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Sweet Mandy B’s Chicago

Reviews For Sweet Mandy B’s Bakery

Chicago’s Best Key Lime Pie @ Sweet Mandy B’s

I got the classic chocolate fudge brownie. It was nice and soft, not really chewy or hard. A really good consistency and not very sweet. To be honest, I didn’t think there was anything that was very special about it because it tasted like a normal brownie. Maybe I needed to try something else. Even though the history behind the brownie was suppose to make it seem like it was the number one thing to do at the store. So overall, just pretty average.

Sweet Mandy B’s is the place to go for an everyday treat, but, more importantly, special occasions. I buy my birthday cakes and cupcakes here for loved ones. But let’s not forget the pie! The banana cream pie is a slice of heaven. I used to have to truck to their Webster address, but their Streeterville location is much closer. Thank you for being so good at your job, Sweet Mandy B’s! You are appreciated.

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