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Top Places To Eat In Chicago

Parsons Chicken And Fish

Best Places to Eat in Chicago
  • Address: 2952 W. Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60647. for directions and reviews.
  • Phone: 384-3333
  • Hours: 7 days a week, 11am to 11pm

One of my friends claims that their fried chicken is the best in the city. But my real reason to go would be to enjoy their massive patio and drink a beer.

If fried chicken isnt your thing, they also feature a bunch of other tasty treatsthat you can wash down with delicious frozen alcoholic slushies.

Pro Tip: The fried fish is not as good as the fried chicken as its heavy on the batter.

Blueberry Bison Burger: Dmk Burger Bar

DMK goes beyond the burger with clever updates to the classic. Top grass-fed patties with Reuben ingredients pastrami, sauerkraut and cheese or New Mexico’s Hatch green chilies and smoked bacon. The restaurant can also swap out the beef patty for alternative fillings. Guy loved the bison burger with blueberry barbecue sauce, goat cheese and marinated onions, and the salmon burgerwith Thai curry mayonnaise and Asian coleslaw.

Watch the Video: Burgers & Blueberry BBQ Sauce

Not Every Great Restaurant In Chicago

Youre in Chicago for the first time ever. Youve got 72 hours and an appetite for everything. Where do you start?

Thats a question we get asked a lot, and its a hard one to answer. But were gonna try so that you dont return home having only sampled our finest mozzarella sticks from the food court at Navy Pier.

Theres no doubt youll spend time wandering up and down the Magnificent Mile and checking out the West Loop. And while theres great food there , dont confine yourself to eating all your meals in these areas youll miss some of the best restaurants in the city.

This isnt meant to be a definitive list of Chicagos best restaurants its just what wed do if we were in your shoes. Speaking of shoes hopefully you brought something comfortable. Youve got a lot of ground to cover.

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Pulled Pork At The Smoke Daddy

Long before you see Wicker Parks Smoke Daddy, youll smell the intoxicating wafts of smoked meat lingering in the air. The barbecue is described as Memphis-Texarkana and, though we dont know exactly what that means, we can definitely say it makes our taste buds sing. The slow-cooked pulled pork is no-frills but absolutely heavenly.

Best Restaurants In Chicago

Places to Eat in Chicago

The Emerald City of Americas heartland benefits from seasonality like few others in the country. Sourcing farm fresh ingredients from all over Illinoisnot to mention neighboring Michigan, Indiana, and WisconsinChicago’s best restaurants are recognized as some of the most exciting in the country, thanks in no small part to the talent in their kitchens. Take Abe Conlon who shares the rather niche cuisine of Macau with an always rambunctious crowd at Fat Rice, or industry giant Grant Achatz, who continues to ascend gastronomical heights at his temple to modern dining, Alinea, or David and Anna Posey who serve up hygge on a plate at Elske. From acclaimed chefs to memorable dining experiences, we’ve lists our favorite Chicago restaurants hereso snag your reservations ASAP.

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Polish Sausage: Kimski Dog

Chicago has a long history of 24-hour joints serving up grilled reddish kielbasa links overflowing with sunburst-yellow mustard and golden caramelized onion, aka the Maxwell Polish. Chicago is also a melting-pot town, and it was only a matter of time before the Polish influence was mixed with a little Korean spice to produce a hot dog that someday might rival the classic dragged-through-the-garden Chicago hot dog. Behold the Kimski dog, a thick hunk of Polish sausage topped with soju-liquor-spiked mustard and fermented kimchi sauerkraut stuffed into a pillowy split-top, lobster roll-style bun. The richness of the meat is foiled by the mustard and kimchi brightness, providing a hot dog that bursts like flavor fireworks.

Go to: Kimski

Goddess And The Baker

  • Address: 33 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603. for directions and reviews.
  • Phone: 877-5176
  • Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am 4:00pm

If you are looking for something more in the downtown core, then this would be one of the best places to eat in Chicago. They have two branches around town and offer an amazing breakfast.

What I really enjoyed most about this place was the effort they made for Pride Week in Chicago. They had glitter and rainbow coffee, and rainbow pastries!

There are also lots of vegan options. But if you are looking for more of a heart-stopping meal, their Mac and Cheese is delicious. Here is, truly, a hipster paradise.

Pro Tip: Great to stop in for a coffee on your way to Millennium Park.

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Things To Do In Chicago + Top Photo Spots

Want to check out other things in Chicago besides food? Ive got you covered! There are so many exciting things to do, see, and eat in this great city. You can easily spend a week exploring its attractions.

But first, coffee. Suppose you want to start your morning off right check out the best cafes in Chicago.

If youre looking for the best skyline views, unique photo opportunities, and possible tours, You can find that post here:Chicago Photo Locations.

If youd like to read what restaurants other locals are raving about , you can find that post here:Where Locals Eat in Chicago.

Curious about where to stay to make the most of your trip? Check out these 11 best Airbnbs in Chicago.

Below are a few of the top tours to enjoy in the city. You can find more in the Chicago photo post linked above. You can click through to learn more about each tour or search for others. I use GetYourGuide when traveling to a new place and like the options, plus the fact that you can easily cancel if plans change.

Cemita Atmica At Cemitas Puebla

The Grid explores Chicago’s Chinatown: Best places to eat & more

Chicagos Mexican population is one of the largest in the country and their cuisine is woven tightly into the fabric of the food scene here. Thats why we go beyond the taco to honor the cemita, a typical sandwich made up of avocado, chipotle sauce, Oaxacan cheese, and meat inside a homemade sesame seed roll.

No one does it better either than Cemitas Puebla, who put themselves on the map by creating the Cemitas Atómica. This monster sandwich blends pork loin, breaded milanesa and Krakus ham for a heart-stopping number.

Insider Tip: You can try Cemitas Puebla, Kumas killer burgers and Do-Rites artisanal doughnuts in Chicago Food Planets Gateway to the West Loop Food Tour. Not only will you get to nosh on some of Chicagos most innovative dishes but youll also learn more about the neighborhood that started the citys dining revolution.

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Best Places To Eat In Chicago For Brunch

Chicago does brunch just right.

Im a true-blue, native New Yorker and my love of my hometown will forbid me from admitting publicly that Chicagos brunch scene could ever rival New Yorks. That being said, I think most people can agree that Chicago knows how to kick brunchs ass.

Whenever I come to the Third Coast to visit my friends, we always try to get our eat on. Heres a list of some of our favorite places to eat in Chicago for brunch:

Places To Eat In Chicago For Brunch:

1. M.Henry Cafe We barely tried this place last February because I wanted to celebrate National Pancake Month. I was sad that I wouldnt make it out to my favorite pancake place in NYC , so I was determined to find a good spot at home. M.Henry was a pleasant surprise. Everything we had was delicious, and their pancakes were well decorated, fluffy, and fantastic.

2. This French-inspired gem is located inside the Waldorf Astoria in the gorgeous Gold Coast area. I stayed at the Waldorf in January . Honestly, I didnt expect much when Jorge and I went down for brunch, but I was hooked when we got our food.

The french toast was AMAZING and quickly became my second #1 next to the Banana Foster french toast from New Orleans Surreys Cafe .

2021UPDATE: Margeaux closed for a while due to covid. It returned with a new chef and a new menu. The new name is Brasserie. I havent visited since the revamp, so I cannot comment on the menu, but Im hoping my favorite french toasts are still around.

3. Gather This is a restaurant we tried after gathering the top recommendations from other locals. Gather came up numerous times, so we knew we had to give it a try. Dinner here is great, and the drinks are well priced.

We recently visited for brunch and loved it even more! Jorge ordered a bloody mary and an eggs benedict, and I had delicious french toast. In the summer, they have a beautiful outdoor patio.




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Fried Shrimp: Haires Gulf Shrimp

Chicago is nowhere near an ocean and yet, fried shrimp shacks dot the landscape almost as much as Italian beef joints or deep-dish pizza parlors. Most places serve thick under-salted flour-laden clumps. Haires, however, purveys a light, golden crispy battered and butterflied shrimp so addictive, it can be eaten like popcorn. Though it needs no celebrity endorsement, Chance the Rapper has been spotted at this Southside gem.

Best Innovative Dining Experience In Chicago Next

Where to Eat in Chicago: My 10 Favorite Places

The most forward-thinking restaurant in the country, in my opinion, Next is another ticketed experience from the team behind bucket-list worthy Alinea. Every quarter they completely reconceptualize the space and food from Paris 1906 to Thailand 2020 and even had a whimsical Childhood menu with edible finger paints. The buzz definitely justifies the hype.

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El Che Steakhouse And Bar

El Che Steakhouse represents the spirit of the West Loop in the best way. This restaurant offers Argentinian cuisine, with a live-fire grill that ramps everything up a notch. Their menu features a variety of meat dishes, with sides to balance it all out. The lively atmosphere makes it ideal for group meals and friendly gatherings.

Where To Go If Youre Not Cooking This Year

Not every Thanksgiving has to involve an impromptu overnight at your packed hometown airport, a fight with your sister at the Des Plaines Oasis, or finally hitting absolute rock-bottom and making a phone call to the Food Network Turkey Hotline.

Chicago has lots of great restaurants that serve Thanksgiving dinner , and our guide has you covered for a number of different scenarios – particularly the main one, i.e. forcing your family to eat in public so they cant get into screaming fights about religion, politics, or whether or not you spoiled the latest Netflix show by mentioning a tiny detail from episode 8. Thank us later, after youve taken an extra-long nap since you didnt have to do any dishes.

Note: Well be updating this list often as more restaurants release their Thanksgiving specials, so check back.

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Jibarito At Papas Cache Sabroso

The jibarito is yet another original Chicago sandwich, created by our vibrant Puerto Rican community. Though it may look like a regular sandwich, there is one element that sets it apart:

Theres no bread!

Instead, crispy plantains hold together layers of meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato. The condiment of choice is garlic-flavored mayonnaise. Steak tends to be the typical filling, but we stan the chicken jibarito at Papas Cache Sabroso in the citys quintessential Boricua neighborhood, Humboldt Park.

Where To Eat In Chicago: Classic Chicago Restaurants

Top 5 Must Eats in Chicago

Chicago is home to thousands of restaurants, from fine dining to cheap eats to international fare and everything in between. So how do food-lovers decide where to go?

Weve narrowed down your options with this handy list of some essential Chicago restaurants, from long-time local favorites to classic only-in-Chicago spots.

Looking for something new? Check out our guide to hot & trending Chicago restaurants.

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Monteverde Restaurant And Pastificio

This Italian restaurantrun by the famous James Beard and award-winning chef Sarah Grueneberggraces Madison St in West Loop, Chicago. Considered the best spot for high-quality Italian food in the whole of Chicago, their menu includes a variety of pasta creations and other dishes.

Try popular dishes like the Cacio e Pepe, Pork Shank, or stuffed cabbage, and enjoy excellent flavors without draining the wallet. Even better is the ambiance perfect for group evenings, dates, or a romantic date on the heated patio.

Life On Marz Community Club

The gist: The folks behind Bridgeport-based Marz Community Brewing Co. have ventured north to set up shop on the edge of Logan Square and Bucktown. Inspired by VFW halls, the aptly-titled project aims to foster community within a whimsical space festooned with bright colors and clean design. The food: While its all about Marz beers, CBD seltzers, nitro coffees, and canned booch, you can also snack on Makowskis sausages and hot dogs, housemade seven-spice nori snack mix, flavored jerky, meat sticks, and more. The cost: Snacks $5 – $11, drinks $4 – $6. How to book:Stop by for counter service.

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Best Hot Dogs In Chicago Portillos

Just say yes to sport peppers and celery salt and hard pass on the ketchup, which is a cardinal sin around these parts. Chicago dogs arent hard to come by in Denver, but that trifecta of beefy goodness, cheese fries, and gluttonous chocolate cake is and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Someone please open a franchise out West help a girl out.

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Haute Chinese: Duck Duck Goat

Where to Eat in Chicago: My 10 Favorite Places

Chinese food in Chicago was generally considered quick, cheap and good takeout fare. That is, until Top Chef champion and Chicago master chef Stephanie Izard, who grew up making Mandarin pancakes and moo shu pork with her mom, got involved. At Duck, Duck, Goat, Izard reinvents dishes like Szechuan chicken by getting rid of the tongue-searing heat that blows your palate in favor of grassy low-heat shishito peppers. When available, her char siu, or barbecue ribs, are cooked sous vide until tender, then brushed with bourbon-and-honey-infused hoisin. Noodles are hand-pulled and have a soulful chew.

Go to: Duck, Duck, Goat

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Best Pizza Places In Chicago

Hot dogs and Italian beef are all fine and well, but when it comes to iconic Chicago foods, its all about the pizza. When passing through town, most travelers know its their chance to dig into well-known rendition, comprised of a thick crust, mounds of cheese, and a hearty top layer of tomato sauce. And while the city has certainly laid claim to deep-dish for decades , its also been quick to welcome a medley of other styles to the pie party: paper-thin Neapolitan slices and crispy Detroit squares to name a couple. From a family-friendly must on the Gold Coast to a brand-new outpost along Southport Corridor, here are the best pizza places in Chicago.

Chicago guide.

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