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Season 5 Of Chicago Pd

Voight Needs Upton To Hold It Together

Chicago PD – I Saw the Whole Thing (Episode Highlight)

About this Show

Chicago P.D.

District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is made up of two distinctly different groups: The uniformed cops who patrol the beat and deal with street crimes, and the intelligence unit, the team that combats the city’s major offenses, such as organized crime, drug trafficking and high-profile murders.

Starring:Jason BegheLisseth ChavezPatrick John Flueger

Creators:Michael BrandtDerek HaasMatt Olmstead

About Nbcs Chicago Pd Season :

NBCs Chicago PD centers on the Intelligence team located at the District 21 of the Chicago Police department. This team fights the citys major offenses including organized crime, drug trafficking, and high profile murders.

To audition for a role on NBCs Chicago PD season 5, check out the casting call details below:

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    ‘chicago Pd’ Boss On Voight & Jay’s ‘battle For Hailey’s Soul’

    It was truly just one of those things that just evolved from storytelling and at the end of 20 What Ifs, everybody kept coming back to this idea of how this would impact Voight, Eid added.

    As for how Voight will move on after such a loss, Eid said, Its going to be interesting to see what happens to Hank Voight in Season 6. Hes alone and left with a lot of guilt and anger. We really need to dig into that idea, where we find Voight and where we go.

    Unlike Sophia Bushs exit from the show in Season 4, which made room for Tracy Spiridakos to join the cast full time, no one is looking to replace Koteas immediately.

    We dont have any immediate plans to introduce a character. Olinskys departure certainly wasnt because another person was coming in, explained Eid.

    Chicago P.D. was just renewed for a sixth season by NBC. The new season will debut in Fall 2018.

    Chicago Pds Season Finale Revealed A Major Change And Concluded A Season

    Chicago PD season 5, episode 4 recap and review: Snitch

    Wednesdays Chicago PD season 5 finale changed the series for good, and wrapped up the story wed been following all season. How did it all go down?

    The season finale is called Homecoming and it begins where last week left off, with Alvin Olinsky being brought into the hospital after multiple stab wounds. Meanwhile, Hank Voight is trying to cut a deal, hypothetically.

    Will Denny Woods drop the charges against Olinsky if Voight confesses to the murder of Jason Bingham? Woods says yes, and that hell call the Assistant States Attorney.

    James Osha comes to Woods place to negotiate the deal but just as Voight is preparing to confess, he gets the message that Olinsky has been stabbed. He leaves without explaining why, which might have been helpful.

    More from One Chicago Center

    Even while bleeding out, Olinsky sticks to his usual line:

    Olinsky: I got this, man. I got this.

    Those wound up being his last words. Eventually Chicago PD had a surgeon come out and inform Voight, in just two short sentences, that Olinsky had died in surgery. It was an incredibly brief and brusque moment given how much of a huge bombshell it was for Voight and for the fans.

    Voight had to break the news to the rest of his team in the Chicago Med waiting room, in a moment sans dialogue but with a lot of crying followed by shock. There was only one thing to do: to find the guy who got him stabbed, and take him down.

    Voight: It was a good shoot. I did what I had to do. Simple as that.

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    Chicago Pd Boss On That Shocking Finale Tragedy

    Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season 5 finale of Chicago P.D. Read at your own risk!

    Voight finally paid for his sins during the season 5 finale of Chicago P.D.but he wasn’t the one who paid the ultimate price.

    Going into the season finale, Olinsky’s fate was looking grim. After being formally charged with murdering the man who slaughtered Hank Voight’s sonthough he only helped dispose of Bingham’s body it was Hank who pulled the triggerhe was stabbed multiple times while in prison.

    Alas, Olinsky succumbed to his injuries early in the hour, with Intelligence getting justice by hunting down the man who put the hit on Al Hank also shot him in cold blood, and there were witnesses. However, Hank was able to set up Denny for witness tampering, effectively clearly Voight’s name in the Bingham murder case. Though Hank’s off the hook, for now, the repercussions of this finale will definitely permeate next season . EW caught up with executive producer Rick Eid to get insight into Olinsky’s tragic death.

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why did Al have to die?

    Was there ever any conversation about Hank ending up in jail and Al surviving?

    No matter how it played out, did it always need to end with Voight finally paying for his sins?

    Since Voight was ultimately responsible for Al’s death, will this cause a divide among the team moving forward, that they really now see what being loyal to Voight might get you?

    Is this the last we’ve seen of Denny?

    Chicago Pd Season 5 Premiere Review: How Intelligence Lives Without Erin Lindsay

    When Sophia Bush announced that she would not be returning to Chicago P.D., we had to imagine what the department would look like without Erin Lindsay. Now we know, and luckily, the reality of it is not as bad as we pictured. Chicago is a strong city with strong people, and with Voight at the helm of his department, even the toughest times arent that dark. It helps that though Intelligence has lost Lindsay, we get to welcome home another familiar face.

    There is no worse scenario in a police bust than a little girl being shot and killed in the crossfire, but thats where the season premiere opens. Worse yet, it starts to look like the bullet that hit the little girl came from Halsteads gun. If that wasnt bad enough, this comes when the Chicago Police Department in under review from an independent auditor, who is none other than Denny Woods. Recall that he and Voight were friends before Voight turned on him for a crooked deal. Add in the meddling of narcissistic, somewhat misogynistic Alderman Price, and things become, as Voight says, a little tricky.

    Does Intelligence without Lindsay, but with Dawson, still feel like home?

    Chicago P.D. Season 5 Episode 1 Review: “Reform”


    Chicago P.D.s fifth season opener does without a fan favorite, but welcomes home a familiar face at just the right time.

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    Tv Ratings: Chicago Pd Finale Holds Steady

    The Season 5 finale of Chicago PD was even in the Wednesday overnight ratings with last weeks episode.

    Airing at 10 p.m. on NBC, Chicago PD, which was recently renewed for a sixth season, scored a 1.2 rating in adults 18-49 and 6.3 million viewers. It was also the top-rated and most-watched show in its timeslot.

    More from Variety

    Earlier on NBC, The Blacklist ticked down in both measures. Law & Order: SVU held mostly steady. SVU was also renewed for a 20th season.

    Empire was again the top-rated show of the night. Later on Fox, Star was even.

    On ABC, The Goldbergs was even. Alex Inc ticked down in the demo, while Modern Family was even. American Housewife and Designated Survivor were both down.

    Survivor , SEAL Team , and Code Black were even on CBS.

    For The CW, Riverdale was steady while The Originals was down.

    Fox topped the night in the demo with a 1.4 but was third in viewers with 4.4 million. NBC and CBS tied for second in the demo with a 1.0. CBS was first in viewers with 6.3 million. NBC was second in viewers with 5.6 million. ABC was fourth overall with a 0.9 and 3.9 million. The CW averaged a 0.3 and 885,000 viewers.

    Best of Variety

    ‘chicago Pd’: The Real Reason Alvin Olinsky Was Killed Off The Series

    Chicago PD – It’s Over, Denny (Episode Highlight)

    At the end of Chicago P.D. Season 5, Elias Koteas‘ Detective Alvin “Al” Olinsky was killed off. Although the episode aired nearly three years ago, fans of the show might still be wondering why Koteas left the show after being a series regular for the show’s first five years. While some actors leave a show due to a contract dispute or other behind-the-scenes drama, there was none of that involved in Koteas’ departure.

    During a May 2018 interview with Us Weekly, executive producer Rick Eid explained it was simply a story decision. “It just evolved from a storytelling perspective,” Eid said at the time. “Once we started down the road of Woods and Voight going at each other, Bingham’s body being recovered and Olinsky’s DNA being found on that body, we started playing it out to its creative, dramatic conclusion, it just felt like an interesting way to wrap up that storyline.”

    Voight’s decision to kill Bingham had to come with a cost, Eid said. That cost would be the death of his best friend. “We thought that possibly losing his best friend became this interesting idea that we all graduated toward. We could see this long arc playing out in that direction,” he said.

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    Here’s A Reminder Of What Happened To Al On The Chicago Pd Season 5 Finale

    As upsetting as Al’s death was, his fate seems to have been sealed in the middle of Season 5 when Hank avenged his son Justin’s death by murdering his killer, Kevin Bingham.

    It was a major crossing of the line for the sergeant, and Al’s death while in prison for Hank’s crimes is payment for the renegade cop taking the law into his own hands.

    Prison isn’t a great place for anyone, but it can be particularly tough for cops. Al got brutally shanked by another prisoner and ultimately succumbed to his wounds in the finale of Season 5. Immediately after, the #JusticeForAl hashtag was all over Twitter

    After the finale aired, showrunner Rick Eid explained that as difficult as the decision was, it was essential to the storyline. “From a creative perspective, it was a decision that evolved organically from the ongoing storyline between Voight and Woods,” Eid said, referring to the Season 5 villain, Hank’s former partner intent on destroying his life.

    Regardless of whether viewers think Hank was justified in taking the life of his son’s murderer, it led to Woods framing Al for the crime by planting his hair at the crime scene. And the writers felt not only did Hank need to pay for the sin of murder but also in letting his friend go down for it.

    Chicago Pd Season 5 Episode 22 Review: Homecoming

    May 9, 2018 11:00 pm.

    Goodbye, Alvin Olinsky.

    The Intelligence team, along with viewers, said goodbye to Olinksy on Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 22. Sadly, he did not make it out alive after being stabbed repeatedly during his short stint in prison.

    Ugh, there are no words to describe the heaviness I felt when the doctor nonchalantly told Voight that his best friend, his partner in crime, didn’t make it.

    Every time I remember that Al’s last memory was of him looking up at Voight’s worried face, I tear up. What a powerful scene.

    The only way I can describe my emotions would be to say they were a mix of anguish and rage, both for and directed at Voight.

    When he lashed out at Osha and accused him of “burying” Al, I found myself screaming, “You did too!”

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    Understandably, Voight is gutted and infuriated with how everyone handled the situation, but he’s just as much to blame. He could have done something sooner, but instead, he allowed it to get dragged on until his friend eventually died for his sins.

    Lashing out at those around him was his way of punishing himself.

    But before he could let the emotions fully take over, Voight broke the news to his team and then told them that before they grieved their friend, they had to get justice by finding “the son of a bitch” that did this to him.

    And so, with heavy hearts, they did just that for much of the episode.

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    Nbcs Chicago Pd Is Now Casting Firefighters Coffee Shop Patrons Delivery Men And Kid Actors For A Crossover Scene In Chicago Illinois

    Casting directors are now casting talent to work on scenes filming on Thursday, January 25th through Friday, January 26th in Chicago, Illinois.

    Producers are looking for the following types:

    • “REAL CFD” — Seeking REAL CFD FIREFIGHTERS from the Chicago Fire Department for interior and exterior firehouse scenes! Must have full bunker set
    • “DARK ROAST” — Seeking Men and Women, ages 20-55+ to play coffee shop patrons and then switch to 21st district civilians.
    • “SPECIAL DELIVERY” — Seeking a MALE, ages 20s-40s, ANY ETHNICITY, to play featured UPS delivery man. Must be available for a uniform fitting on Thursday 1/25
    • “SCHOOL DAZE” — Seeking BOYS & GIRLS, ages 10-14, ANY ETHNICITY, to play featured group of friends of a cast member. MUST HAVE A VALID EMPIRE CASTING MINOR WORK PERMIT

    Alvin Olinsky’s Death Was A Major Gut

    Chicago PD season 5 finale preview: Homecoming

    As the loyal, taciturn sidekick of Hank Voight , detective Alvin Olinsky had Voight’s back through thick and thin for over 10 years on the force. A longtime fan favorite on the show, Olinsky was known as a stand-up guy and the kind of cop any officer would be likely to name as the colleague they’d want beside them when the chips were down.

    So, when Olinsky was sent to prison in Season 5 for a murder he didn’t commit, fans were understandably miffed. Then, when he was eventually stabbed by another inmate and died from his wounds, fans were totally gutted. On a video compilation of the most heartbreaking scenes in the “Chicago One” franchise, YouTuber Kriss Gennrich commented, “The entire episode that led up to Olinsky dying was by far the saddest and emotionally charged episode of all PD.” YouTube user Derek Mathews felt the same way, writing, “I agree, everybody had so much emotion in that episode.”

    Fans on Reddit had similar reactions to Olinsky’s death. Redditor u/Coachman76 summed up the overall sentiment about the moment, saying, “Al. No contest. Ever. Al should never have been written off the show. It was like killing Voight or Trudy in my book. Inexcusable. Unforgiveable. Al should still be alive.”

    And while there may well be other scenes from the season that might qualify, Olinsky’s death would seem to be the single most heartbreaking moment from Season 5.

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    Watch Chicago Pd Season 5 Online

    Watch Chicago PD Season 5 full episodes online, free and paid options via our partners and affiliates.

    Tensions run high as Intelligence seeks justice for Olinsky after he’s stabbed in prison Antonio’s loyalty is put to the test Woods looks to take down Voight once and for all.

    Halstead and Atwater go under cover to prevent military-grade weapons from hitting the street Voight calls in a favor to clear Olinsky’s name for Bingham’s murder.

    On Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 20, Voight witnesses the kidnapping of a woman with a connection to his past, while Ruzek gets a tip about a grand jury.

    On Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 19, Voight confronts a witness in the Bingham investigation, and a string of stash house robberies leads to an unlikely source.

    On Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 18, Voight calls in a favor for Olinksy, while Upton brings back an old undercover identity to help take down a meth ring.

    On Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 17, Intelligence looks into corruption rumors after a prominent alderman known for his urban revitalization efforts is killed.

    On Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 16, Inteligence enlists Firehouse 51 to help when it investigates a string of bombings targeting members of the media.

    On Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 15, an investigation involving vigilante killing rapists has Burgess questioning if the men who attacked her sister truly paid.

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