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Things To Eat In Chicago

Goddess And The Baker

The Grid explores Chicago’s Chinatown: Best places to eat & more
  • Address: 33 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603. for directions and reviews.
  • Phone: 877-5176
  • Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am 4:00pm

If you are looking for something more in the downtown core, then this would be one of the best places to eat in Chicago. They have two branches around town and offer an amazing breakfast.

What I really enjoyed most about this place was the effort they made for Pride Week in Chicago. They had glitter and rainbow coffee, and rainbow pastries!

There are also lots of vegan options. But if you are looking for more of a heart-stopping meal, their Mac and Cheese is delicious. Here is, truly, a hipster paradise.

Pro Tip: Great to stop in for a coffee on your way to Millennium Park.

See The Other Great Wall Of China In Chicago

Right on the corner of Cermak and Wentworth, youll find a breathtaking wall adorned with nine large dragons and over 500 smaller ones painted in red, blue, and gold. This is Chinatowns Nine Dragon Wall and one of its most famous landmarks.

Modeled after a glaze-tiled wall in Beijings Forbidden City, Chicagos wall is one of only four other replicas, and every design element is meant to symbolize good fortune and prosperity.

Best Seafood Restaurant In Chicago Shaws Crab House

Despite being landlocked, Chicago manages to pull off seafood pretty well, especially shellfish with many of these serving up daily fresh catches.

Also Try: Calumet Fisheries, GT Fish & Oyster

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Best Bagel In Chicago New York Bagel

This may sound random, but you have no idea how hard it is to find a good bagel in a predominantly Christian, red state. To give you an idea of how bad the demand is, the one non-Einsteins within Denver proper just opened to 45-minute waits . This Jew girl needs her schmear, and preferably with lox.

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Single Cheeseburger At Au Cheval

The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Chicago This Summer ...

West LoopFad foods come and go, but this West Loop haunts multi-award-winning cheeseburgera scrumptiously sloppy pile of prime W.W. Johnson Farms beef griddled to greasy perfection, goopy American cheese, housemade pickles, a runny fried egg, thick-cut bacon, and a dollop of tangy Dijonnaise spread stuffed into a buttery double-toasted bunis undoubtedly forever. Pair it with a frosty $3 tallboy and a Dr. Devons Pickleback shot for the full experience. If youre joined by dining partners, be sure to split the restaurants signature fried bologna sandwich to serve as a gut-busting appetizer like no other. How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating, order take-out via Toast, or get delivery via Caviar and DoorDash.

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Italian Deli: Tempesta Market

Take the traditional Italian market, add some rock-and-roll references plus the pursuit of quality inherent in a stalwart deli like Ann Arbors Zingermans and youve got Tempesta Market. Appetizers may include Berkshire pork meatballs glazed in tomato basil sauce, and gem lettuces tossed with rosy-hued curls of roast beef, shiny curds of stracciatella and a lustrous herb vinaigrette. Sandwiches can include the likes of the Southside Johnny featuring sourdough stuffed with juicy rosemary broth-splashed porchetta, grilled Wisconsin cheese, verdant broccolini, and spicy garlicky chimichurri that kick the butt of your average Italian hero.

Best Brunch In Chicago The Bongo Room

White chocolate, caramel pretzel pancakes, I dream of the day Ill be reunited with you in Wicker Park. Known for their outrageous and oversized pancake, Benedict, and French Toast creations, their sweet and savory breakfast menu was designed for sharing . Snooze is Denvers cheap imitation, and nowhere near as good as those sinful syrups.

Also Try: Lula Café, The Publican, Meli Café, Ann Sather, Yolk

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Best Innovative Dining Experience In Chicago Next

The most forward-thinking restaurant in the country, in my opinion, Next is another ticketed experience from the team behind bucket-list worthy Alinea. Every quarter they completely reconceptualize the space and food from Paris 1906 to Thailand 2020 and even had a whimsical Childhood menu with edible finger paints. The buzz definitely justifies the hype.

Things To Eat When In Chicago

FIRST TIME IN CHICAGO | Things to Do, See & Eat (with Nikon Z6)

June 3, 2015 by Tessa RileyView All On 1 Page

As one of the largest cities in the U.S., Chicago boasts a wide array of ethnic neighborhoods that feature food from all over the world. The Windy City puts its own stamp on these global favorites, and is also known for some tasty specialties of its own. Although it has many fine restaurants with world-renowned chefs, this city has a reputation as a casual culinary destination. Its more comfort food than haute cuisine. Here are ten things to eat when in Chicago.

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Sing Your Shinzo Out At Sakura Karaoke Bar

If youre looking for a ruckus of a good time, Sakura Karaoke Bar is exactly where youll find it. This legendary Japanese-style karaoke bar includes a stage, a dance floor, two separates bars and eight VIP lounges, for those who prefer to serenade their friends in private.

With over 100,000 of America and Asias greatest hits, youll be able to live out both your rock star and k-pop dreams.

Pulled Pork At The Smoke Daddy

Long before you see Wicker Parks Smoke Daddy, youll smell the intoxicating wafts of smoked meat lingering in the air. The barbecue is described as Memphis-Texarkana and, though we dont know exactly what that means, we can definitely say it makes our taste buds sing. The slow-cooked pulled pork is no-frills but absolutely heavenly.

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Gym Shoe At Stony Sub

A culinary phenomenon is one way to describe the Gym Shoe a towering sandwich piled with roast beef, corned beef and gyro meat. Everything gets shredded over a hot skillet, then mixed with sweet peppers, onions and giardiniera before receiving a healthy topping of tzatziki and tomatoes. The whole shebang is served atop a grilled Italian roll complete with melty Swiss cheese and mayonnaise.

When you start searching for this elusive Chicago food, one name comes up over and over again: Stony Sub. The Avalon Park restaurant has mastered the overstuffed feast of a sandwich.

Stony Sub | 8440 S. Stony Island Ave., Chicago, IL 60617 | $

via Stony Sub


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With more than 8,000 restaurants across 77 neighborhoods, the Windy City has invented and perfected a lot of dishes, but these are the 23 Chicago foods that really stand out. By using this list as a reference, you can see where locals go to satisfy their cravings for these iconic dishes and head home having eaten some of the citys most storied meals.

For even more insight into the best Chicago foods, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.

Pizza Puff Albanos Pizzeria

39 best cheap things to eat in Chicago right now

Is it good for you? No. But does it taste good? HELL YES. The legendary Pizza Puff at Albanos is basically a fried calzone, but you can also get it baked. Choose your fillings and bring an appetite for this delicious beast. The crust is buttery and flakey and the mozzarella and homemade marinara sauce comes oozing out.

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Where To Eat Steak In Chicago

Most steakhouses have identical menus, so its really all about the beef. And the citys best? Its at Bavettes Bar and Beouf in River North. They serve a mean Old Fashioned, their mac and cheese is the best Ive ever had and the chocolate cream pie isnt bad, either. Bonus points for ordering it with Shrimp de Jonghe, a classic Chicago dish created over a century ago. Gene & Georgettis and Gibsons are other famous bests in the city that wont let you down.

Chorizo Tacos At Frontera Fresco

Rick Bayless is famous for his mexican restaurant, Frontera Grill. You can quickly experience some of his famous foods though by visiting one of the Frontera fast-food chains, Frontera Fresco. There you can choose from a variety of tacos, tortas, quesadillas, huaraches, salads, tamales, and soups. Whatever you order, make sure you get a side of guacamole and chips. Their guacamole is one of the best.

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Cemita Atmica At Cemitas Puebla

Chicagos Mexican population is one of the largest in the country and their cuisine is woven tightly into the fabric of the food scene here. Thats why we go beyond the taco to honor the cemita, a typical sandwich made up of avocado, chipotle sauce, Oaxacan cheese, and meat inside a homemade sesame seed roll.

No one does it better either than Cemitas Puebla, who put themselves on the map by creating the Cemitas Atómica. This monster sandwich blends pork loin, breaded milanesa and Krakus ham for a heart-stopping number.

Insider Tip: You can try Cemitas Puebla, Kumas killer burgers and Do-Rites artisanal doughnuts in Chicago Food Planets Gateway to the West Loop Food Tour. Not only will you get to nosh on some of Chicagos most innovative dishes but youll also learn more about the neighborhood that started the citys dining revolution.

Butter Toffee At The Fudge Pot

Best Things to Do and Eat in Chicago

Make your Chicago visit a little sweeter by heading to The Fudge Pot, an Old Town mainstay for over 50 years. Chocoholics cant go wrong with any of their offerings, but were particularly fond of their Butter Toffee. One of their most sought-after products, the buttery sweet caramel is covered in either dark or milk rich chocolate and finished off with a generous sprinkle of crunchy nuts.

Thats not all:

The Fudge Pot has gift boxes that make the perfect Chicago present for your loved ones back home. Dont have room in your carry-on? No worries because it also ships nationwide.

Insider Tip: Looking for other Chicago souvenirs for your favorite gourmand? Chicago Food Planet offers gift certificates for that person in your life who is always hungry for exciting experiences.

If they want to try The Fudge Pot on their own, they can take our Second City Classic Food Tour where we visit these and other mom-and-pop shops.

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Bbq Chkn At Blaze Pizza

At Blaze, you can completely customize your pizza and have it cooked in under three minutes. The build-your-own pizza options offers unlimited toppings free of charge, so if youre really adventurous you can add every single topping on the menu. However you eat your pizza, youre sure to have it your way at Blaze.

One Off Hospitality Group

A Chicagoan through and through and the co-James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Chef in 2013, Paul Kahan, along with primary partner formed Donnie Madia One Off Hospitality Group. The groups known fro Avec, the Publican, Big Star, the Violet Hour, Publican Quality Meats, and Dove’s Luncheonette.

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Steak At Gene & Georgetti

Chicago is historically a meat-and-potatoes kind of town and as a result, many of the country’s top steakhouses reside here. When it comes to the classics, you cant do better than a steak at Gene & Georgetti, which opened back in 1941.

They source only the highest quality American beef, graded in the top 2% for marbling and texture, and transform it into one of the best Chicago foods by wet-aging their steaks, then broiling them to seal in flavor.

Gene & Georgetti | 500 N. Franklin St., Chicago, IL 60654 | $$$

via Gene & Georgetti

Food Bloggers Guide Of Where To Eat In Chicago Il

Places to Eat in Chicago

We think Frank Sinatra was onto something when he sang, Chicago is my kind of town. The Windy City, the latest spot in our where to eat city guide series is our kind of town as well.

With over 2.7 million residents, its the busiest city in the entire Midwest, but it somehow manages to feel less crowded and overwhelming than some of its other big city counterparts. Buzzing with culture, its known for its killer standup comedy , jazz and blues clubs, and an array of contemporary art galleries. And thats just half the appeal Chicago is as beautiful as it is entertaining.

The scenic Chicago River runs right down the middle of the city, boasting stunning views of Lake Michigan, and one heck of a skyline . And you dont have to venture far to enjoy the beachthere are over 20 beaches to lounge on when you need a break from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

If all that werent enough, Chicago is also home to a flourishing food scene, including a slew of diverse ethnic restaurants. From Greektown and Indo-Pak, to the authentic Mexican joints dotting Little Village and Pilsen, to the classic Chicago dog , Chicago is an epicureans delight. Da Bears! The Cubbies! Deep-dish pizza! What else do you need?

We recently asked three food bloggers and proud Chicagoans about their favorite food joints in the Second City, and now were hungry to hop on a plane!

Ready to pack your bags?! Lets take a tour of the FoodieCrush Guide to Where to Eat in Chicago.

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Drinks And A Show At The Green Mill

UptownMake like modern day Scarface at this landmark cash-only jazz bar, known for incredible live music, stiff cocktails, and a deeply seedy history as Al Capones Prohibition-era headquarters. Rumor has it a network of tunnels still lies beneath the floorboards, connecting the watering hole to different former gangster hangouts all over the Northside. Its touristy, sure, but the spooky-swanky atmospherenot to mention the world-class nightly performancesis well worth waiting out the crowds.How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating.

Let Chicago Wow You This Winter: Here Are The Best Things To Do

With steely skyscrapers, top restaurants and calendar of festivals, Chicago will blow you away with its low-key cultured awesomeness any day of the year.

It’s hard to know what to gawk at first. High-flying architecture is everywhere, and whimsical public art studs the streets. You might be walking along and wham, there’s an abstract Picasso statue that’s not only cool to look at but you’re allowed to go right up and climb on it. When you need a break from exploring the city, loosen your belt you’ve got a lot of eating to do here.

Here are the top things to do on your trip to Chicago this winter.

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