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Stand Up Paddle Board Chicago

Run Or Bike The Chicago Lakefront Trail

Standup Paddleboard Yoga Classes With SUP Yoga: Part 2

One of Chicagos most beautiful assets, its expansive shoreline, is on display in its full glory from the Lakefront Trail. The impressive 18-mile-long stretch extends from Ardmore Street on the North Side to 71st Street on the south side.

The paved path is perfect for running, walking, biking, or rollerblading alongside Lake Michigan and Chicagos gorgeous, green downtown parks. Beaches and gardens recreation areas including playgrounds, soccer fields, volleyball nets, and tennis courts and amenities like washrooms, drinking fountains and concession stands are conveniently situated along the path as well.

Montrose Beach Is A Wildlife Oasis Relax On The Beach Near The Bird Sanctuary Sling Up A Hammock In The Park Or Hang Out With Puppies Near The Dog Beach Hop On A Kayak Or Stand Up Paddleboard To Chill On The Lake And Enjoy The Summer Breeze

Closed for the season. We will re-open May 28th, 2022!

Kayak Chicago is located at the Southeast end of Montrose beach in front of the volleyball nets just south of The Dock restaurant

Address:200 W. Montrose Harbor Dr., Chicago, IL

Getting here: If you are signed up for a tour or class, arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the event. Plan ahead for traffic during the summertime when this is a very busy beach and parking is limited.

There is plenty of free street parking throughout Montrose park and a pay lot with limited parking, arrive early to secure a spot. We recommend riding your bike as the easiest option.

What to Bring: Beach wear, for playing in the water, fluids and snacks to keep you going and reduce heat exhaustion, sunglasses/hat and sunblock to shade you and protect! A camera is great to bring when you are out on the water, so dont forget your waterproof bag.

Storage: We have storage cubbies at each of our locations, in case you want to leave something behind, or dont want it to get wet. Anything you bring on the water has the potential to get wet.

Paddle Boarding Chicago Illinois

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The Lakefront by right belongs to the people,” wrote Architect Daniel Burnham back in 1909 when he envisioned his plan for Chicago. Over 100 years later a group of standup paddle boarders venture out onto Lake Michigan, launching from North Avenue Beach, one of Chicagos 29 beaches. The majestic Chicago skyline is partially disguised by dense fog this morning, letting you easily forget that this is Americas second largest city with a population of over 9 Million. Loving the outdoors but dont want to miss out on city living? Chicago might just be it.

With 25 miles of the total 29 Miles of Chicagos lakefront being public land it is easy to access the water. Chicago has over 600 parks, 8800 acres of green space. Getting around is also much easier than one might suspect for a big city. The recently widened lakeshore path allows plenty of room for cyclists and runners and will take you to several launch spots.

The Chicago Transit Authority operates the nation’s second largest public transportation system. Trains and buses cover the City of Chicago and 35 surrounding suburbs. Zipping around on one of the shared Divvy bikes is also a convenient way to explore the city.

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Climb The Wall At Maggie Daley Park

Just east of Millennium Park, and connected by a Frank Gehry-designed bridge, Maggie Daley Park rounds out Chicagos front yard with a wintertime ice skating ribbon, state-of-the-art play areas, and a 40-foot-tall rock climbing wall.

First-time climbers are welcome at Chicagos only climbing park, where custom-designed sculptural rocks and boulders are divided into a beginner and advanced wall with three different types of climbing: bouldering, lead-harnessed, and top rope.

What Is The Best All

Chicago Bears

For your whistle-stop tour exploring all the amazing waterways on your Chicago paddle, youll want a solid SUP thatll stand up to any environment you find yourself discovering.

You cant go wrong with a good all-rounder paddle board, like the GILI Sports Meno Inflatable SUP. This high achiever has a wide deck, is super stable, plus its cleverly designed with maximum glide in mind, so you can do more boarding and less paddling. The GILI Meno will open up a world of paddling possibilities for you… So you can try your hand at SUP yoga, paddle board fishing, and even take along your furry four-legged friend on your Chicago sup paddling adventure!

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How Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Made Me A Better Advocate Teacher And Human Being

Stand up paddle board yoga.

The late Jacques Yves Cousteau once said: Sometimes we are lucky enough to know that our lives have been changed, to discard the old, embrace the new, and run headlong down an immutable course.

Yoga saved my life, but stand up paddle board yoga made me a better advocate, teacher and person.

I found yoga one day by accident and my life changed forever. When I look back seven years, the life I was leading was not gratifying. I was unhealthy, overweight, making the wrong choices and as a result resorted to blood pressure, cholesterol and many other medications. I was not even thirty years old at the time. I graduated law school,passed the bar exam and started my own legal practice, but something was missing.

An indispensable legal intern in 2009 got me to run a half marathon as a dare. I trained for the race and completed it. I took up running, lost over 70 pounds, gradually stopped taking medications and things slowly started falling into place. I still felt unaccomplished and unhappy, something was still missing.

People become amazed when I tell them that I teach yoga, but seem perplexed when they hear that I teach yoga on stand-up paddle-boards. Thats just it! confusing, exciting and amazing at the same time.

Being a trial attorney is difficult, but being a yoga teacher who happens to be a trial attorney is simply my calling.

Sunrise Over Lake Michigan

Enjoy a dramatic sunrise over Lake Michigan with the backdrop of the Chicago Skyline. The water tends to be calmer early in the morning, there is close to no boat traffic and even parking at one of the launch sites is easier than one would expect for a big city. You will share the morning only with a few fishermen and photographers on shore who like this time of day for the best shots and might even send you their photos before you finish your post paddle coffee at one of the many coffee shops and restaurants of which the city surely has no shortage.

The Chicago paddling community has figured out how to combine vibrant big city life with the tranquility and vastness of the open water. Connect with one of the businesses and groups before you come to visit and they will surely show you a great time in the windy city that isnt always windy and has incredible opportunities for outdoor recreation.

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Chicago Sup + Lift Efoil

Chicago SUP is excited to introduce Chicago to the Lift eFoil!

This device offers an unparalleled sensation of flying above the water at speeds of up to 25mph!

* 1.5 Hour learn to fly session, including instruction: $350

**If you cant make one of the scheduled slots we have flexibility and can often work around your schedule. In addition, we can arrange to bring foils to you and do lessons/ demos in other locations around the Chicagoland area! Get in touch to setup your flight session!

1.5 hour Learn to Fly Session + 3 individual 1 Hour E-Foil Sessions: $1000

Get three extra one hour e-foil sessions added to your lesson package to experience the thrill of flying above water after youve mastered the board!

2.5hr Boat Day Package: $1000 We bring 2 eFoils to you and offer instruction for groups up to 6 to enjoy!

Purchase Boat Day Package Upon certificate purchase we will contact you to schedule your boat eFoil outing!

* $250 of amount paid towards lesson/ Demo session will be deducted from the purchase of your own Lift eFoil.

Best Roc Inflatable Paddleboards

Paddleboard Fitness | Living Healthy Chicago

ROC Alliance ISUP Board: available at

The Alliance boards are ROCs highest-quality product, and they are made with a higher weight capacity. At just 18 pounds this board is also easy to transport.

ROC Scout ISUP Board: available at

The Scout lineup is the most well-rounded of the options from ROC. It is the best ROC board if you are looking to pair it with their kayak adapter kit.

ROC Explorer ISUP Board: available at

ROCs Explorer lineup is classic and perfect for beginners. Its price point makes it more accessible to anyone wanting to try out the activity.

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Greater Maywood Paddling Program

Located at Maywood Grove, the Greater Maywood Paddling Program provides opportunities for organized groups within the Maywood community to connect to nature and water through kayaking experiences.

Group leaders are trained on kayaking, use and care of kayaking gear and how to lead groups on kayaking trips. Once certified, trained leaders will have access to the Kayak Gear Library, which has all the supplies needed for an organized group paddling trip.

To learn more about the program or to become a paddling group leader, email .

Where Should I Paddle In Chicago As A Beginner

I’ve received a lot of questions regarding paddling the Chicago River and although it’s my top pick for places to SUP in Chicago, you do need a moderate amount of experience to paddle the high traffic areas of the river. Although no wake is allowed in the Chicago River, you need the paddle skills to maneuver quickly and enough balance and comfort to always be aware of your surroundings and boat traffic.

Lake Michigan is a great place for beginners and I would suggest going to North Avenue, Diversey Harbor, Montrose Harbor, Montrose Beach, or Osterman Beach. These areas have paddle boundaries and as always, the earlier the better.

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Explore The Burnham Wildlife Corridor

Anchored by the McCormick Bird & Butterfly Sanctuary in the north and the Burnham Nature Sanctuary in the south, the Burnham Wildlife Corridor is a 100-acre ribbon of urban wilderness running through Burnham Park.

Guests stroll among native prairie, savanna, and woodland ecosystems and reconnect with nature in this revitalized public green space, while five BWC gathering spaces serve as artistic installations and seating areas.

Who Makes The Best Inflatable Sup

Chicago Bears

Cruise carbon 12 foot here weighs 15 kgs the 10-8 cruise is readily available online for 499 pounds and the 12 foot cruise carbon is readily available online for 899 pounds and keep in mind both these been available in both these constructions you can find the 10 8 and the 12 foot in the cruise and the cruise carbon construction so what going to do now is were going to discuss the buildings and the differences in between the cruise and the cruise carbon And likewise then looking at the 10-8 compared to the 12 foot and after that ideally make you understand which will be best for you now its clear from the website they have actually put a lot of work into the materials and the manufacturing procedures that enter into these they state the internal core of drop stitch is the densest drop sew on the marketplace and they have also put several layers of PVC all warmed

Are inflatable paddle boards worth the money?

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Paddle With Chicago Sup

Our rentals include everything you need for a hassle-free paddle in one of the most unique locations in the world! Perfect for seasoned paddlers visiting Chicago, or just about anyone looking to do something different. Bike, walk, run, swim, however you get here, well take care of the rest!

If you think you might need some help getting started, no worries. Check out our SUP Lessons section, one of our experienced instructors will have you up and cruising in no time! If you are looking to paddle with a group of 7 or more, check out our Groups section.

*In the event conditions permit multiple riders or riders intend to trade off boards between one another, a $10 per additional rider fee will be assessed. All riders must sign waivers.

WE HAVE STORAGE FOR YOUR SMALL BELONGINGS! As well as lockers at our North Avenue Beach location.

Looking to purchase a pass? head over to our gift certificates & passes page!

All weekday operations are out of North Avenue Beach. For Diversey Harbor, click 1hr Rental Weekend

Are Bluefin Paddle Boards Any Good

The SUP likewise features a kayak conversion kit which is essentially a seat which clips on rings and then you can utilize it by sitting down using it essentially like a kayak and this STP likewise comes which converts into a kayak it includes a different head that you can connect to the other end so you can utilize it effectively like a-kind likewise finding this SCP to be actually stable too since its wide and quite great so if

Your balance isnt the best and its in fact a respectable SUP to opt for and now Im gon na jump back ashore and show you how simple it is and how quick it is to pump up some excellent aspects of having an inflatable SUP nevertheless first of all theyre very simple to shop because you can deflate them and actually put them anywhere theyre extremely lightweight and the truth that you can deflate them and a lightweight makes them very mobile also so extremely easy to take with you on

Im just under five minutes so just under five minutes thats a good workout but its worth it to be honest for the versatility of being able to take the SUP with you in your automobile so there you go thats your test well I hope you enjoyed this belief in inflatable SCP evaluation absolutely like this video if you enjoyed it really helps our channel grow and if you believe a good friend or like it as

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Paddleboarding At The Board House

The Board House may be the best place in northern IL to paddleboard! In our opinion, the lake at Three Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake, IL. is the best lake to paddle board. Why? The lake is 338 acres of clear, clean water. The perfect size because it takes about two hours to paddle around. Then you have plenty of fish, turtles and wildlife to view while you’re on the water. The lake has 8 islands and 5 bays to explore and except for the patrol boat, there are no motor boats on the lake to create a wake. Then there’s the Board House itself. It has a private launch area for enjoying many different paddleboard activities with a large fleet of paddle boards to rent and demo.

The Board House is owned and operated by and located on the north side of the lake at Three Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake, IL. It is the first dedicated stand up paddle board facility in the Chicago area. The Board House has a large fleet of rental paddle boards and equipment for your enjoyment. If you enjoy paddleboarding, or want to find out what it’s all about, we invite you to come down and visit.

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