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Trinity United Church Of Christ Chicago Live Stream

Welcome To One Life Church

Trinity United Church of Christ. (Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III)

Each weekend at One Life youll find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with exciting, contemporary worship music and a practical, relevant message. Children are well-cared for in a loving, quality nursery and fun-filled One Life Kids environments. Helpful volunteers and clear directional signage show you where to go. We exist to change the world One Life at a time!

Information About The Trinity United Churches Of Christ

The first thing you will find on the website is all the information about the Trinity United Churches of Christ. The information such as their location, activities they hold, their history etc. will be available on the website. There are over 20 churches that come under the Trinity United Churches of Christ and information about all of these is explained clearly on the website. We keep adding new information regularly for the reader to stay well informed about everything.

Since 200: Under Reverend Otis Moss Iii

Reverend Dr. Otis Moss III has been Trinity’s senior pastor since 2008. He is a graduate of Morehouse College, Yale Divinity School, and Chicago Theological Seminary. His father, Rev. Dr. Otis Moss Jr., was also an acclaimed preacher before him.

Moss’ sermons are video streamed live online internationally through the church’s website and some sermons can also be found on YouTube.

Weekly broadcasts of the church’s Sunday service are also carried across the US on TV One on Sundays at 7:30 a.m. EST.

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Worship Service Live Streams

As a precautionary measure against spreading COVID-19, churches are suspending their Sunday worship services and other events. I will make every effort to keep this page updated and appreciate our churches being in close contact to assist with this. Please email me at .

Churches who are streaming their worship services have live stream link information below their name just click on the link. Note: For Facebook Live you do NOT need a Facebook account to watch a live stream. When you click one of the links below and are taken to a Facebook log in screen, just ignore it and scroll down to the live stream/video.

Zoom has added new security features beginning April 5, 2020 in an effort to make sure Zoom meetings are secure. The challenge is that it adds additional steps for those joining a meeting and for the person hosting the meeting. Here is a link from Zoom that talks about these changes in more detail:

All About The Trinity United Churches Of Christ


There are numerous activities that take place at the Trinity United Churches of Christ. We provide you the latest information in each of these churches so that you do not miss any special occasions.

There are many art shows and choir performances that take place at these churches regularly. Additionally there are also things like excursions and guest lecturers or preachings that might grab your attention.

All the information is available on the website. Furthermore all the information about the events that have already happened in the churches is also available on the TUCC.Org.

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All About The Programs Run By The Trinity United Churches Of Christ

There are numerous programs run by the Trinity United Churches of Christ where you can participate. For the kids there are scouts and Sunday schools. For the teenagers you can find things like excursions, camping and much more. There are activities like trips and seminars for the young adults. Many churches also have various activities like yoga and meditation classes that can be attended by the members of the church. Additionally there are things like various support groups that you can join at the different Trinity United Churches of Christ. All of the information about these programs can be found out on the website.

What You Should Anticipate

The website TUCC.org has been created especially for the people who want to know more about the Trinity United Churches of Christ.

Since there is not a lot of information available about these churches on the internet, we have come up with a website to provide you with every information you need.

Here is all you will find on the website:

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Pursue A Whole Life At Pathfinder Church

Our church was founded in 1851. Over the years, weve discovered timeless truths that help people experience wholeness.

First, Jesus restored our relationship with God the Father. His life, death, and resurrection reclaimed us for eternity.

Second, eternity has already begun. Throughout Jesus life and ministry, he continued to point people to a better way of life. He not only addressed our salvation, but he spoke into our relationships, thoughts, physicality, finances, and more. He taught us that right now TODAY there is more to this life. He showed us what whole life looks like.

We are imperfect people, but we want to follow Jesus because we know his way is better.

Together, we can pursue a whole life.

The Evolution Of Trinity

1/16/2022 6PM | Trinity United Church of Christ Worship Service| Rev.Dr. Otis Moss III

Speller asserts that Trinity in its history has evolved from the Assimilation Model under its pastors Kenneth B. Smith and Willie J. Jamerson, to the Compensatory Model under Reuben A. Sheares II and during the early years of Jeremiah Wright’s tenure, and into the Ethnic Community-prophetic Model under Wright to embrace the Dialectical Model also under Wright. She states, however, that the church continues to struggle in varying degrees to balance the dialectic polarities described by Lincoln and Mamiya , and that the church’s greatest challenge has been “mediating the tension between being black and Christian.”

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All About The Benefits Of Going To A Church

Many people do not understand the importance of church. Through the articles on this website we have tried to explain how beneficial going to the church is for a person. This can help the people who are drifting away from the Catholic community or the churches, join them and attend them. There has been a lot of misconception about the churches amongst the people and we try to clear that out with our articles. There are numerous benefits of going to the church explained on the website that you can share with your friends or family to attract them towards the church and the service. These are some of the things you can expect to find on the website.

Welcome To Trinity Church

We are part of the mainline Protestant church and are a congregation of the United Church of Christ.

We celebrate a great deal of diversity in terms of theological beliefs and social values. We are welcoming, we are affirming and will not judge you for who you are or how you think.

We are liberal and conservative, moderate and mainstream, progressive and traditional. We stress individual experiences of the presence of God in our world over doctrine. We are tolerant and respect the beliefs and faiths of all people.

GriefShare is a new ministry in partnership with Good Samaritan Home.

Wednesdays this summer from 6:00 -8:00 p.m.

Who we are

Trinity is a vibrant, caring community of faith that values childrens and youth ministry, care for the elderly, Bible study and creative and visually exciting worship.

Community Life

Trinity is committed to being a partner in the community to address poverty issues and be a voice in the struggle for justice, harmony and quality of lives of families in the region.

Worship ministry

Two weekly worship opportunities are offered at Trinity. There is not a dress code, we are comfortable with you coming the way you are.


Our congregation members give is many ways including volunteering their time, talents and sharing monetary gifts.

Trinity offers many opportunities to learn, grow and participate in our faith community.

Check below for all of our contact information. Wed love to connect.

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No Matter Who You Are No Matter Where You Are On Lifes Journey Youre Welcome Here

Trinity United Church of Christ is a community of Christian people on the journey of faith. We celebrate and extend the love of God as shown to us in the life of Jesus Christ. We welcome all who seek to be the body of Christ through the mission, worship, and fellowship of Trinity Church. Trinity United Church of Christ exists to share the love of God with our community and beyond. We strive to accomplish this by being a growing community of Christs followers seeking to serve our world with Christs compassion.

Our rich heritage in Wadsworth dates to 1858 and includes at least four different faith traditions. From our humble beginnings as a German Reformed church for the Pennsylvania Dutch moving to the Western Reserve territory to a thriving church busy with programs for youth and adults alike, we are proud to be a part of the fabric of the faith life here in Wadsworth, Ohio.

No website can truly encompass all of what our church is so come check us out you are always welcome here!

Information Of The Best Catholic Pastors In Usa

Trinity United Church of Christ

There are numerous Catholic pastors in the world. The best ones are hard to find. If you want to know the best pastor to follow and listen to, you are just at the right place. We have all the details about the best pastors from all over USA, who you can listen to at any time. We also have the description about their current preachings and where you can exactly find them so that you can easily catch their preachings live.

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Trinity United Church Of Christ

Trinity United Church of Christ is a predominantly African-American church with more than 8,500 members. It is located in the Washington Heights community on the South Side of Chicago. It is the largest church affiliated with the United Church of Christ, a predominantly white Christian denomination with roots in Congregationalism, which historically branched from early American Puritanism.

The church’s early history coincided with the American civil rights movement, subsequent murder of , and the tumultuous period that engulfed the civil rights movement after King’s death due to intense competition among actors over who would carry King’s mantle. During that tumultuous period, an influx of radical Black Muslim groups had begun to headquarter in Chicago, and Trinity sought to recontextualize Christianity through black theology in order to counter the influence of radical Black Muslim leaders, who taught that it was impossible to be both Black and Christian.

Trinity is best known today for its national and international social programs on behalf of the disadvantaged, although in its earliest days such outreach did not figure into its mission.

To Early 200: Under Jeremiah Wright

Jeremiah Wright, the son of a long-tenured Philadelphia Baptist minister, interviewed for the Trinity pastorate on December 31, 1971. Jordan recalls that Wright exuded excitement and vision for the church’s new mission statement, and that Wright’s response to the question “How do you see the role of the Black Church in the black struggle?” indicated he was the only possible candidate for Trinity. With the church also impressed with Wright’s educational credentialsâWright held graduate degrees in English studies and Divinity and was studying for a doctorate in religious historyâhe was shortly confirmed as the new pastor.

Context and challenges

Youth choir

The first change occurred in late 1972 when Trinity’s youth lobbied for a greater role in the church. Under a new choir director the youth brought in, they led musical worship using gospel music for the first time, while incorporating dramatic visual props. As Speller describes it, the youth choir “ushered in a new day at Trinity Church, and through their music they ignited the flame that would burn off the dross of Black shame to reveal the refined gem of self-love.” However, with increasing and the Pilgrim Hymnal no longer in favor, some of Trinity’s congregants left because of what Wright described as “fear of changeâchange in the style of worship but, more importantly, change in the kind of members that would desire to join our church.”

From social enhancement to God-consciousness

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About Catholic Churches In The United States

United States of America is one of the biggest countries in the whole world. The Catholic churches in the USA hold a lot of significance amongst the people since there are a lot of Catholic people in the country. The number of Catholic Christians in the country is higher than the others. Because of this, there is a huge number of Catholic Churches in the country.

Social And Religious Context

Trinity United Church of Christ Chicago Sanctuary Choir- I’m in Love With Jesus

Patterns of migration among both Blacks during the Great Migration of African Americans between 1910 and 1940, and among whites, are an important part of the social context in which Trinity was founded. Another is the threat that radical Black nationalism and Black Islam posed to Christianity’s influence among Chicago Blacks, as well as to Blacks nationwide. As these movements gained ground among Chicago Blacks, Trinity sought to turn the attention of Blacks back to Christianity.

1910 through 1940s

Beginning around 1910, the Great Migration of African Americans occurred as many thousands of Blacks migrated northward from the south. A great many settled on Chicago’s southside. When they arrived, they brought with them the forms of Christianity they had practiced in the South. As elsewhere in the United States, Chicago Blacks of the time faced serious discrimination in typically every area of their existence.

By the 1940s, the Nation of Islam’s radical message had drawn in thousands of Chicago’s Blacks, many who had converted from one of the forms of Christianity their forebears brought northward to Chicago .

1950s through 1960

It was within the above social context that Trinity came into being.

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The Information About The Catholic Community

Through the TUCC.org we keep the American Catholics well informed about everything that is happening in the Catholic Community, in the country and all over the world. If you want to know about the history and the demographics of your religion, you have come to the right place since we have all the information that you would ever need.

Through 1: Under Kenneth B Smith

Trinity marks its beginning on December 3, 1961, when twelve middle-class Black families, most of whom were descendants of migrants to Chicago during The Great Migration of African Americans, met for worship in a Chicago elementary school gymnasium. Prior to the recent migration of whites to the suburbs, Blacks had found it extremely difficult to move into middle-class surroundings in Chicago due to segregated housing patterns and homeownership discrimination . At the time of the 3 December meeting, Chicago’s Halsted Street marked “the color line”.

Although the vision was bold for the time, and although a similar vision had been followed by other pockets of Blacks both inside and outside of Chicago, it at the same time produced apprehension within Trinity’s upwardly mobile Blacks, since some Blacks in Chicago had had their homes burned for transgressing the color line. Moreover, the vision failed to address the many Blacks who were still unable to reach upward mobilityâthose still on the South Side, those in the projects on the other side of Halsted Street, Blacks who did not figure into the Association’s vision because they were not considered “the right kind of black people”.

After leaving Trinity, Smith would go on to become pastor of Good Shepherd Church and president of Chicago Theological Seminary.

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Trinity In Comparative Perspective

Byassee argues that “African Americans have generated distinctly Black forms of Christianity since they arrived on these shores” and asserts that “the significance of these forms has been appreciated in mainline seminaries and churches for at least two generations.” Speller has discussed the major interpretive frameworks into which Black churches have been historically categorized by scholars, as well as several later ones. She does this to place Trinity within a broader understanding of the Black church, and all Christian churches, and to trace Trinity’s history of movement within several of the frameworks, while also discussing numerous of Trinity’s ongoing struggles. Byassee asserts that Trinity is well within the mainstream of the Black church, and is remarkable in the mainline Protestant world only for its size and influence.”

Speller summarizes several interpretive models of Black churches that have predominated in scholarly literature from especially prior the 1960s:

One Church Two Locations

Trinity United Church of Christ

Join us at our brand new One Life East Campus – Sundays at 10:30AM. When you arrive be sure to stop by the “New Here? Start Here.” tent and a member of our team will welcome you! You’ll also receive a special gift just for visiting with us. We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early to provide enough time to check in your kids and grab a free cup of coffee. Whether youve been to church before, or this will be your first time……Everyone is Welcome and Anything is Possible!

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To 1: Under Willie J Jamerson

Sidenote:A view of race in 1968 Chicago

“Following the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr…our family moved into a racially changing Chicago community, where the vestiges of racism literally stood in our way. Racism manifested itself in insurance redlining, predatory lending practices and religious authorities working to maintain a line of segregation. The local activist Catholic priest declared no ‘niggers‘ were allowed across Ashland Avenue… Out of this experience of brokenness and spiritual hope…black liberation theology emerged. The irrationality of racism and injustice provided the roots of an African-American theology focused on life in the present world…. The political, social and economic realities of African-American people get merged into the religious experience and are articulated through a message that is spiritual and social-speaking to the whole person.”âLarry Pickens

By 1972, however, Trinity’s membership had dwindled from its peak of 341 down to 259 members , and no one could pinpoint the cause. Jamerson soon resigned to take a position as a schoolteacher, and Trinity was faced with possibly closing its doors.

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