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University Of Chicago Computer Science

Uchicago/argonne Researchers Will Cultivate Ai Model Gardens With $35m Nsf Grant

University of Illinois Master of Computer Science

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly essential tool for scientific discovery, helping researchers unlock new insights from growing pools of data. But AI also creates new barriers in science, as advanced technical expertise is often required to access, evaluate, and use advanced AI models in research.

A $3.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation awarded to a team of scientists from the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, and MIT will seek to lower these barriers with a new framework inspired by one of the oldest technologies: gardens. Working with researchers from materials science, physics, and chemistry, the team led by Ian Foster will create Model Gardens that publish and curate AI models, link them with data and computing resources, and make it simple for users to test and deploy these powerful tools in their own studies.

The Garden team, which also includes Ben Blaiszik of UChicago and Argonne, Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli of MIT, Eliu Huerta of Argonne, and Rebecca Willett of UChicago, hopes that the platform will increase usage of AI models for research and education, advancing scientific discovery, reproducibility, and collaboration.

A user can come to the Garden and see all that information at a glance, Blaiszik said. They can cite the model, they can learn about the model, they can contact the authors, and they can invoke the model themselves in a web environment, on leadership computing facilities, or on their own computer.

Student Debt Of Compsci Graduates With A Master’s Degree

At UChicago, a typical compsci student working on their master’s degree borrrows about $56,975 in student loans. This is not favorable since the median amount of student debt for all compsci master’s graduates is $31,933.

Those master’s students from UChicago on a 10-year student debt repayment plan end up paying a median amount of $664 per month.

Stay Up To Date On Slack

Join the Careers in Computer Science community of students and alumni on Slack!

UChicago alumni and current students can use this platform to discuss careers in computer science and technology.

Conversations on the platform include:

  • #introductions: Introduce yourself and get to know your fellow Maroons
  • #jobs-board: Post job openings or internship opportunities available at your company
  • #interview-practice: Offer advice about recruiting, or offer to practice coding challenges with students for the technical interview
  • #side-projects: Tell us about an exciting side project youre working on, or connect with others who might be interested
  • #article-sharing: Get a discussion going on a topic related to computer science and technology
  • #events: Share relevant events hosted by your company or communities

If you’re ready to connect, learn and share, join here!

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Student Debt Of Compsci Graduates With A Bachelor’s Degree

While getting their bachelor’s degree at UChicago, compsci students borrow a median amount of $17,492 in student loans. This is not too bad considering that the median debt load of all compsci bachelor’s degree recipients across the country is $22,813.

The typical student loan payment of a bachelor’s degree student from the compsci program at UChicago is $182 per month.

Launch Your Computer Science Career Today

University Of Chicago Computer Science

Careers in Computer Science prepares students for successful careers in software engineering, data science, technical product management, and related fields. The program welcomes students of all majors and class years.

Careers in Computer Science works closely with the Universitys world-class Department of Computer Science to prepare students for meaningful employment and graduate school opportunities. Students benefit from the Universitys resources and faculty expertise in artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, and quantum computing.

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The University Of Chicago Accreditation Details

The University of Chicago first earned the accreditation of The Higher Learning Commission in 1913, and it has held it ever since. The university has earned separate academic accreditation from the following organizations:

  • American Bar Association
  • Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools
  • Liaison Committee on Medical Education
  • Council on Social Work Education

Information On Phd Admission

We are a highly selective program that welcomes and supports excellent applicants. To apply, you should use the online system . Applicants are required to submit three letters of recommendation. Note: UChicago CS will not require the GRE exam for the 2021-2022 PhD application cycle.

Please note that while you are free to email faculty to explore possible common research interests, admission decisions are made by the Department.

While most of our graduate students have majored in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or in the mathematical sciences as undergraduates, applicants with other backgrounds have also been successful in our department. Students will succeed in the program if they are motivated to do research and have a strong general intellectual preparation to study in a particular field of computer science.


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Computer Science Program And Degree Overview

When you earn your BA or BS in Computer Science from Concordia-Chicago, you will have access to resources that go far beyond the classroom computer labs.

The faculty here are professionals in the technology field and are constantly adapting to even the most rapid of computer and software advancements. From them, you will gain a solid foundation in both theory and hands-on practice, and will strengthen your analysis, problem-solving and communication skills.

The Computer Science program at Concordia-Chicago provides a theoretical and practical foundation that is hands-on and adaptable to rapid changes in the field. You will focus on hardware and operating systems, software engineering, database management, programming and troubleshooting, computer networks, application development such as for gaming and Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone and web development.

See the online catalog for more information about required courses and course descriptions.

Admission And Degree Requirements

University of Illinois Master of Computer Science (& Data Science)

Program Planning: Once admitted to the program, students should schedule a meeting with their faculty advisor to determine if prerequisite coursework is needed, and to complete a program plan which outlines each semester of their graduate program. The outcome of this faculty advising session approves registration and enrollment into the Computer Science program.

  • Meet all graduate admission requirements for acceptance to the Computer Science programInternational applicants with a 3+2 Masters degree will be evaluated as equivalent to a 4-year Bachelors degree
  • Candidates may transfer up to 9 semester hours of Computer Science graduate coursework from other regionally accredited degree-granting universities, upon approval of faculty advisor
  • To be considered for Standard Admission, candidates must demonstrate relevance of their bachelors degree to the Computer Science curriculum and satisfy one of the following:
  • Undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 2.85 or above
  • Official GRE test scores
  • To be considered for Probationary Admission, one or more of the following conditions may exist:
  • A cumulative GPA between 2.25 and 2.84
  • Credentials/documents that raise cause for reservation for admissionNote: Students admitted with Probation Status must earn a minimum 3.0 GPA in graduate coursework within their first semester of enrollment to continue in the program.
  • Candidates should demonstrate proficiency in the following prerequisite areas:
  • C++ or Java
  • Operating Systems
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    About The University Of Chicago

    John D. Rockefeller provided the cash, and William Rainey Harper led the fledgling University of Chicago. The year was 1890, and the new university combined both the rigors of a German research institute and an English liberal arts institution. The core value of the schools philosophy was intellectual freedom.

    That commitment has lasted throughout the universitys existence, and that, along with other factors, has elevated the University of Chicago to a No. 3 national ranking from U.S. News and World Report. It is also No. 18 on the list of Most Innovative Schools and No. 16 among Best Value Schools.

    At 217 acres, the campus is spacious without being sprawling, and the slightly more than 6,000 students enjoy their studies in close, almost familial, groups. President Barack Obama taught constitutional law at the university before joining the world of politics.

    Computer Science Major Opportunities

    As an added advantage, CUC also has an IEEE student branch, which enables you to take part in international competitions such as the IEEE Xtreme 24-Hour Programming Competition and IEEE International Future Energy Challenge.

    You are also encouraged to submit papers to conferences to present your ideas.

    Many computer science majors gain experience in supporting computer users by working at CougarNet, Concordia-Chicagos help desk for technical problems. Under the mentorship of experienced professionals, you can move into positions responsible for the installation and upgrading of software, troubleshooting and repairing computers, and working with databases throughout the University.

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    Programming Theoretically Useless Computer Science Courses

    The University of Chicagos computer science curriculum should continuously adapt to prioritize the instruction of more relevant real-world material.

    By Luke ContrerasMay 8, 2022

    When it comes to schools with the best computer science programs, the University of Chicago is not among the first universities that come to mind. Indeed, UChicagoranks 28th in the nation for computer science. While not terrible, a ranking this low in a popular and highly employable major is hardly impressive for a university that costs more than four times as much as several universities ranked above it, such as the University of Texas at Austin and the University of California, Berkeley, which have out-of-state tuitions of about $40,000 and $44,000 respectively.

    Restructuring the introductory sequence is long overdue, but it should not be the last change to the curriculum. The CS department should equip students with marketable skills by continuing to adapt to the dynamic trends of widely used software. These skills will ultimately open the door to new opportunities that will reinforce the theoretical foundations emphasized here at the University of Chicago.

    Luke Contreras is a second-year in the College.

    What You Will Learn

    Computer Science

    33% Major Coursework, 33% Minor Coursework or Electives, 33% General Skills Development: You’ll learn both the theory and practical application of computer science to real-world scenarios in cutting-edge lab spaces. Additionally, you’ll learn how technology and information systems support multiple levels of businesses through access, analytics, and synthesis of information, which empower management to make strategic decisions. Areas covered include:

    Software Design and Management

    Hardware and software applications, e-commerce, network design, concepts of design and testing mobile application development.

    Computer Programming and Support

    Data types and expressions modalities and loops differences in programming languages writing code input and output functions object-based programming documentation in programming.

    Networking and Information Security

    Essential concepts, principles and practices of Information Security building, managing, and maintaining secure systems basic IP addressing IT security analysis.

    Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Warehousing

    Fundamental concepts of data mining ethics and privacy issues mining from web logs, forms, cookies, user identification, and path analysis descriptive statistics sampling, distribution, and confidence intervals regression analysis cloud computing and big data.

    Information Systems

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    About The Bs In Computer Sciences And Information Systems

    Our Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences and Information Systems is designed for students interested in new technologies and computing systems. Throughout the program, youll gain the skills necessary to succeed in a career in computing and information, accruing technical skills, business acumen, and soft skills. Coursework includes concentration options in web development, networking and information security, and analytics. Students will also learn how these fields integrate into business operations.

    Seminar In Higher Education

    In addition to the base program curriculum, international students attending face-to-face classes on the CUC campus are required to take the Seminar in Higher Education, a 3-credit course.

    Course Description

    This course will serve as an introduction to the U.S.-based higher education learning environment. Students will work to understand Concordia University Chicagos academic conventions, technological systems and communication culture while developing English grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

    The Seminar in Higher Education is an excellent opportunity for students to further develop critical skills to help them to be successful in their academic program. This 3-credit course is mandatory for international students attending face-to-face classes on the CUC campus.

    Course Objectives

    • Developing knowledge about local and academic culture
    • Building grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
    • Conducting graduate-level research with the use of electronic and library resources
    • Developing note-taking strategies for coursework
    • Reflecting on the U.S.-based education system

    Academic support for work in students current coursework will also be provided during or after class. Guest speakers include representatives from the campus library, writing center and technology services.

    Student feedback for the Seminar in Higher Education

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    Tuition And Financial Aid

    The tuition at the University of Chicago is charged by the quarter. Each of the undergraduate schools and divisions within each school at the university has its own tuition structure. The same applies to the graduate divisions. The general undergraduate cost, including room, board, and the full meal plan per quarter is $18,475, which comes to $73,900 per year. There are other options for students past their freshman year. Students should check the website for further undergraduate details or graduate tuition details, which are charged by the credit hour.

    Financial aid at the University of Chicago is slightly different than at many other institutions. Students still begin with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, but the universitys No Barriers program awards all such aid as grants. Unless they truly want to, students do not need to take out loans to pay for school. This groundbreaking strategy means that students do not graduate saddled with crushing debt. It is just one of the ways that the University of Chicago is leading the way into the 21st century.

    The University of Chicago is one of the leading universities not only in the United States but also in the world. Its commitment to excellence and innovation are shining beacons in the milieu of 21st-century education.

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    Popularity Of Compsci At Uchicago

    University of Chicago – Computer Sciences | WHY I CHOSE UNIVERSITY IN CHICAGO!

    During the 2019-2020 academic year, University of Chicago handed out 93 bachelor’s degrees in computer science. Due to this, the school was ranked #48 in popularity out of all colleges and universities that offer this degree. This is a decrease of 3% over the previous year when 96 degrees were handed out.

    In 2020, 156 students received their masterâs degree in compsci from UChicago. This makes it the #19 most popular school for compsci masterâs degree candidates in the country.

    In addition, 4 students received their doctoral degrees in compsci in 2020, making the school the #66 most popular school in the United States for this category of students.

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    Master’s Program In Computer Science

    The Masters Program in Computer Science offers a comprehensive and professionally-oriented computer science education that combines the foundations of computer science with the applied and in-demand skills necessary for careers in technology. The MPCS is especially well suited for students interested in Application Development, Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, and Software Engineering.

    The coursework in our program represents a realistic balance between CS foundational theory and applied technical courses. Core classes include Programming, Algorithms and Systems coursework. Electives include new and innovative courses to keep up with the fast-paced world of technology including courses in Software Engineering, Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing, Application Development, Web Development, Cloud Computing and Information Security.

    What sets our program apart is our ability to tailor coursework to the career goals and backgrounds of our students. For students that do not have a background in math or programming, we offer math and programming prerequisite courses to introduce students to computing and to the fundamental and introductory skills that are needed to successfully begin masters-level coursework. Students with more advanced backgrounds can begin in higher-level classes.

    Schedule an appointment to speak with one of our MPCS Admission Staff to learn more about the MPCS today!

    Tech Recruiting: Put Your Best Foot Forward

    Careers in Computer Science partners with the Department of Computer Science to offer Tech Career Workshops that provide training in technical skills, give students the opportunity to practice technical interviews, and bring tech recruiters onsite to offer tips and feedback. Workshop content includes hands-on opportunities such as coding challenges, resume and cover letter reviews, and an introduction to the technical recruiting process.

    Learn more about technical recruiting including technical roles, resumes, personal projects, interviewing, and networking here.

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    Computer Science Degrees At The University Of Chicago

    The University of Chicago appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Masters in Computer Science Degree Programs.

    At the University of Chicago, students interested in computer science can study as undergraduate students or graduate students. Exceptional students may also select joint programs, such as earning a bachelors degree and masters degree at once. Depending on the selected track, the bachelors degree earned may be either Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science.

    The computer science major at the undergraduate level studies in such classes as Introduction to Blockchain, Large Scale Data Methods, and Mathematics for Computer Science: Discrete Mathematics. Students must also select from among several theory courses that include Introduction to Cryptography, Mathematical Logic I, and Introduction to Complexity Theory. In all, the bachelors degree requires 120 credit hours to complete.

    The masters degrees offered include the Master of Computer Science and the Master in Computational Analysis and Public Policy. Both of these degrees allow students great flexibility in choosing their focus areas. Some students select a pre-doctoral, research-based degree while others choose to focus on software engineering, data analytics, or mobile computing.

    Ph.D. candidates may select straight computer science, computational mathematics, or a combined mathematics and computer science doctorate. As is usual with degrees of this level, a dissertation is required.

    Meet Employers And Visit Top Tech Markets

    Department of Computer Science

    In addition to the rapidly growing tech sector in Chicago, Careers in Computer Science offers career treks to connect students with employers throughout the U.S. and around the world. These treks bring students to leading tech destinations such as Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, Shenzhen, and Tel Aviv.

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