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Second Hand Furniture Store Chicago

Goodwill Store & Donation Center

Where Has This Been? Second Hand || Thrift Store || Furniture || Makeover Update

This well-known and long-standing nonprofit chain does not only sell clothes but great-priced household items and previously owned furniture as well. In fact, they can deliver large furniture to your home this includes couches, chairs, dressers, and more! As a donation center, Goodwill is known for being an American nonprofit 501 organization that was founded in 1902. To this day, Goodwill continues to thrive with over 4,000 locations scattered throughout the U.S.

  • Hours: 9AM7PM TueSat 9AM5PM Sun & Mon
  • Phone #: -563-1187

My Sisters Closet Resale

My Sisters Closet Resale showcases 6000 square feet of constantly changing women and childrens inventory. Moreover, they value transparency and honesty to give their clients a positive shopping experience. Also, their items come at meager prices, which is perfect for thrift shop enthusiasts. In addition, their place is well maintained and has even luxury designer brands that come in cheap pricing. Next, they provide womens jewelry that is perfect for customers who want a discount on jewelry. Finally, for a comprehensive variety of thrift shop items, this is the perfect shop.

Products/ Services:

New & Used Office Furniture Chicago

Revive your office environment with Rework. We provide full-service office furniture solutions using smart design, eco-friendly practices, and professional installation. Whether youre looking to refresh your current space or in need of a total upgrade, check out our wide selection of new and used office furniture in Chicago. It contains all the essential furnishings and accessories. Find everything you need and more by shopping resale office furniture in the Chicagoland area at Rework. Take a look at our online selection or come visit us for an in-person view of our new and used office furniture in Chicago.

The Rework team can help you with everythingfrom choosing the right furniture for your space to designing an entirely new layout. To begin, let us know what youre looking for and the services you may need.

At Rework, we are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and we want to assure you that we are taking every necessary precaution to keep our employees, customers and partners safe during this time. As always, we are here to provide you with top quality customer care. Read more to learn the steps we have taken to maintain the health and care of everyone.

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Why Visit A Thrift Shop In Chicago

Ethical and sustainable fashion comes down to choosing items that are either ethically made or second-hand. Slow fashion is after all about buying less and buying better and the more we can keep clothing out of landfills the better it will be for the planet. Textile recycling rates are very low in North America and that’s a real shame when you consider the toll fast fashion has on the people who make it and the resources used, not to mention the pollution.

Americans are tossing 36 billion clothing items every single year! So if your wardrobe needs a look we hope you will consider second-hand options like these thrift stores in Chicago!

Our Favorite Online Second

Featured Chicago store

Online shopping is more prevalent than ever these days. And thanks to the internet, you no longer have to sort through cluttered inventories of thrift and antique shops to score second-hand treasures. Weve rounded up some of the best online second-hand furniture stores that offer amazing deals on sofas, chairs, tables, and more.

Online Second-Hand Furniture Stores

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Habitat For Humanity Restore Chicago

This great thrift store offers a large selection of new and gently used residential furniture and styles. They sell everything from home refinishing like doors, windows and sinks to quality furniture like couches, chairs, lamps, and dressers.

Their retail therapy method keeps home goods and appliances out of landfill and puts them back into the community. The proceeds from this Chicago used furniture store go toward Habitat for Humanity Chicago which aims to improve the lives of local citizens. If youre a customer looking for quality furniture items at discounted prices, Habitat for Humanity ReStore Chicago is an excellent option

  • Hours: 11AM6PM WedSun
  • Phone #: -563-0296

Near The Brown Elephant Lakeview:

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Final Thoughts On Chicago Thrift Stores

Thrift shopping is so much fun and when you can do it in a place like Chicago, it’s even better. Many of the shops mentioned above are located in trendy areas where you will have the chance to explore local communities and support companies that are giving back.

And don’t forget you can always at an online thrift shop right from the comfy of your couch and if you have items hanging in your closets that you never wear, it might be time to sell those used clothes online!

What do you love about vintage shopping? And, did we leave anyone out? We’d love to hear from you!

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Chicagos Best Second Hand Stores:

Antique Shopping || Second Hand Store || Shop With Me

The top rated Second Hand Stores in Chicago, IL are:

  • Monarch Thrift Shop offers their clients affordable yet quality items within the store.
  • Family Thrift Store sells unique items that are not found in other thrift shops.
  • Three Stars Resale Shop sis eager to offer its clients a comprehensive display of different furniture, jewelry, and many more.
  • Unique. displays different second-hand items that come at meager prices.
  • Mount Sinai Resale Shop showcases 6000 square feet of constantly changing women and childrens inventory.

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Three Stars Resale Shop

Three Stars Resale Shop is eager to offer its clients a comprehensive display of different furniture, jewelry, and many more. Furthermore, their furniture guarantees quality even if it is second-hand. This shop duly refurbishes its furniture to ensure its clients safety. Moreover, this shop takes pride in offering the very best for their customers and does it environmentally friendly. Also, this thrift shop is dedicated to providing a friendly experience to its visitors. Lastly, they have a well-organized catalog of items that makes their visitors shopping experience relatively easy

Products/ Services:

Address: 2600 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647Phone: 904-7634Website: www.threestarsresaleshop.online


Such a beautiful store with such an amazing array of hand picked items. Such a friendly and helpful store owner. Overall incredible experience couldnt recommend enough for anyone looking for antiques in Chicago Alessandra Basler

Facebook Market Place Faq:

Does Facebook charge fees to list items for sale on its marketplace?

No, there are no fees which is a huge benefit.

How do you pay for items on FB marketplace?

Thats left up to you and the seller. Its similar to Craigslist most likely you show up with cash-in-hand or some agreed-upon digital transfer of funds.

Who delivers the furniture on Facebook marketplace?

Usually, the buyer picks it up but as with most things, delivery may be negotiated. Its up to the seller of course you may have to pay extra for delivery as well unless offered in the posting.

Best for: Anyone looking locally for used furniture.

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Best Places For Stylish Used Furniture In Chicago

Just because you can’t afford an Archeo copper bathtub or a Tufft table, hand-carved in the late 1700s and costing in the millions today, doesn’t mean you’re relegated to your mom’s seafoam and pink lamp from 1989 either. Outfitting your place in a personal way can be affordable and satisfying when you hit up some of these shops specializing in used but stylish furniture.

Foursquare Favorite: Modern Cooperative

Located in the historic Thalia Hall, this Pilsen furniture store restores vintage furniture from the 1960s and ’70s. That leaves you, the shopper, with an unparalleled selection of stylish used furniture in perfect condition. Plus, there’s a shop dog that trots about. For more great stores like this one, check out the 15 best furniture and home stores in Chicago.

Head to Foursquare to sort reviews by these tastes:

There’s used and then there’s lovingly curated vintage and antique furniture. At Praha, the latter does not necessarily come with a lot of zeros before the decimal point. Stock is ever changing so you’ll never know what you’ll find: a rustic wooden dresser, an antique bathroom scale, a wonderful desk that reminds your of elementary school days, reclaimed farmhouse pieces, quirky swivel stools or a retro kitchen table. What’s even better? The owners of the Roscoe Village shop, Todd Nyenhuis and David Foster, are decent human beings committed to fair prices.

Threads Etc Consignment Furniturewww.threadsetcresale.com

Everything But The House

Chicago High End Used Furniture Store

First up is Everything But The House . The shop is a marketplace for the uncommon, according to its website, and it lets you bid on items starting at just $1. This is the place to go if youre looking for unique, weird, and wonderful second-hand furniture for your apartment. Its also a good spot to score specific vintage pieces you have in mind, such as an old bedroom decoration from your childhood.

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What Types Of Furniture Can You Buy Used Or Sell On Used Furniture Websites

Thats the beauty of these sites. You can buy almost any type or style of furniture. Its a luck of the draw as to whats available when youre looking.

You can buy pretty much every furniture style and furniture for every room of the house plus outside including used patio furniture. Specifically, you can buy used sofas, chairs, desks, shelves, tables, entertainment systems, dressers, bed frames, coat racks, wardrobes, armoires, hutches and so much more.

Another popular type of used furniture is used baby furniture. In fact, the used baby market generally is a huge business just because folks only need it so long and then have absolutely no need for it. Weve been selling tons of baby stuff recently.

What Organization Will Pick Up Used Furniture

Thrift stores often offer a used furniture pick up service as long as you donate the furniture to the thrift store for it to sell.

It could well be that local resale or consignment furniture stores may come by and pick up your furniture. This is unlikely but it never hurts to ask especially if you have a very good opportunity for them..

Alternatively, you can sell used furniture on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and specify that the buyer must come and pick up the furniture.

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Is It Worth Buying Furniture Used

It sure can be. For example, I needed a set of 6 to 8 chairs for poker night. I looked for new online and could easily spend $1,000+ which is more than I want to spend.

I then checked out used chairs online on Craigslist and found various sets for well under $500.

Recently a friend bought a $3,000 new bedroom furniture set for $475.

Another reason buying furniture used is actually not a bad idea is its fairly easy to assess whether its in good shape or not. Its not like a car or expensive appliance where you dont know if theres anything wrong with it until youve paid for it and have it awhile. With furniture, you can eyeball it, feel it, sit in it etc. before buying. If it looks and feels solid and in decent shape, it probably is.

The only big problem with buying furniture used is getting it to your house. I dont own a pickup truck or have access to a cube van.

I either ask a friend with a pickup truck or rent one. Yes, Ive rented pick up trucks for sole purpose of hauling something in the past. Its still worth it.

One final consideration is you typically cant finance your furniture purchase when buying used. While you can save a lot of money, you need to come up with the entire sum. This often includes paying with a credit card especially if buying from someone on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

St Vincent De Paul Thrift Store

Antique Shopping || Second Hand Store || Shop With Me

This Chicago thrift store chain has been in business for over 169 years and has over 10 locations spread throughout the midwest. Their volunteer-led programs have helped over 52,414 people pay bills they couldnt afford. When shopping, you can find bookcases, chairs, and an assortment of previously owned furniture to furnish your home in this excellent thrift store.

St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store is one of the best retail furniture stores in Chicago Illinois. Each purchase you make helps go toward the organizations outreach services that assist families and individuals in need.

  • Hours: 9AM7PM 7 days a week

Used furniture stores in Chicago are definitely the best option if youre just moving into a new home or need to remodel your home on a budget. Many of these stores allow you to donate furniture in case youre in need of an upgrade or youre just trying to save space. Do you have an upcoming relocation and are in need of movers to help with furniture moving and delivery? If so, call Federal Companies at 309-690-0000 for an accurate quote!

John Olson


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How To Sell Used Furniture

These days you have many options. Your best bet is to focus locally. Shipping furniture unless youre a huge furniture company shipping at scale, is frightfully expensive. I know because I looked into it.

You really have two main options for selling furniture.

1. Sell it yourself locally online

The first is to list it yourself on a website that serves your local area such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslit. Be sure to take plenty of HIGH QUALITY photos. Unless youre pretty much giving away your furniture, take good and many photos. When selling furniture, a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

2. Have a local store sell it on your behalf

Your second option is to have a local used furniture or thrift furniture store sell it for you. If you go the thrift store route, you donate it. If you go the used furniture store, you may well have to sell it on consignment. You may also have to get it to the store yourself.

Whats best? It really depends on your piece of furniture. If you have something worth a lot such as a valuable antique, you may be better off selling it to or listing on consignment with a local antique dealer.

If its just run-of-the-mill furniture, selling it yourself on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist makes more sense because you dont have to haul it away. The buyer does. In fact, just the other night I helped a friend pick up a beautiful used bedroom set for his daughter. It was a great deal, but he had a truck and had to take the time to get it.

What Is The Difference Between Used/resale And Thrift Furniture Stores

While thrift and used are often used interchangeably, there is a difference.

Thrift furniture stores are operated by and for the benefit of nonprofits or charities. They accept donated furniture and sell it. In many cases, thrift furniture stores offer a great service of sending trucks out into the community to pick up your furniture for you.

Used or resale furniture stores buy used furniture and resell it for a profit. In some cases, they act like consignment stores where theyll sell furniture for clients and then split the proceeds. This way the store isnt out of pocket up front.

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Best Places For Used Furniture In The Chicago Area

Whether you need to furnish your place on the cheap or simply want to add an interesting touch to your current setup, consider checking out secondhand furniture stores in Chicago. From thrift shops to antique stores, there are plenty of places where you can find just the right dressers, couches or tables for your home. Picking up a piece that is inexpensive also allows your inner Pinterest fan to go wild with repurposing or painting new furniture. Here’s list of some of the best of the best places to find secondhand furniture in Chicago at an assortment of price points. For an additional list, check out this article on CBS Chicago.

The Brown Elephant Resale Shop3020 N. Lincoln Ave.www.howardbrown.org

Brownstone Antiques

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