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Top 10 High Schools In Chicago

What Kinds Of Private Schools Are There

TOP 10 Greatest Chicago High School Basketball Players of All-Time Part 2

Private schools come in all shapes and sizes. Many are religiously affiliated, and the degree that their religious history affects their current school environment varies widely. Some religious private schools require students to profess faith in a certain religion or denomination to attend, and some have opened their doors to students of all faiths while retaining a commitment to service and community outreach.

Some of the best private schools in the US choose to educate only boys or only girls. Citing the difference between the ways boys learn and the ways girls learn, these schools are able to tailor their educational programs to cater to the specific needs of either young men or young women.

College preparatory schools, or prep schools as theyre more commonly known, focus on preparing students for a college education. Curricula at these schools tends to be more intense, centered around AP and honors classes, and geared toward material on the SAT and ACT.

Sponsored Result Rogers Park Montessori School

Blue checkmark.

6 Niche users give it an average review of 4.5 stars.

Featured Review: Parent says RPMS is a wonderful school. Many new montessori schools are popping up and implementing this approach for the first time, RPMS has been perfecting it for over 50 years. Their teachers are….

Read 6 reviews.

  • Rating 4.15 out of 5 1,153 reviews
  • Sophomore: Whitney Young is a great school with great academics and athletics. There are hundreds of clubs to choose from. The school prepares kids for academic success and college readiness. The teachers are caring and the administration makes sure there are rules set in place to help everyone in the school feel at home. The teachers, except maybe 1 or 2, have been the best and are always open to listen to you. The athletic teams always win championships each year and they are supplied with lots of equipment and everything they need. There are many resources helping students in many different ways, like the counseling department and much more. The students all feel well connected to the staff and the weekly newsletter, “The Weekly” answers the concerns or questions that a student may bring up. The school is very diverse, and everyone feels included. There are many safety protocols that everyone must follow to help everyone feel safe. Overall, my time at Whitney Young has been great!… Read 1,153 reviews

  • Rating 4.26 out of 5 1,233 reviews
  • Rating 3.94 out of 5 728 reviews
  • Rating 4.15 out of 5 379 reviews

    Find Out What’s Happening In Across Illinoiswith Free Real

    Several Illinois schools also ranked among the top in the nation, with Payton College Preparatory ranking No. 2 nationally, Northside College Preparatory ranking at No. 5, and Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy ranking at No. 6.

    Niche said its rankings differ from others that rely almost exclusively on test scores and academic performance in that it also includes input from students, alumni, and parents, as well as quantitative data from sources such as the U.S. Department of Education to evaluate teachers, resources, and facilities.

    Niche named the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, North Carolina, the top public school. Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, is the best private school.

    Niche said its rankings were created to provide families with valuable information both quantitative and qualitative on schools in their area or in a neighborhood theyre not familiar with yet.

    As in previous years, the Best Schools rankings include categories for boarding, charter, and magnet schools as well as schools for STEM and the arts among many others.

    Check back with Patch this week for coverage of Illinois’ best school districts.

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    A District On The Rise

    Over the past two decades, CPS four-year high school graduation rate has nearly doubled, reaching a new record high in 2022. This progress made over such a short period of time has transformed the lives of countless graduates, and is a testament to what can be accomplished when students are centered in everything.


    The Best High Schools In Illinois Public And Private

    7 Chicago High Schools Make Top 10 List Of Illinois

    School districts and property values are entirely interdependent. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, for every $1 spent on school funding, nearby home values increase by about $20. And as any parent can tell you, schools are a top if not the top consideration when buying a new home.

    However, in the Chicagoland area, there are also many non-neighborhood school options. Among them, private schools, charter schools and CPS selective enrollment schools. Taking these all into account, Stacker has revealed this years high school rankings, based on statistics from the online education resource Niche. Niche uses various factors to determine the best of the best. Academics weighs the most heavily, deriving from statistics like state test assessments, SAT and ACT test scores, graduation rates and AP enrollment. Less quantifiable attributes, like culture and diversity, teachers, clubs, health and safety, resources, facilities and sports, are based on parent and student surveys. According to the diverse set of data, these are the best Illinois schools.

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    Several Illinois Schools Ranked In The Top 10 Nationally Including Imsa And Payton College Preparatory

    ILLINOIS Several schools in Illinois are among Americas best, according to rankings released Tuesday by the education platform Niche.

    The new 2023 Best Schools and Districts rankings provide insight for parents on 92,743 public schools, 30,112 private schools, and 11,820 school districts nationwide.

    Here are the top 25 public high schools in Illinois, according to Niche:

    Walter Payton Preparatory College

    The culture and ambiance at Walter Payton are friendly and inviting as if it were a little village. Teachers are pleasant and want you to succeed, and there are many students of all countries and backgrounds, making it easier to make friends and adjust to school.

    After-school enrichment groups and programs for tutoring and community building have been developed by students and instructors. Clubs enable you to explore your interests and discover new ones while also connecting you with others from similar ethnic/ racial backgrounds.

    Walter Payton talks about global injustices in order to foster allyship and empower minority children. With an 18-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio, Walter Payton College Prep is a public magnet school in Chicago, Illinois.

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    Best Elementary Schools In Chicago

    Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center is a magnet school with an accelerated and specialized program for gifted students. The curriculum is designed to challenge and engage talented learners.

    Awards and Recognition:

    • #2 in Illinois Elementary Schools
    • 2020 National Blue Ribbon School

    Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center has an accelerated and specialized program for academically advanced students. This is one of the Chicago elementary schools that serve grades K-8 and is located in the West Chatham neighborhood of Chicago.

    Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center also rankedfirst in the state of Illinois Magnet Elementary Schools and ranked second in Chicago Public Schools Elementary Schools.

    Decatur Classical Elementary School is one of the high-rated magnet schools in Chicago. They use Common Core Standards and have a rigorous curriculum.

    Awards and Recognition:

    • 2020 National Blue Ribbon School
    • #3 in Illinois Elementary Schools

    Top Ranking Selective Enrollment High Schools

    TOP 10 Greatest Chicago High School Basketball Players of All-Time
    2018 National Rank
    48 Hancock

    While each Selective Enrollment school offers a unique program, there are common threads, including exceptional academics and a wide range of sports and extracurricular activities. All Selective Enrollment High Schools offer an extensive selection of Honors and Advanced Placement courses. Specific academic features include:

    Many Selective Enrollment High School graduates attend elite colleges. Indeed, they are among the high school graduates most coveted by these colleges.

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    Private Schools Adopt Best Practices To Stay Open During The Pandemic

    Daystar Academy

    To the relief of parents and students alike, school is back in session.

    With proven safety measures in place, independent and private schools are open for in-person instruction. In contrast to many public schools, private schools held in-person classes most of last year.

    Our schools were remarkably successful, says Tim Costello, president of the Lake Michigan Association of Independent Schools , and head of school at Science & Arts Academy, a grade school for gifted learners in Des Plaines. We know what works to be able to maintain in-person instruction. He adds that independent schools are nimble. Theyve been able to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances of the pandemic. We have fewer bureaucratic moving parts, Costello says. Its one of the cherished aspects of independent schools.

    This year, private schools are implementing many of the same safety practices found to be successful last year. Important lessons have been learned. The schools follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , as well as state and local rules. Masking is required indoors. Almost all faculty and staff have been vaccinated, along with many students aged 12 and older.

    We are in a better place this year, says Chris Dow, head of school, Chicago City Day School . We know a lot more.

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    Most Influential Private High Schools In The Us

    Weve identified the 50 top US private high schools based on the accumulative influence of their alumni. Influence is based on web traffic analysis and citations of alumni associated with these high schools.

    One of the most important decisions parents will ever make is the decision about where and how to educate their child. With educational opportunities in the US including top private schools, public schools, virtual learning, homeschooling, and boarding schools, the options can be overwhelming. Once parents have narrowed down the options and decided that a private high school education is the best fit for their child, the sheer number of private schools in the US can be daunting. There are 34,576 private schools in America serving over four million students according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

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    Rochelle Zell Jewish High School

    Rochelle Zell Jewish High School is a great example of how the school has emerged as one of the top 10 private high schools in Chicago. Just 16 years ago, the school was started with just 24 students and eventually, the school rose to fame through its top-rated alumni.

    The school focuses on giving a blend of traditional as well as the modern approach towards learning the nuances of students curriculum. If you want your kid to be aware of the traditional Jewish scriptures, I would highly recommend this top-rated high school.

    Founded In: 2001Rank: #9 of Best Private High Schools in ChicagoContact: +1 847-470-6700Apply Now

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    What Subjects Do Foreign Students Study At American Private Schools

    Lyons Township High School North Campus

    For parents wishing to give their child secondary school education in the USA, private schools and colleges will be an excellent choice. They are perfectly equipped and have modern infrastructure, provide a high level of academic preparation. Living on campuses during studies is safe and comfortable. The best American schools and colleges in the USA are focused not only on improving academic skills, but also on self-development and physical development of students. Moreover, living on campus could develop leadership qualities, responsibility and independence.

    In comparison with foreign schools, US private schools are more democratic and have more individual approach to each student. In the United States, there is a nationwide curriculum but it is not strictly mandatory, so each school can change it according to personal orientations and priorities. In addition, each student can get maximum attention from the teachers, study programs that fully correspond to personal preferences, characteristics, requirements and talents.

    Some of the institutions have a division according to the gender of students: there are institutions only for boys and only for girls. It is a centuries old tradition of European education.

    How many levels are there at US school? How many students are studying on each of them? In the USA secondary education is divided into three stages:

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    The Best Public High Schools In Illinois See The Full List

    In Illinois, your childs school district can determine their education. And though private schools remain a popular option, public high schools throughout the state offer plenty of free alternatives. With the rise of selective enrollment and charter schools, many public schools now outrank private even within the city of Chicago.

    Taking these all into account, the online education resource Niche has unveiled this years list of the best public high schools in Illinois. According to the site, this high school ranking is based on various factors: state test scores, SAT and ACT scores, student-teacher ratios, graduation rates and AP enrollment. Less quantifiable attributes, like school culture, teachers, clubs and sports, were also included, based on parent and student surveys.

    Notably, of the top five, three are Chicago Public Schools.

    Check out all of the top 20 public Illinois schools for yourself:

    1. Payton College Preparatory High School

    Chicago, Ill.

    Northside College Preparatory High School Budlong Woods

    • National ranking: Number 31
    • Illinois ranking: Number 2
    • Overall scorebased on the report’s weighted metrics: 99.83/10

    According to the report, Northside College Preparatory High School‘s curriculum focuses on in-depth study of topics such as physics, constitutional law and computer science. Most classes at are honors or Advanced Placement level.

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    Best Magnet High Schools In The Chicago Area

  • Rating 4.1 out of 5 410 reviews
  • Senior: I’ve been here for all four years and I love this school! Truly, the best part of the school is the teachers. Of course, you’ll have a few that aren’t your favorite, but I’ve found teachers I really admire. They are here because they love to teach. The student body as a whole is also really great, at least for my years here. We went through a lot of administration struggles, but what pulled us together was our support for our teachers and the shared values that we have as students. The course load is challenging but manageable, but I also felt really well prepared from my elementary school. All that being said, Payton has many normal issues like any high school …. Read 410 reviews

    #1 Best Magnet High Schools in Chicago Area.

    Illinois Mathematics And Science Academy

    Students and parents from five Chicago high schools getting sent to college for free

    Blue checkmark.

    353 Niche users give it an average review of 3.9 stars.

    Featured Review: Sophomore says I love the attention that all of the teachers I have met to this point have given to every student! They hold a lot of patience for questions and genuinely enjoy helping everyone learn, not just….

    Read 353 reviews.

  • Rating 4.03 out of 5 39 reviews
  • Parent: My kids love going to school and as a parent, that is great! Family and friends often remark on the character of my kids. I know CWS plays a huge role in their being such good citizens of the world, kind people, and critical thinkers…. Read 39 reviews

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    Gems World Academy Chicago

    PYP/ MYP / IB Diploma ages 3-16 co-ed day independent privately owned 440 students

    Lower school opened in 2014 and growing organically, currently accepting applications up to grade 11. A member of the education company GEMS World Academy Connect, a group of private schools with campuses in the Middle East, Singapore and Switzerland. Located in downtown Chicago, at present with smaller numbers in the older years. Accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges .

    Top 10 Illinois Public High Schools In 202:

  • Payton College Preparatory High School Chicago
  • Northside College Preparatory High School Chicago
  • Jones College Prep High School Chicago
  • Young Magnet High School Chicago
  • Lane Technical High School Chicago
  • Proviso Math and Science Academy Forest Park
  • Adlai E Stevenson High School Lincolnshire
  • Vernon Hills High School Vernon Hills
  • Hinsdale Central High School Hinsdale
  • New Trier Township High School Winnetka
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    Whitney M Young Magnet School

    American High School Diploma ages 14-18 co-ed day state 2,150 students

    Opened in 1975 as the first public magnet high school in Chicago, located in the Near West Side neighbourhood. Admission based on entrance exam performance, standardised test scores and elementary school grades and open to all Chicago residents. Fourth in the top 100 high schools in Illinois.

    Best Private High Schools In Chicago

    Marshall Metro High School Campus Park

    With around 90 private schools in Chicago, it is very difficult to choose the best one as every school is unique in its own way. But dont worry, let me help you here. If you are looking for a school where you will find constant attention towards your kid or looking for a catholic curriculum, or you name it, everything can be found in a first-class private school.

    In this article, I have cut down the top 10 private high schools that will lead a successful life for your kid. It is also worthy to note that nearly 50percentgae of private high schools are religiously affiliated. So choosing one out of the recommended ones will definitely be a great choice. So without further adieu, let us get down to business!

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    Charter High Schools Deliver: When Given The Chance Chicago Students Can Compete

    The ProblemChicago high schools have long held a tragic reputation.

    For years, district-wide dropout rates have hovered near 50 percent. High school test scores remain low. Only a relative few students have been able to attend selective schools, where seats are reserved for students with exceptional records in elementary school.

    Now, a new group of schools is telling a different story: Students citywide can succeed academically when given the chance.

    More than a decade ago, CPS began an experiment that allowed independent groups and neighborhood organizations to start their own open enrollment schools: charter schools. Today, just 29 out of Chicagos 131 high schools that reported ACT results are charter schools yet these independent schools are topping the education charts. In fact, when it comes to ACT scores, nine out of ten of the top-scoring, open enrollment high schools in Chicago are charter schools. Better yet, many of these schools are posting ACT scores previously unheard of for high poverty high schools in Chicago.

    Our SolutionThe overwhelming majority of students in Chicago Public Schools, or CPS, attend traditional open enrollment high schools. These high schools must accept any student who shows up and it is these schools that have traditionally been beset with setbacks and failures.

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