Boys Golf Head Coach: Mike Hurley

    Boys Ice Hockey Head Coach: Matt Smith

    Boys Lacrosse Head Coach: Seth Molek

    Boys Rugby Head Coach: Marty Perry

    Boys Rowing Head Coach: Bryan Cheung

    Boys Sailing Head Coach: Ted Anderson

    Boys Soccer Head Coach: Mathew Miller

    Boys Swimming Head Coach: Justin Fernandez

    Boys Tennis Head Coach: Joe Tedino

    Boys Track & Field Head Coach: Ed Ernst

    Boys Volleyball Head Coach: Todd Strobel

    Boys Water Polo Head Coach: Luis Martinez

    Boys Wrestling Head Coach: Ben Sanchez

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