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Science And Technology Museum Chicago

Planes Trains And Automobiles: A Transportation Gallery

Great Train Story: 360 Tour with John Llewellyn

Getting from point A to point B hasnt always been as easy as it is today. See the planes, trains and automobiles of yesteryear and discover the engineering and innovation that came in the wake of advancing technology. Get your heart racing in a flight simulator or hop aboard the 999 Steam Locomotive for a captivating trip through the past. Look up and youll see the planes that dotted the sky in the years of early aviation in this exhibit that serves as a timeline of transportation through the years.

Use A Tourist Attraction Discount Pass

Admission to the Museum of Science and Industry is currently included with three Chicago tourist passes, which allow you to save money on tickets to multiple popular attractions.

Here are a few of the other activities and locations you can visit using a tourist pass:

  • Chicago Children’s Museum
  • And more!

Depending on how you use a tourist pass and which one you choose, you could save 50% off everything included.

For more details, please check our post covering Chicago tourist attraction discount passes.

The Science Museum In London Is Over 160 Years Old

Christine Matthews/Wikimedia Commons

The Science Museum in London recently celebrated its 160th anniversary in 2017. It contains a fantastic collection of relics from the Industrial Revolution including, none other than, George Stephensen’s Rocket.

One of its more recent exhibits is it very popular “Robots” exhibition that charts the 500 years, or so, the evolution of the robot. It also has exhibitions on the history of mathematics and an interesting bit about the statistical work of Florence Nightingale.

It attracts 3.3 million visitors a year and is free to the public. Some temporary exhibitions may charge for entry, however.

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Become A Member Of The Museum

The Museum of Science and Industry offers membership for $95 a year which includes free entry all year, free parking, free passes to the Giant Dome Theater, discounted tickets for other guests joining you, and more.

Depending on how many times you plan to visit and what you plan to do, this could save you a lot of money over time. Individual memberships are valid for free entry year-round for one adult and one guest.

Center Of Science & Industry

The Top 10 Museums in Chicago

Photo by: Flickr/brungrrl

The museum is the only Science & Tech museum to host a working TV studio giving budding media kids the chance to direct their own show, use green screens, and more!

On a budget? Visit on Friday Family Night. Admission is $11 for ages 2 and up on the last Friday of the month, 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

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Genetics And The Baby Chick Hatchery

Learn all about genetics and how small changes in genes can make a big impact. I have to admit that our favorite part of this exhibit is the Baby Chick Hatchery. Each day incubated eggs are placed in a large glass-walled enclosure.

These eggs are scheduled to hatch throughout the day every day. Set aside some time to see how hard the chicks have to work to peck through the egg and the relief when they finally make it out.

Important note: Once the chicks finally hatch they are exhausted. It is normal for the chicks to collapse after hatching. Some kids and adults worry something is wrong, but the chicks will be fine.

There is a second glass chamber where you can see recently hatched baby chicks eating and playing. This area is where you can admire the cute, fluffy chicks once they have recovered from the hatching process.

The Exploratorium In San Francisco Is Fun And Educational

Amy Snyder/Wikimedia Commons

The Exploratorium in San Francisco is full of engaging and educational exhibits. It truly lives up to its nickname “The Scientific Fun House” and offers a very different museum visiting experience.

The design team who built it challenged themselves to create a space to display the strangest, most amazing and most exciting aspects of science possible to amaze and enthuse young minds.

Its main mission is to create young scientists by letting them see just how exciting science can be. “Our vision is a world where people think for themselves and can confidently ask questions, question answers, and understand the world around them.”

Johnw/Wikimedia Commons

The Swiss Museum of Transport is located in Lucerne in Switzerland and is crammed with different modes of transport. Most of the exhibits are Swiss car models from the early 1900s onwards but it also includes planes, trains, shops, and some communication technology.

The museum opened in 1959 and quickly became Switzerland’s most popular museum. But it’s not all about science and technology – there is also a large collection of the works of Hans Erni, a well respected local artist.

There are several other attractions in the museum beside the collection, including a planetarium, a large-format cinema and a 1:20,000 scale aerial photograph of Switzerland.

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Final Thoughts On Visiting The Museum Of Science And Industry Chicago

The Museum of Science and Industry is the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere and needs be on your Chicago bucket list. Even though Chicago has many impressive museums, the Museum of Science and Industry is the best one in the city of Chicago. Take some time out of your upcoming Chicago visit to step out of the usual downtown Chicago tourist areas and learn some fascinating science.

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List Of Chicago Transit Authority Bus Routes

National Submarine Day U-505 Virtual Tour

This is a list of bus routes operated by the .

Routes running 24/7 are:

  • N9 ” rel=”nofollow”> Red) and North/Clark only),
  • N20 ,
  • N22 ,
  • N34 ” rel=”nofollow”> Red) and 131st/Ellis only),
  • N49 ,
  • N53 ,
  • N55 ” rel=”nofollow”> Museum of Science and Industry and 55th/St. Louis only),
  • N60 ” rel=”nofollow”> Pink) only),
  • N62 ,
  • ” rel=”nofollow”> Orange) and 63rd/Stony Island only),
  • N66 ,
  • N77 ,
  • N79 ,
  • N81 ” rel=”nofollow”> Blue) and Wilson/Marine Drive only),
  • N87 ” rel=”nofollow”> Red) only).

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Henry Crown Space Center

If you prefer space to the farm, head over to the Henry Crown Space Center. Inside the Henry Crown Space Center you can stand next to the real Apollo 8 module and learn all about the technology used to get the US into space.

There are also models from early space exploration all the way through current times to show how the technology has changed. You can even try to dock with the International Space Station in a simulation exhibit.

Save Money On Your Admission To The Museum Of Science And Industry

Illinois residents can visit the Museum of Science and Industry for free on certain days during the year. You must provide proof of Illinois residency to gain free admission. U-505 and other pay exhibits are still only available at an additional fee.

If you are a member of an Association of Science-Technology Center museum then you may be able use that membership to gain general admission into the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago. Check the list of participating museums and restriction information here.

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Science And Industry Must

** 2020 Update The following exhibits are closed at this time. The Idea Factory, Future Energy Chicago, and tours inside the Coal Mine and inside the U-505 submarine .

Other exhibits have been modified to promote social distancing.

I-Max Movie

A really cool thing about the Science and Industry is their giant dome theater. You can watch amazing Science I-Max movies that make you feel like you are a part of the movie. My note of caution is taking young children into these movies.

If your child is having a hard time sitting and you need to leave, it is hard to get out of this theater while the movie is playing due to the steep seating. I would suggest if you think you might need to leave to sit up near the top all the way near the middle aisle so you can make an easy escape.

The other issue is the movies can activate motion sickness. The further up you sit in the theatre the less dizzy you will feel. So, make sure to get in line early for the best seats in the theatre.

Tip: if there is a Movie you really want to see, order your tickets in advance because they do sell out on busy days.

Before or after the movie, check out all the cool space exhibits outside the theatre.

Idea Factory

This hands-on kids area for children 10 and younger is so much fun. Kids will love exploring the different science concepts they can test out themselves.

It has a timed entrance so that it never gets too crowded. Stop by and pick up a ticket and come back when its your time.

U-505 Submarine

Your Mobile Phone Signal Will Be Inconsistent


If you are meeting other people or splitting up during the day have a set meeting place and time. Parts of the Museum of Science and Industry are underground and it is impossible to use mobile phones in some areas. A great meeting spot to start the day is near the Pioneer Zephyr train. It is located in the lobby near the ticket booths and is very easy to spot.

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Whats At The Museum Of Science And Industry

Today the Museum of Science and Industry stands proudly as the Western Hemispheres largest museum devoted to science. The Museum of Science and Industry features a grand total of some 400,000 square feet of exhibit space, a five-story tall domed movie theater, two additional theaters, an 800-person-capacity auditorium, over 35,000 different artifacts, and much more.

The Museum of Science and Industry is known for a strong mixture of beloved permanent exhibitions and rotating special events. Popular permanent attractions here include a real World War II German U-505 submarine, a replica coal mine, a 1,400-foot model railroad, Colleen Moores Fairy Castle, and more. At any given time, the Museum of Science and Industry also has a number of special exhibits on display, too.

There are many additional amenities available at the Museum of Science and Industry. Youll find here four different gift shops each one has a different focus, but throughout youll be able to purchase your choice of souvenirs, gifts, toys, DVDs, and more. In the Museums Entry Hall you can rent a stroller or check a coat itll run you $3 for either of these options. With few exceptions, like in the case of special exhibits or theater presentations, photography is allowed throughout the Museum.

More About The Museum Of Science And Industry

These exhibits only highlight a few of the many things to see at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. There are also major exhibits that on display that only stay for a set time in the museum. These exhibits typically are worth visting the museum, just to experience all they have to offer. In addition, to the highlighted permanent exhibits and temporary exhibits some of the other things to see at MSI include the U-505 German submarine, the Swiss Jolly Ball, the Omnimax Theater, Earth Revealed, the Silver Streak Train , Networld, You! The Experience, and much more!

Located on the east side of downtown Chicago, east of Chinatown, the easiest way to access the Museum of Science and Industry from downtown is Lake Shore Drive. The museum accepts the CityPASS discount card. They also offer discounted tickets for City of Chicago residents. Keep in mind that the museum also offers over 50 free admission days to State of Illinois residents each. This is a great program for Illinois residents, but crowds may be higher on these days if you are visiting from out of state. Check the museum’s website for the days when free admission is offered to plan your trip.

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The Hong Kong Space Museum Is Out Of This World

/Wikimedia Commons

The Hong Kong Space Museum in, well, Hong Kong, is an iconic part of the city’s skyline. Its enormous central planetarium can’t really be missed by any visitor to the city.

Construction began in 1977 with the works completed by October of 1980. The two main exhibitions for the museum are the Hall of the Cosmos and the Hall of Space Exploration.

Both of these are interactive and are designed to enable visitors to learn about space and space exploration through a series of entertaining and educational experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

The Great Train Story: 10th Anniversary Ride

What are people saying about museums in Chicago, IL?

This is a review for museums in Chicago, IL:

“Super fun and interactive museum! There are definitely Instagram-worthy photo opportunities if that’s what you’re looking for. However, they also have cool exhibits where you can interact with stuff and have fun being silly with your friends. Make sure you have good company! I heard they do change it up every now and then so that people can come back. The reason why I docked a star is because the price is pretty steep. My friends and I spent at most an hour there for $35 each person. Would have been more worth it if it was like $25. Also a little disappointed they only gave us a minute for the infinity mirror room.”

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Finnigans Ice Cream Parlor

Set in Yesterdays Main Street area, this old fashioned soda shop is a really fun place to grab an ice cream for a much-needed break. Its also a great place to bribe the kids for good behavior at the museum. Not that I would ever do such a thing. LOL

There are also family-friendly bathrooms located outside of the parlor.

More Chicago Travel Ideas What to Know Before You Go to The Chicago Field Museum

Miraikan In Tokyo Has Robots Lots Of Robots

Miraikan in Tokyo, The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, is an ultra-modern look at the cutting edge of science and technology.

It has an absolute ton of robots on display including the famous Honda robot.

Unsurprisingly, most of the exhibits focus on Japanese innovation as well as Japan’s natural history.

This includes live measurements of the seismic activity of the country, weather patterns and ocean temperatures.

Sustainable development, the mysteries of the universe and genetics are also covered so theres something for everyone.

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Colleen Moores Fairy Castle

The exquisite detail of Colleen Moores Fairy Castle makes a stop at this exhibit a must for any fairy fans. There are no fairies in view, but each room of the castle is richly decorated and the intricate details mean you can find something new on each visit.

For example, in the Great Hall are miniature Cinderella slippers, and several artifacts that range from 1000 to 4000 years old! Each room is decorated fully from chandeliers, furniture, wall covering and intricately laid flooring. Make sure to find some of the fun hidden details in each of the rooms.

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