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Truck Driving Schools In Chicago

Chicago Truck Driving Schools

CDL Training | Star Truck Driving School Chicago, IL

Find Chicago, IL. area CDL training schools with program options like Class A tractor trailer or Class B truck and bus driver. Learn about commercial drivers license endorsements training too like school bus, tanker truck, and HAZMAT.

Use the application to connect with a CDL school near Chicago and start training for your truck driving job.

Ask Us How To Get A Free Cdl

Veterans Assistance

Blue Horizon supports and honors our former servicemen and women. Our program and your focus, organizational skills, hard work, and dedication can help bring you to a high-paying employer!

Tuition assistance programs are available to fully cover the cost of obtaining your CDL through WIOA.

If you have recently been laid off or have low income, are changing career paths, or looking to secure a new job, this program may be offered to you!

The Act is put in place to help unemployed individuals find new job placement. Please contact the office about the WIOA program. This fund covers truck driving school tuition.

Truck Driving School Locations In Illinois

It’s ironic that so many people considering becoming a truck driver will choose one truck driving school over another because there’s a 20 mile difference in the commute. Duh! You’re going to be driving all over the country all day everyday but you don’t want to drive an extra 20 miles in order to find better CDL training? Good grief. Please don’t make this a major consideration when choosing a school.

Also, if you decide to attend a truck driving school outside of Illinois, please check to make sure your CDL will easily transfer back to Illinois. Every state has its own standards. Some states will allow you to transfer your CDL license by simply filling out some paperwork, but others will make you take the written CDL exams again and some will even make you retake the written tests and the road test! So look into it before deciding to get your CDL outside of Illinois.

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Chicago Cdl Driving School: We Accept Unemployment Grants And We Will Provide You With Help In Getting Financial Aid Assistance

According to the American Trucking Association: Trucking Industry has current shortage of 20,000 drivers may jump to 111,000 by 2015.According to the US Department of Labor job opportunities are favorable for truck drivers and a commercial drivers license is required for most larger trucks. CDL drivers hold 2.8 millions jobs in the United States

Preview This Hours Of Service Training Curriculum For Free

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Time is limited. No one can add a minute to an hour, day, or week. For professional drivers, time is further limited by the hours-of-service regulations. The purpose of the hours of service regulations is to keep tired drivers off the road. After many hours behind the wheel, fatigue sets in, and it can lead to bad decisions and deadly crashes. For the safety of all drivers, compliance with the hours of service regulations has been required of commercial motor vehicle drivers since the 1930s.

The Hours of Service Training curriculum will help drivers and carriers to be compliant while maximizing the available hours through a full understanding of how the limits affect safety and productivity.

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The New Hours Of Service Training Curriculum Is Broken Into Six Modules:


Hours of Service Training: Basics is designed to cover the fundamentals of hours-of-service regulations and what it means to be regulated. Drivers will learn what types of activities they are expected to keep track of, and which are considered on-duty or off-duty. They will learn the importance of tracking rest cycles and the amount of work theyve completed, which will help them determine if they are safe and legal to drive. Learn more.


Hours of Service Training: Limits is designed to help drivers avoid operating a commercial motor vehicle when fatigued and comply with the hours-of-service limits by ensuring they understand how each of the limits or clocks work together. It will also help them to know when to take a break and when to rest to restart their hours. Learn more.


Hours of Service Training: Recording Your Hours is designed to teach drivers when each type of record can be used and how each is evaluated during a roadside inspection. It also helps drivers with planning their trips to avoid violations. Learn more.


Hours of Service Training: Exceptions is designed to help drivers understand which exceptions can be used and when to use them.

There are seven commonly used hours-of-service exceptions included in this training:

  • Air-mile radius short-haul,
  • Agricultural operations, and
  • Personal conveyance.

Carriers may allow or prohibit the use of exceptions based on their policies and practices. Learn more.


About Progressive Truck Driving School

Progressive Truck Driving School – Chicago, IL is located in Chicago, IL, but also offers classes online. This school offers training in 18 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Commercial Driver’s License Class A, Manual, Commercial Driver’s License Class A and Tanker Endorsement Certification. Time to complete this education training ranges from 3 hours to 5 months depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 6.3 weeks. The cost to attend Progressive Truck Driving School – Chicago, IL ranges from $2,500 to $6,499 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $5,000. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, “I received grants and/or scholarship funding”.

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As One Of The Best Commercial Driving License Schools In The Chicago Northwest Suburbs Viking Driving School Is Proud To Have An Exam Passing Rate Of Over 90%

Get your Chicago CDL Commercial Driving Licence

The demand for Commercial Truck Drivers is rising at a rapid pace, and the Trucking industry is continuing to grow quickly. Because of the constant need for transportation, the trucking industry market is very stable. Being a certified truck driver gives you the opportunity to earn sound income at a higher rate than many others with professions in the same field. Viking CDL Driving School trains individuals to become professional truck drivers who are efficient and knowledgeable.

Cdl Training In Chicago Il

CDL Permit School | Star Truck Driving School Chicago, IL

Find a CDL training school near Chicago, IL. and learn about your local CDL Class-A truck driver training options. Class-B, HAZMAT, and school bus endorsement training classes may also be available. We’ve helped thousands of men and women get training for truck driving jobs and skilled trade careers by connecting them with the best CDL schools and trade school programs near Chicago, and we can help you too.

Is truck driver training fast? CDL Class-A tractor trailer driver programs can take as little as 3-6 weeks to complete.

Use our search application to connect with a Chicago area school and start training for your new career as a truck driver.

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Get On The Road To A Career In The Illinois Trucking Industry

There are many different ways you can use your trucking education. You may work for a trucking company, leasing center, or repair shop. Some of the most prominent trucking employers in Illinois are C.R. England, MCT Transportation LLC, and Beacon Transport. The job outlook is very favorable. O*Net anticipates a 10% increase in demand for truck drivers and an 8% increase increase in demand for diesel mechanics in Illinois.

Progressive Truck Driving School Reviews

Program: Class A CDL Truck Driving Training

CDL Training Offered:

Award: Certificate of Completion

Student Reviews

If you are a current student, former student, or a graduate of this truck driving school, please leave an honest review of the CDL training program and rate the six different criteria underneath the review form. You will be helping prospective students choose a quality truck driving school by providing some insider information.

Instructors, employees, and owners of the truck driving school are prohibited from leaving a review and rating their own school!Students only please.

Student, please follow the instructions below to rate and review your school:

  • Fill in the review form below, including your name and email address.
  • Give your review a title.
  • Write an honest review of the school.
  • Use the 5-star rating system below the review form to rate the six different criteria of the school.
  • Progressive Truck Driving School – Chicago/ 5

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    Job Placement In Illinois

    We have an outstanding listing of truck driving jobs in Illinois so have a look!

    Frequently students are surprised to find out that truck driving schools have job placement assistance. Many assume only schools owned and operated by trucking companies have placement, but that isnât the case. Placement is a very important part of a truck driving schoolâs program. The main reason students attend school in the first place is to find a new job, and if a school can not or will not place students with trucking companies that hire inexperienced drivers in Illinois then something isnât right.

    Chicago Cdl Driving Schools Contact Our Office: 550 Busse Highway Park Ridge Il 60068

    Alpha Truck Driving School

    tel: 847.698.7771fax: 847.698.9698

    Viking Truck Drivers Education CDL and Teen Driving SchoolOur Chicago Truck Driving School and Teen Driving School offers private and group lessons for adults and teens throughtout Northwest Suburbs of Illinois.

    Our motto is: To provide our students a lifetime of driving success by teaching them skills that will keep them ticket and collision-free for life.

    • 550 Busse Hwy Park Ridge, IL 60068
    • Business Hours:

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    Ways To Compare Commercial Driving License Programs In Chicago

    First of all, you would have to clear the DOT test for physical and drug screening. You need to know that Chicago offers many jobs in trucking that need heavy lifting. Make sure, you would stay fit and comfortable to perform such duties.

    The second necessity of a truck driving job is you need to stay in shape and you would find many truck driving institutions to help you with your health dietary plans and workout regimens to make the learners take up the job with ease and convenience.

    Truck driving schools in Chicago even offer Scholarships to the best deserving 7 students in a year. This helps in paying the tuition costs of the fees if you are meritorious.

    Chicago truck driving schools even offer unemployment grants and they will also help you in getting financial assistance to complete the commercial driving license program.

    On the basis of the above, you could compare the best truck driving schools in Chicago. The best one could make you a well-paid commercial truck driver.

    About The Best Truck Driving Schools In Chicago

    Some of the silent features of the best truck driving schools are as follows:

    The schools offer two types of courses, such as:

    • Truck driving program for 160 hours and
    • Commercial truck driving program for 240 hours.

    Both courses consist of hours of classroom coaching, lab time, remedial training, driving training, and examination at the end of the training program.

    There are other driving schools like Truck Driving Schools in Idaho, and CDL Training in Decatur, Alabama.

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    Choosing A Truck Driving School In Illinois

    There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a truck driving school in Illinois. It’s critically important that you take the time to understand exactly what each school is offering and what sets them apart from the rest.

    • Cost of CDL Training In Illinois
    • School Locations in Illinois
    • Quality Of The Instructors

    Ready To Prepare For A Truck Driving Career In Illinois

    CDL School | Star Truck Driving School Chicago, IL

    If so, great! Were here to help you take the next step. Before you go any further, we want to spell out a few things you should consider while comparing all your CDL training school options. Take a look at this list of trucking school qualities that you should look for. Then, review the kinds of things youll learn when you earn your CDL.

    Qualities Of Top Trucking Schools

    There are several things you should look for when choosing a trucking school, including:

    • How you will pay for school
    • Does the school offer endorsements
    • What is the cost of truck driver training?
    • What are the minimum requirements to enroll?
    • Do they have relationships with local trucking companies?

    Many schools will have financial options for their students to choose from. It is common for trucking schools to help students directly through their own financing departments, or companies they work with to help students. You most likely wont qualify for federal aid, but there may be scholarships or grants you can apply for.

    Endorsements, such as HAZMAT, School Bus, and Air Brake can help you qualify for many types of trucking jobs in Illinois. In fact, programs offered by companies such as CR England Truck Driver School also hire drivers that complete their programs. There is a good chance you have seen a CR England trucking school graduate cruising down the highway in one of their 18-wheelers, since they hire drivers from all over the country.

    The minimum requirements for most trucking schools are:

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    Conveniently Located 2 Blocks West Of I





    That is what makes our graduation rate so exceptional , We are proud to claim that our customer drivers get to in heritage a range of good opportunities created by all those good drivers graduated with us at JUAREZ TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL and who are now DRIVING WITH THE BEST TRANSPORTATION COMPANIES IN ILLINOIS AND ALL OVER THE USA!

    Time Behind The Wheel

    Drive time is one of the most important factors when considering a school. Driving time is the time behind the wheel actually driving and does not include pre-trip inspections, observation time, or simulator time. It is behind-the-wheel, in-charge of the truck, pushing in the clutch and turning the steering wheel â thatâs drive time. Because driving time is so expensive for a truck driving school to offer, this will have a major impact on the price of the schooling, but will also have a major impact on the quality of your CDL training. So look at this closely.

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    How Do You Choose A Ministry

    Not all driving schools offer ministry-approved beginner driver education courses. Look for schools that offer “MTO-approved beginner driver education courses”, or “ministry-approved beginner driver education courses”.

    Beginner driving schools in Ontario are regulated by MTO. Choosing a school is a personal choice. Choose carefully:

    • You may want to check the list of driving schools that offer ministry-approved beginner driver education courses at the bottom of this page.
    • You may wish to ask your friends or co-workers to recommend a driving school to you.
    • You could consider asking to meet with the instructors who will be conducting the classroom instruction and the behind-the-wheel training.

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