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Top Pizza Places In Chicago

Best Restaurants For Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago

The Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago | Best Of The Best

29 E Ohio St. // +1 312-321-1000

This is the starting point on your journey, the very genesis of deep-dish history. The ambiance is as authentic as the food, with signature checkerboard tiles, an ornate tin roof, and cozy tables and booths packing in the happy patrons.

What to try The individual 7 Numero UNO: Sausage, pepperoni, onions, peppers, mushrooms, chunky tomato sauce, mozzarella, romano, and a local draft beer.

Youll quickly see why this Chicago institution has now become a national chain of over one hundred restaurants, including locations as far away as Honduras, India, and Saudi Arabia!

Fortunately for you, you can also stay right at home to try one of the best deep dish pizzas in Chicago.

439 N Wells St. // +1 312-828-9800

Malnatis is a small, intimate space decorated with iconic jerseys from legendary Chicago sports teams. The bar is a friendly gathering place, where youre likely to strike up a conversation with a fellow pizza lover.

What to try: The Lou a deep dish with mushrooms and onions, featuring a layer of Roma tomatoes and three kinds of cheese cradled with Malnatis signature garlic butter crust. All I can say is wow its like a party in a pan!

For an unforgettable deep dish pizza in Chicago, Malnatis is the place.

730 N Rush St. // +1 312-951-0747

You can pull up at some of the huge flat screens in the expansive bar area to watch a game and the mandatory forty-minute bake time just flies by.

864 N State St. // +1 312-751-1766

Pats Pizza And Ristorante

Chicago pizza will probably forever be associated with thick-as-a-brick styles like deep-dish and stuffed pizza, but youll be hard pressed to find a thinner pizza anywhere than the offering at Pats Pizza. In some parts, the flaky crust looks nearly paper thin, yet it stays sturdy enough to never collapse. On top, the sauce is spread all the way to the edges, so you get a dark tomato flavor with each bite. The kitchen does a good job of putting on only a moderate amount of cheese surely any more would cause structural collapse. N.K.

2679 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-248-0168, pats-pizzeria-chicago.securebrygid.com

Fat Chriss Pizza And Such

AndersonvilleDebuting in 2017, Fat Chriss is a fairly new restaurant, featuring puffy caramelized-cheese square pies with a thick stripe of tomato sauce strewn across the top. While there are some classic topping combinations on the menu, Fat Chriss shines when it comes to signature creations like Buffalo Chicken and Barbecue Brisket. And unlike every other joint on this list, they sport a killer lunchtime pizza buffet.How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating or order take-out and delivery via Toast.

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Rosati’s Pizza Up To 20% Off Coupons Discounts & Deals 2

Rosati’s Pizza Coupons, Discounts Codes & Deals. About Rosati’s Pizza: Online ordering menu for Rosati’s Pizza. Rosati’s is an authentic Chicago style pizzeria. We’ve been providing delicious pizza, pasta, sandwiches and more for over 40 years. Our family recipes originate from Italy and have become a tradition of quality for five generations.

The List: Top 10 Pizza Places In Chicago

The Best New Pizza Places in Chicago

#1 Pizzaria UnoThe creator the Chicago-style pizza, also known as deep dish back in 1943. Their thick buttery crust, chunky tomato sauce, and loads of cheese are to die for!

#2 GiordanosGiordanos has over 40 restaurants in the area. They have been serving up some of the cheesiest, doughiest, and sauciest deep dish pizza in the city for nearly 40 years.

#3 Lou MalnatisThe sauce is a little thinner than your typical Chicago-style pizza, however if anything, it allows for the flavor of the ingredients to pop. You can enjoy Lou Malnati s pizza anywhere, as they will ship anywhere in the U.S.!

#4 Connies PizzaConnies Pizza is the official pizza of the Chicago, Blackhawks, Bulls, and the Fire, but you don t have to go to the stadium to enjoy their delicious, extra cheesy pies. With five area locations, you can dig in anytime.

#5 Foxs Restaurant & PubFoxs offers one of my favorite thin crust pizzas in the city. The tasty sauce, topped with a generous amount of fresh ingredients and gooey cheese is incredible makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

#6 BacinosBacinos serves up a chunkier sauce than most. Pizza doesn t have to be as fattening as you would think. Their heart healthy stuffed spinach pizza was the first to be officially recognized by the Chicago Heart Association.

#7 Ginos EastGinos is a legend in Chicago. It s an excellent choice if you re looking for a night out with friends, family, or that special someone.

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Best Pizza Places In Chicago

Hot dogs and Italian beef are all fine and well, but when it comes to iconic Chicago foods, its all about the pizza. When passing through town, most travelers know its their chance to dig into well-known rendition, comprised of a thick crust, mounds of cheese, and a hearty top layer of tomato sauce. And while the city has certainly laid claim to deep-dish for decades , its also been quick to welcome a medley of other styles to the pie party: paper-thin Neapolitan slices and crispy Detroit squares to name a couple. From a family-friendly must on the Gold Coast to a brand-new outpost along Southport Corridor, here are the best pizza places in Chicago.

Chicago guide.

Famous Chicago Pizza Places You Need To Visit

Pizza is personal.

The slice you love can say a lot about where youre from and where you started eating pizza as a kid.

In Chicago, pizza means deep dish, those thick pies once described by the Chicago Tribune as pizza thick as a sewer lid and almost as heavy. Picking the best Chicago pizza restaurants is a tough ask, and one that should involve thorough field research. The classic deep dish is stuffed with mozzarella cheese and sausage, with each restaurant putting its own spin on the crust and the spiciness of the sausage.

Deep dish, the classic Chicago pizza, is a relatively recent invention. Italian immigrants who moved to the city in the late 1800s and early 1900s prepared pizza in the traditional, thin-crust manner.

That changed in 1943 when Richard Novaretti, who went by Ric Riccardo, and Texan Ike Sewell opened a pizza restaurant. According to most histories of deep dish, Sewell proposed that the restaurant serve a new style of pie.

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Chicago Pizza And Oven Grinder Co

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company

The Chicago Pizza and Oven Ginder Co. takes fork-and-knife pizza to an entirely new level. The restaurant is famous for its pizza pot pie, an original creation that started in 1972. Your pizza is served inside of a bread bowl made from Sicilian-style triple-raised pizza crust, almost as if it were a soup. Inside the freshly made bowl, you can savor a delicious stew of whole plum tomatoes, a melted blend of cheeses, spicy sausage, button mushrooms, and other standard pizza toppings. The pizza pot pie is available to order as a half-pound individual serving or a full pound to share, and you can even buy them frozen to warm up and enjoy from home.

The owners of Mi Pi Pizza have generations of experience in bread baking, and that background is apparent in the taste and texture of their pizza crust. The dough is made fresh each day and triple baked for a tender crispness that withstands all of the saucy wetness. Mi Pi also sources all of its ingredients from the U.S., including Wisconsin cheese and San Marzano tomatoes grown in California . If you aren’t in the Chicago area and want to try an authentic Mi Pi pan pizza, they also ship frozen pizzas across the entire U.S.

Italian Fiesta Pizzeria 47th Street

Chicago’s Best Pizza Special: Palermo’s on 63rd

Legend has it that Michelle Obama introduced Barack to her childhood pizzeria when they lived in the Hyde Park neighborhood. The story goes that her parents rewarded good grades with Italian Fiesta pizza. No wonder the former FLOTUS excelled in school and beyond. You can order the thin-crust pizza tavern-style with classic cheese or sausage, of course, but I highly recommend the rarely seen shrimp as a topping. Theyre not shy with the seafood, so tiny but mightily plump crustaceans smother the crust, which remains impressively crisp. Next time, Ill add giardiniera or hot sauce for a touch of acid and heat, or bring my own mild sauce. Do note this location moved a couple of years ago to a shiny new strip mall, but lifelong fans swear the pizzas as good as ever. L.C.

1306 E. 47th St., 773-684-2222, italianfiestapizzeria.com/47th-street

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Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

Tourists who like pizza and beer will have heard of this joint in Bucktown. Brewpub and New Haven pizza meet in this sports gathering alternative atmosphere. Pizzas are served on rectangular baking pans, and they offer red, white, or plain pizzas. Its a solid joint and nice start to an evening in Bucktown/Wicker Park.

With in house brews with names like Petty Cash, Double Dips, Grandpa’s Baby, and Just Be Simple there’s a brew with your name on it and a delicious pizza to pair with it.

Piece Brewery & Pizzeria Location:

Ship a Pizza? No

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Chicago, Illinois, is a food haven for those who know where to look at. This city is a place that will make you feel like home after all. Apart from its buzzing activities and vibrant lifestyle, Chicago also has a lot to offer in terms of shopping and food selection. If a pizza is your comfort food then look no further for we have you covered. Read on to find all those hidden pizza joints that you might not know exist in this beautiful city. We know it might be hard to find the perfect eatery that suits you but thats why we are here with our 10 best pizza places in Chicago, Illinois, to help you get started.

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A post shared by Pequod’s Pizza on Jan 16, 2019 at 4:06pm PST

Pequods Pizza is a pan pizza place that offers caramelized crusts and fully flavored toppings. One of the highlights in this place is that the cheese is placed on top of the crust, then followed by the sauce on top of the cheese, which helps in sealing off the crust from the sauce, hence giving one a neat eating experience where they can enjoy every layer of the pizza on its own. The caramelized cheese at the edge of the pizza is baked into a crunchy consistency that makes it incredibly tasty when you take your first bite.

Pequod’s Pizza

Opening hours: Monday â Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Average price for two people: 11-30 USD

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Chicagos Best Pizza Parlors

Last updated on September 3, 2019 by Amy Bizzarri

Chicago is my kind of pizza town: pizza parlors offer some of the best pieces of the pie in the world. From one of our citys greatest inventions deep dish pizza to crispy, delightful thin crust delights, youll find a pizza to fit your style. On the heels of National Pizza Week , here are my familys picks for Chicagos very best pizza parlors.

Pizzeria Due Popular Chicago

50 Best Pizza Places in Chicago, Ranked

Pizzeria Due is a sister restaurant to Pizzeria Uno . Its literally just around the corner from the original Pizzeria Uno. If you want to try Uno and its too busy or booked up, Due is a good alternative.

Due also gets a 4.5/5-star rating on Google, and 3.5/5 on Yelp. Dues menu is nearly identical to the original Uno with a few minor tweaks. Some reviewers have expressed a preference for Due over Uno, others have expressed the opposite opinion.

Regardless, if youre on the hunt for restaurants that are historically significant in the development of Chicago-style pizza, you should put Pizzeria Due on your list of places to visit.

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Ginos East Next Stop On The Journey

With the success of Pizzeria Unos famous Chicago pizza, Alice Mae was a chef in high demand. In 1966, she joined the newly opened Ginos East where she stayed for twenty-three years until retiring. If youre vegan, you can still get the deep dish experience at Ginos East with a nut-free, vegan cheese. In addition to pizza, Ginos operates its own craft brewery that has won four awards from the U.S. Open Beer Championship, including the gold medal-winning Lasalle St Lager.

Pizzeria Uno And Pizzeria Due

Any list of famous Chicago pizza places starts with Pizzeria Uno, the restaurant Riccardo and Sewell opened at Wabash Avenue and Ohio Street. Though Unos is now a chain with locations around the country, its original location is where deep dish was born. Without Unos, there could be no list of the best Chicago pizza restaurants, or at least no deep dish.

Tim Samuelson, the city of Chicagos cultural historian , spent years trying to figure out who invented the classic Chicago pizza. He wasnt able to settle the question absolutely, but hes confident Sewell, Riccardo and Rudy Malnati, Sr., a former bartender at one of Riccardos other restaurants, each had some part in creating the first deep dish.

The original Unos, and sister restaurant Pizzeria Due , retain menus that are different from other restaurants in the chain. So start your pizza pilgrimage at the birthplace of the famous dish.

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The 15 Best Places For Pizza In Chicago

Brian Klender: The best anti-Chicago style pizza in Chicago. Great thin crust, great house brews and great crowd! Love Piece!!

Jon B.: Outstanding pizza. My favorite thin crust pizza in Chicago.

David Albouy: New Haven Pizza = Best Pizza. But I still love Chicago as a city more.

Jeremy Kuss: Awesome pizza, period. Had the deep dish with meatball. Great taste. Great crust. Just good pizza.

Roxana Barszcz: Cesar salad, Cheesy bread sticks & sausage pan pizza amazing !

John: Best deep dish/stuffed pizza in Chicago and I’ve tried all the big name places! The special is our fav.

Judy: Bacon, green peppers, fresh garlic, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, pineapple, and sausage on deep dish. Don’t think just get it.

Jorge Pastur: The stuffed pizza is a must

Casey J: Bruschetta is a great starter! Stuffed pizza is great.

Allison Kaminski: Must get deep dish!! The Chicago classic is delicious

Sarah SG.: The stuffed pizza is possibly the most delicious pizza i’ve ever tasted!

LaShon Anthony: Love their pizza’s butter crust and sausage.

elcheno: Hands down the one of the best deep dish in Chicago. Gotta try the special, the sausage is superb. Don’t come in a hurry, the place is always packed and the pizza is made to order.

Chino Griff: Great “deep dish pizza” can’t go wrong with the “Lou”. Bruschettas are a great start. Get a beer to wash it down. Nice atmosphere, family friendly. Great location.

Brad Benson: Great pizza, especially the crust!

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