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Taste Of Chicago Festival 2022

Taste Of Chicago Gets Mixed Reviews

Taste of Chicago returning to Grant Park next month

This weekend’s Taste of Chicago left a bad taste in some mouths.

  • Angry Taste-goers reported long lines and limited options for the post-pandemic reopening of the city’s marquee food event.

What they’re saying: “We waited almost two hours to get in,” JazziRelle tweeted. “Then once we got in, everywhere had at least a 30- to 45-minute line to get food.”

Context: The 2022 Taste took place over one weekend, a stark contrast to years past. Organizers also shrunk its physical footprint, moving the festival from Jackson south to Balbo.

Yes, but: It’s hard to blame them for longer security lines and reduced options.

  • A surge in downtown violence led the festival to employ metal detectors and enforce pat-downs.
  • Despite incentives, restaurant staffing shortages reduced the number of vendors to about 30 from the usual 50 or so, organizers told Block Club.
  • And Taste went ticketless, which means people had to pay with cash or credit, slowing transactions down.

ð Justin’s thought bubble: How long would you wait in line for a Bud Light and a turkey leg? Long lines are a byproduct of the call for safety downtown.

  • Unfortunately, in 2022, we can’t have it both ways.

Which Venue Will Host The Taste Of Chicago Festival In 2022

The primary venue of the Taste of Chicago 2022 will be Grant Park. But the city is planning to expand the festival into multiple areas of the city even though the size of the festival will be small compared to pre-pandemic years.

The neighborhoods which will host the one-day pop-ups include Austin, Pullman, and Little Village. Grant Park will again host the Bite Size Taste.

I Want To Attend The Fest

Come and join us at the Taste of Lincoln Chicago for another year of great fun, food, activities, and entertainment.

In a city of street fests, one would be hard-pressed to find one more iconic than the 38th annual Taste of Lincoln Avenue.

And like a fine wine it has aged well over the years. It offers lots of fun things beyond its many food, arts/crafts and other vendors. This years fest includes:

  • One main music stage with amazing regional and local entertainment.
  • Local food favorites that youve definitely missed over the last year.
  • Arts & crafts galore!

The bottomline? When it comes enjoying summer in the Windy City, Taste of Lincoln Avenue should be at the top of everyones list!

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Chicago Summerdance At Taste

Friday, July 8

SummerDance kicks off Taste with four dance styles born in Chicago! Guest emcee Jennifer Billock, author of “Here Are 4 Dance Styles Born In Chicago To Mark The ‘Year Of Chicago Dance'”

12 p.m. Line Dancing, featuring the Cha-Cha Slide / Janelle E. Brown

1 p.m. Steppin’ / Shaun Ballentine

2 p.m. Polka Hop / Arletta Gromek

3 p.m. Footwork / Christopher “Mad Dog” Thomas

12 p.m.- 4 p.m. Music by DJ Mwelwa

Saturday, July 9

11:30 p.m. – 1 p.m. A Walkie Talkie Dancey Party! Presented by Chicago Children’s Theatre & The Q Brothers

1 p.m. Ballroom Basics / Dancing With Class

2 p.m. East Coast Swing / May I Have This Dance

3pm Merengue / May I Have This Dance

1 p.m.-4 p.m. Music by May I Have This Dance

Sunday, July 10

12 p.m. Salsa / La Mecca Dance Chicago

1 p.m. Kizomba / Shafeeha Monae

2 p.m. Bachata / Chicago Dance

3 p.m. Afrobeat / Stacy “Jukeboxx” Letrice

12 p.m.-4 p.m. Music by DJ Kimani Rashad

For more information,

The video in the player above is from a previous report.

Monuments And Public Art


More representational and portrait statuary includes a number of works by ” rel=”nofollow”> Eternal Silence, and the completed by ), , , and , Brioschi’s , , , , , to , memorials along Solidarity Promenade to , and by , Strachovský, and , a by , and . A number of statues also honor recent local heroes such as , , and outside of the , next to the studios, and at the .

There are preliminary plans to erect a 1:1scale replica of ‘s statue of found in ‘s along Chicago’s lakefront in addition to a different sculpture commemorating the artist in for the 200th anniversary of ‘s birth.

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Taste Of Chicago Austin

Austin neighborhood, 5720 W Chicago Ave

Free admission

Taste of Chicago Austin Food vendors include Catered By Kish, Cooking from the Soul Catering, Cynthia’s Gumbo Express, Doom Street Eats, Josephine’s Southern Cooking, Mr. Quiles Mexican Food, Ms Tittle’s Cupcakes, Razpachos, Robinson’s No.1 Ribs, Schweet Foods, The Sole Ingredient Catering and Whadda Jerk.

This Live Music Festival Is A Nonprofit Fundraiser

Proceeds of the festival benefit the Copernicus Foundation, a 501c nonprofit organization. The Copernicus Foundation underwrites and sponsors numerous performing arts groups, community events, and local non-profit organizations of the Northwest side of Chicago.

& follow our and pages for more information, festival schedule and announcements.

#PolishFest #TasteOfPolonia #TOPchicago #CopernicusCenter

See the best places to visit in Chicago with a plan including Copernicus Center

Taste of Polonia was picked by Chicago Traveler as a top Chicago festival!

Copernicus Center BOX OFFICE HOURS: Our Box Office is open two hours before each ticketed event & Monday Friday 10 am 2 pm. For Ticket & Box Office inquiries please call 773-205-0044 or email

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How To Find Parking Near Grant Park

The food festival sees hundreds of thousands of people flowing into the festival grounds every year. The Taste of Chicago 2022 in Chicago is expected to have similar participation since the country is slowly recovering from the pandemic-induced break.

More visitors lead to high demand for parking. Chicago parking can be tricky, especially if you are new to the city, finding affordable parking near the venue can be tricky. If you are looking for cheap and safe spaces for your car, parking garages near Grant Park are plentiful.

Using Way.com and the Way parking app, you can easily locate off-site garages and lots near the venue. The app will list all the nearby garages along with the parking charges and facilities offered. These garages offer discounted rates for premium parking features, including valet parking, contactless parking, and aisle access.

What Is The Taste Of Chicago 2022 Lineup

Chicago festival schedule unveiled for spring and summer 2022

It is expected that dozens of restaurants in and around Chicago will participate in the Taste of Chicago 2022 festival. There will be pop-up spots, and do not miss the rows of food trucks.

Both local and international cuisine will be on show at the Taste of Chicago 2022. Every vendor will offer the best traditional and innovative recipes from Chicago. For information regarding the Taste of Chicago 2022 concerts, look for updates from the social media handles and the festival website.

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Live Music Festival With Entertainment On 4 Stages & Over 30 Bands:

Rock Pop Polka 80s music 60s music Dance music A huge variety of bands + so much more


Admission: $15 Kids 12 and under are FREE.

EARLY BIRD, Pre-Sale tickets only $10 valid for entry for any day at any time.


Questions? Please contact our office directly via phone or at

Band and Performer Applicants are FULL for 2022


SO much more than just Polish food, live music & entertainment:

The Taste of Polonia Festival encompasses the Copernicus Center, outside grounds, and surrounding streets. The festival includes non-stop multi genre LIVE MUSIC and entertainment on four stages, a variety of Polish & non-Polish food, cultural events, dance events, kids activities, a casino, various tastings, and much more fun for all ages. The Taste of Polonia Festival has taken place every Labor Day Weekend since 1980. It is the largest Polish festival in the USA. It is also the oldest Taste of festival in Chicago-land, even older than the Taste of Chicago.

Taste of Polonia Festival

European Exploration And Settlement Prior To 1800

Carte de la Louisiane et du cours du Mississipi

French explorers and explored the in 1673. Marquette soon after founded a mission at the in . In 1680, French explorers under and constructed a fort at the site of present-day , and in 1682, a fort atop in today’s Starved Rock State Park. French Empire came south to settle particularly along the Mississippi River, and Illinois was part of first , and then of until 1763, when it passed to the British with their defeat of France in the . The small French settlements continued, although many French migrated west to and , to evade British rule.

A few British soldiers were posted in Illinois, but few British or American settlers moved there, as the Crown made it part of the territory reserved for Indians west of the Appalachians, and then part of the . In 1778, claimed for . In a compromise, Virginia ceded the area to the new United States in the 1780s and it became part of the , administered by the federal government and later organized as states.

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What Is The Schedule Of Taste Of Chicago 2022

It will start on Saturday, June 11, 2022, and other neighborhood taste pop-ups will occur on consecutive Saturdays, June 18 and June 25. You can learn more about Taste of Chicago 2022 dates and performances from the festivals official page.

Apart from these, a bite-sized Taste in Grant Park will occur between Friday, July 8, and Sunday, July 10, 2022. The food festival, which has a rich history of over 40 years, is a free-admission event.

The pop-up on June 11 will be at Austin, Pullman will host one on June 18, and the final one-day neighborhood pop-up on June 25 will be at Little Village.

The Court Of The Presidents

Robb Soles posted on LinkedIn

The Court of the Presidents is located directly on the north and south side of E. Ida B. Wells Drive, west of S. Columbus Drive and east of S. Michigan Ave. Manicured gardens and art work help define the Court of Presidents. South President’s Court, until recently, has primarily been gardens. However, within the past decade the city has decided to use the area to showcase art work by Chicagoans. While unique artwork has long been a tradition of Chicago’s parks, South President’s Court had the added benefit of showcasing “in house” art as its first newsworthy collection, entitled “Artist and Automobiles.” The collection, organized by the Public Art Program and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, consisted of sculptures composed entirely of parts found on old automobiles.

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Taste Of Polonia Festival 2022

DATES: September 2 thru 5, 2022

The Copernicus Foundation is excited to announce the 40th Anniversary of the Taste of Polonia Festival! For four days, you can enjoy a true cultural experience that includes nonstop live music, dance performances, authentic Polish food and beer, exhibitions, local merchants, a casino, beer garden, a Kids Stage and area filled with great activities and much much more!

How Much Are The Festival Tickets

Admission to The Taste is entirely free for all. But for buying food and beverages, you need to get tickets which are sold in strips. There will be 14 tickets in a strip, and you can get one of these strips for $10 the price is subject to change in 2022. The highlight of the festival is that you can watch all the main stage evening music concerts and displays by local artists for free.

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Hotels Near Taste Of Chicago

There are a number of hotels near Taste of Chicago. If you want to work off the good food you will no doubt be eating at the Taste of Chicago Festival, consider booking a room at the Buckingham Athletic Club Hotel. Overlooking Lake Michigan, the Buckingham Athletic Club Hotel is located on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange building. This 21-room boutique hotel is considered downtown Chicago’s best kept secret. As the hotel name implies, the Buckingham Athletic Club hotel has a well-equipped, private fitness facility, which is located on the third floor of the building. It features a four-lane lap pool, eucalyptus steam room and sauna, basketball courts, massage therapy, and fitness classes that include yoga and Pilates.

Other hotels near taste of Chicago include Le Meridian, Sutton Place, Ramada Inn and the majestic Hotel. Given their proximity to Grant’s Park, these hotels will probably charge the highest rate, especially during the time of the Taste of Chicago Festival. However, keep in mind that Chicago has an excellent public transportation system. If you cannot find a hotel near Taste of Chicago that fits your price range, check out our other page on Chicago hotels.

Th And 21st Centuries

KOMBII -KRÓLOWIE YCIA sep 4 2022 chicago

1900 to 1939

During and the 1920s there was a major expansion in industry. The availability of jobs attracted African Americans from the . Between 1910 and 1930, the African American population of Chicago increased dramatically, from 44,103 to 233,903. This had an immense cultural impact, called the , part of the , in art, literature, and music. Continuing racial tensions and violence, such as the , also occurred.

The ratification of the 18th amendment to the Constitution in 1919 made the production and sale of alcoholic beverages illegal in the United States. This ushered in the beginning of what is known as the Gangster Era, a time that roughly spans from 1919 until 1933 when was repealed. The 1920s saw , including , , and battle law enforcement and each other on the streets of Chicago during the . Chicago was the location of the infamous in 1929, when Al Capone sent men to gun down members of a rival gang, North Side, led by Bugs Moran.

Chicago was the first American city to have a homosexual-rights organization. The organization, formed in 1924, was called the . It produced the first American publication for homosexuals, . Police and political pressure caused the organization to disband.

In 1933, Chicago Mayor was fatally wounded in , during a attempt on President-elect . In 1933 and 1934, the city celebrated its centennial by hosting the International Exposition . The theme of the fair was technological innovation over the century since Chicago’s founding.

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Taste Of Chicago Pullman Music Schedule

1 p.m.-1:45 p.m. DJ Steve Miggidy Maestro

1:50 p.m.-2 p.m. Lizzie G

2:05 p.m.-2:15 p.m. DJ Steve Miggidy Maestro

2:20 p.m.-2:30 p.m. Peter Jerico

2:35 p.m.-3:30 p.m. DJ Steve Miggidy Maestro

3:35 p.m.-3:45 p.m. Jabba44x

4:00 p.m.-4:10 p.m. Kine Melik

4:20 p.m.-5:00 p.m. DJ Steve Miggidy Maestro

5:15 p.m.-6 p.m. Chicago Band Roster Spotlight

6 p.m.-6:45 p.m. Meagan McNeal

7 p.m.-8 p.m. Aniba & The Soul Starz

City Of Chicago Announces 2022 Taste Of Chicago Presented By John Deere

Taste Returns with Six Days Showcasing Chicagos Culinary Talents Citywide

Music highlights include Nelly, Aterciopelados, Drive-By Truckers,

Sadie Woods, Soul City Blues and moreFree Admission

Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events are pleased to announce the food vendor and entertainment lineup for the 2022 Taste of Chicago, presented by John Deere. Established in 1980, this uniquely-Chicago summertime tradition returns with an impressive array of eateries showcasing the citys culinary excellence and diversity. Along with delicious eats, attendees will enjoy free admission to top tier musical talent, Chicago SummerDance lessons, family activities and more over six days of Taste of Chicago in the neighborhoods of Austin , Pullman and Little Village and a bite-sized Taste of Chicago in Grant Park .

Taste of Chicago is a celebration of our citys incredible culinary scene and cultural vibrancy that attracts thousands of residents and tourists alike, said Mayor Lightfoot. I cannot wait to welcome everyone to this iconic festival and enjoy classic Chicago eats alongside new cutting-edge dishes. Year after year, I discover something new and have a great time, and I hope our revelers do too.

Taste of Chicago Austin

Austin neighborhood, 5720 W Chicago Ave

Free admission

Taste of Chicago Austin Music schedule Presented by Soul City Blues

12-1pm Mzz Reese

1:20-2:20pm Joe Pratt and The Source One Band


Free admission

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Taste Of Chicago 2023


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Taste of Chicago is held for more than 35 years. The festival is known as one of the greatest food festivals in the world.

The festivals events attract every year, more than 1,400,000 visitors, locals and tourists.Due to the numerous visitors during the festival days and the high demand for accommodations it is recommended to check hotel rates and book well in advance.

In addition to the diverse culinary experience, famous artists participate in various musical shows that are played on several stages.

This is a food and music event that is aimed for the whole family.

The festivals program, venue, lineup information show time / daily schedule, how to get, parking etc, is present in the festivals link website below, under Event Related Information section.


Taste Of Polonia Festivalseptember 2 Thru 5 2022

11 OCT Misa PWKI Chicagoland

The Copernicus Foundation is excited to announce the 40th Anniversary of the Taste of Polonia Festival!For four days, you can enjoy a true cultural experience that includes nonstop live music, dance performances, authentic Polish food and beer, exhibitions, local merchants, a casino, beer garden, a Kids Stage and area filled with great activities and much much more!

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