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University Of Chicago Summer Program

Take Your Summer To The Next Level

UChicago Summer Session Student Experience

Enrich your summer experience by exploring our Elevate College Prep summer programs in Computing and Technology. This summer, Illinois Tech is offering several online programs for high school students who are interested in learning more about information technology, computing, and next-generation technologies. Check out our program selection, and prepare to discover with us at Illinois TechChicagos only tech-focused universitythis summer.

Description Of University Of Chicago Summer School

Summer camp programs for children are developed and conducted jointly with leading US universities, and the first institution opened its doors to students as far back as 1984. A wide variety of studying programs from preparatory courses for applicants to combined programs is intended for students from around the world 9-17 years who have shown outstanding results in studying a particular subject, have remarkable abilities and talents.

Preparatory programs for applicants give students the opportunity to fully adapt and integrate into the educational environment of the United States, to develop language and subject knowledge and skills intensively. Courses designed for gifted children involve learning more than 80 disciplines: both classical academic subjects and creative or sports electives.

Studying in summer camps at universities is an ideal chance for gifted children to communicate with talented peers who share their hobbies and interests, to learn more about an attractive discipline, to deepen and update their knowledge. University are well equipped and are ideally suited for high-grade, comfortable and convenient studying.

Graduate Summer Research Program

The BSD Graduate Summer Research Program is designed to introduce incoming graduate students in the BSD to the responsibilities and opportunities for graduate students at the University of Chicago before the start of the rigorous academic year. The primary focus will be on lab research supported by an informal schedule of journal-club like meetings where other aspects of graduate study are introduced

Contact your graduate program administrator for more information


In 2004 Cathryn Nagler, the Bunning Family Professor in the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering and the Department of Pathology, was one of the first scientists to discover the link between intestinal bacteria and immunology. In 2014, Nagler discovered that Clostridia, a class of gut bacteria, protects against food allergies. Her research group is now working to find a treatment for food allergies via a microbiome-based treatment.

Clifton Ragsdale, Associate Professor in the Departments of Neurobiology and Organismal Biology and Anatomy, along with Organismal Biology graduate student Caroline Albertin and a team of researchers from University of California, Berkeley and Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology sequenced the genome of the California Two-spot octopus .

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Why Summer Programs Benefit High Schoolers

Summer programs for high school students are about more than just having fun . One of the main benefits of summer programs is that they allow students to specialize in an area of interest. These programs often give students an inside look into an industry or academic discipline that they wouldnt be able to get in a traditional class setting, and expand students awareness of opportunities in that field.

Many summer programs are held at colleges and universities, which provides an additional bonus of helping students get a feel for what its like to live on a college campus. These programs can often inform students of hard-to-find resources, such as specialized learning communities or even scholarships. Not only that, but being on a college campus can inspire students about attending college in general, since they experience the combination of fun social activities with stimulating intellectual endeavors firsthand.

College admissions officers care about students extracurricular activities and often consider them not only as part of the admissions process, but also when awarding merit scholarships. They want to see that students pursued their interests outside of the classroom and took advantage of the resources available to them. Summer programs are often more interesting to admissions counselors because fewer students participate in them, and these experiences can be valuable material for a memorable admission essay.

Summer Programs At The University Of Chicago

University of Chicago Summer Kids Academy Camp (Chicago, USA)

The Summer Immersion programs at the University of Chicago are three-week courses designed specifically for high school students to give them a taste of what college is like. UChicago offers a variety of topics for students so that they can explore their academic and professional interests in a college environment. Students will also get to take advantage of all of the resources that Chicago itself has to offer through field trips and campus events.

Note: These program costs are all approximate. There may be differences in cost based on whether a student stays on-campus or decides to commute, is an Illinois resident or not, or if there are scholarships available.

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Uchicago Summer Online Programs For Pre

This summer, take an undergraduate-level course with high school students from all over the world, from wherever you are! Summer Online allows students to explore subjects like biochemistry, art, quantitative finance, and more through five-week courses involving real-time interaction, engaging class discussions, and group projects. Each course has been especially designed to make the most of online resources and activities, and deliver the academically rigorous experience synonymous with UChicago.

The University Of Chicagos Summer Online Program Helps You Focus On Your Future From Anywhere

By University of Chicago

UChicago Summer Session offers intensive online summer courses for undergraduatesand recent graduates from around the world who seek to challenge themselves asthey move to the next stage in their academic and professional careers. We seeka diverse student body interested in turning ideas into meaningful actionthrough collaboration and rigorous analytical thinking, and exploring emergingacademic disciplines. Earn UChicago credit from anywhere in the world!

UChicago Summer Intensive OnlinePrograms June 13-August 12, 2022

The Summer Business Scholars Program now in its 16th year,brings students across disciplines and around the world together for animmersion into Building the New Venture with entrepreneur and angel investor CJPryzbyl and other outstanding faculty coaches affiliated with the Chicago Booth School of Business, one of the top business schools in the world. SBSPencourages students from any academic discipline to participate, not just thosewith business backgrounds. SBSPs experiential curriculum provides a solidfoundation for those interested in using entrepreneurial skills to address thebiggest issues of our time be they local or global, social or environmental through building a new for-profit or not-for-profit venture.

Applications for University ofChicago summer programs will be accepted on a rolling basis until May 15, 2022,if space permits. Financial aid is available. Contact us at at any time with questions.

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Admission Dates And Extra Charges

Program dates: from July 16 to August 5.

The cost of the program is not included and is paid separately:

  • Registration fee – 150 USD
  • Meeting and escorting the child on the way at the airport –
  • Seeing and escorting the child on the way to the airport –
  • Transfer
  • Medical insurance policy – 2 USD / day
  • Visa fees and services.

Reu In Molecular Genetics And Cell Biology

RISE Academy Program Offers Free First Year Of College At Chicago State University

The Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology at the University of Chicago is at the forefront of research in molecular mechanisms underlying cell biology and organismal development. Current faculty work on fundamental problems in biology using a wide range of model systems including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, plants, nematode worms, fruit flies, fish and mice. With funding from the National Science Foundation, the Department offers an exciting opportunity for talented undergraduates to acquire experience in research. This program is designed for students who are interested in attending graduate school and pursuing a career in science. MGCB Summer Internships allow students to devote themselves to research projects, working in collaboration with graduate students or postdoctoral fellows, to address important problems in biology.

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Summer Immersion Programs For Pre

Immerse yourself in one of your passions and take advantage of the rich educational resources offered by the University through our summer Immersion programs for high school students. In these undergraduate-level courses, you will get personalized attention from faculty, researchers, and other professionals who will lead you through workshop discussions, research projects, and other hands-on activities.

Whether youre looking for creative writing workshops, preview courses in STEM fields, or to explore theories of ethics, philosophy, and free expression, the University of Chicagos summer Immersion courses offer you the opportunity to explore a topic of interest in-depth.

THE IMMERSION PROGRAM IS RESIDENTIAL. Students live in residence and attend class in-person. There is no hybrid or remote option for Immersion courses.

Summer Session Tuition Benefit Program

The Summer Session office at the University of Chicago sponsors the Summer Session Tuition Benefit Program . Under the Summer Session Benefit Program, dependent children of University full-time benefits-eligible faculty, other academic appointees, and staff who are admitted to select Summer Session programs operated by the College will receive 25% off tuition costs for up to two Summer Session courses.

Depending on the requirements of the particular Summer Session program, interested students must apply to or register for their desired, eligible program and request the Summer Session Benefit. If the student is admitted, the 25% reduction is then applied to the tuition charged for the eligible program. This benefit is intended for staff and faculty dependents if staff or faculty members would like to take a course over the summer, please visit .

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Ccrf Summer Research Experiences

The College Summer Institute in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences : The College Summer Institute in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences provides selected undergraduates the opportunity to undertake intensive intellectual training and research with accomplished scholars and peers at the University of Chicago.

The University of Chicago and University of Sussex International Junior Research Associates Program: The UChicago-Sussex IJRA program provides selected College students the opportunity to participate in a summer of intensive, faculty-mentored research in the Humanities at one of the UKs leading institutions of higher education, the University of Sussex. As members of the IJRA program, College students in the arts and humanities will have the opportunity to undertake a fully-funded research experience as part of a dynamic community of scholars researching and living together at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. This program is distinct from other opportunities for UChicago Humanities undergraduates to pursue international research because it invites students into a collaborative research experience, apprenticing with and contributing to the work of a leading scholar in an international context.

Summer At Roosevelt University

UChicago Summer Session

Whether you attend Roosevelt, another university or a high school, take advantage of our flexible summer session and get one step closer to achieving your academic goals.

Current Students

Get closer to graduation with RU Summer Session. Our flexible schedule allows you to enjoy summer while earning the credits you need. From May through August, a huge selection of one-, two-, five- and 10-week courses will be offered online and on our Chicago and Schaumburg campuses. To verify your financial aid eligibility for the summer semester, request an evaluation with your financial aid counselor today.

Roosevelt students across colleges and majors may also be eligible to participate in the Mansfield Institute Fellowship for Activism and Community Engagement program. Fifteen selected fellows will be placed in social justice-focused community organizations in Chicago for a 10-week period at 10 hours per week. Each fellow will attend University events, a recognition ceremony, present work at conferences and receive a stipend of $2,500. Apply for the fellowship by March 2, 2022.

Visit RU Access to register for summer classes.

Visiting, Non-Degree Seeking and High School Students

Earn additional credits toward your degree, or try something new by taking non-credit courses for personal enrichment. Enjoy the activities of the summer and achieve academic success.

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Want To Know How Your Profile Compares To Students With Similar Goals

See how your profile stacks up to other students and what areas you need to improve in order to meet your college and future career goals. Get started in minutes with your 100% free CollegeVine account!

Students and parents often think that summer camps are reserved for younger kids and that high schoolers are better off spending their summers working. However, there are numerous summer programs designed specifically for high school students that can give your teenager the opportunity to learn and grow in ways that a traditional part-time job cannot.

Summer programs are a way for high school students to develop their interests and learn more about college and career paths. Plus, participating in a summer program can make a students application stronger by senior year by demonstrating interest in a specific subject through specialized courses, students can enhance the theme of their application and show that they went the extra mile to develop their passion. Weve rounded up 15 summer programs offered at the University of Chicago to help parents figure out which program might suit their students unique interests and goals.

Want to learn what University of Chicago will actually cost you based on your income? And how long your application to the school should take? Heres what every student considering University of Chicago needs to know.

Summer 2022 Tuition Benefit

    High school

    Over 30 100-unit courses offered

    High school One, 200-unit course

    High school

    Over 35 100-unit courses offered

    High school

    6 100-unit courses offered

    High school ,undergraduate, or graduate students

    UChicago second-, third-, and fourth-years

    100-unit courses offered

    The 25% reduction is applicable only to the cost of tuition . As part of the Tuition Benefit, for those programs that require an application, the application fee will be waived.

    In order to be eligible for Summer Session Benefit Program:

    • Applicants must be a dependent of a University of Chicago full-time benefits-eligible faculty, other academic appointee, or staff member at time of application.
    • Applicants must submit the Summer Session Benefit request form, including evidence of dependent status as specified in the form.

    The Benefits Office will confirm that staff and faculty are the eligible for the tuition benefit by the start of the summer.

    Current UChicago College Students

    • Current UChicago College students may simply enroll in Summer Business Scholars, Summer Financial Math, Summer Language Institute, Summer Quarter, or courses through My.UChicago beginning in early March 2022.
    • To request for the Summer Session Benefit, complete enrollment in your desired course through My.UChicago, then submit the 2022 Faculty and Staff Tuition Benefit Request Form .

Students from Other Colleges or Universities

High School Students

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Activities University Of Chicago Summer School

A busy and entertaining leisure program is organized for students at the camp at the University of Chicago, including various events 6 days a week . Sunday is fully provided to the students themselves: they can walk or go in for sports, visit the laundry and library, chat with new friends.

During the day, students are provided with creative and sports opportunities for the campus – for example, swimming, volleyball, basketball, tennis, chess, football. In the evening, students are offered a variety of themed parties and shows, a karaoke evening and a casino, performances, games and competitions. Students can visit a disco, participate in an intellectual quiz or join a group film screening.Saturday is a day of outings and excursions. Most students go to see local and regional attractions, visit research centers, natural and national parks, interesting and original cities of the United States.

On the last day of school, all students attend the closing ceremony: teachers share successes of each, issue brand certificates, prepare a slideshow, a copy of which students can take as a keepsake. Farewell party is a great way to remember the best moments of the course and personally see your own progress and achievements.

Note that for older students there are special privileges and certain freedoms that they can use, starting from the third day of their stay in the camp:

Study This Summer With One Of The Top Business Schools In The World

The 2021 Expanding Diversity in Economics Summer Institute

Chicago Booth’s approach to teaching helps you build an analytical framework rooted in problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will set you apart from your peers in the classroom and in recruiting. Participants who complete our courses will receive University of Chicago undergraduate course credit. After completing our courses, you will return to your undergraduate institution or head to your first job or internship with a newfound confidence and a distinct competitive advantage. We prepare you to excel with employers and to make an immediate impact on your organization upon beginning your internship or full-time job, giving you the knowledge and tools youll need to think decisively and act confidently.

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Northwestern Summer Programs For Pre

College Preparation Program

Prepare for college with Northwesterns College Prep Program. Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors can take courses for college credit or a two-week e-FOCUS seminars covering a range of topics.

College Bridge Program

Offered in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools, 25 CPS juniors enroll in courses as part of the Northwestern Summer Session. Students earn credit and experience learning on a college campus a terrific head start for any student preparing for college.

Visiting Undergraduate And Graduate Students

The application for Summer 2022 programs is now open. See the Visiting Students page for more information or – go here to continue your application.

Applicants from any academic major are welcome!

Admitted visiting students should review the Visiting Undergraduate Summer Students page for information on essential steps to connect to your course, including setting up your CNET ID , UChicago Zoom, UChicago VPN, Canvas, library access, and more.

Our instructional approach emphasizes the strong connections between theoretical learning and practical, hands-on experience. Guest speakers and workshop leaders drawn from Chicago Booth faculty, staff, and alumni will bring their real-world experiences into the classroom, providing a broader context for how course content applies to modern business.

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