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Used Rolex For Sale Chicago

How To Wind A Rolex

Used Rolex Daytona 16519 black Diamond Dial For Sale
  • Many Rolex watches are equipped with automatic self-winding movements that wind themselves with the natural motion of your arm, however these watches can also be manually wound – similar to how you would on a traditional pocket watch. To wind a Rolex, you unscrew the winding crown and rotate it clockwise. This will manually supply tension to the mainspring, and allow it to run while off your wrist.

The Difference Between Certified Pre

Just like a car, every piece can only be sold as “brand-new” once, and can only be sold as brand-new by an authorized dealer. As soon as the watch leaves the dealership and the warranty card has been filled out, that timepiece is technically pre-owned, even if it is not worn a single time after that.

Even if you purchased brand-new, that watch is now considered pre-owned because you are now the owner of it. Should you wish to sell that same watch even if you only owned it for a single day, and never wore it once that watch is technically no longer new, and in the vast majority of instances, will be worth less than what you originally paid for it. While the amount of depreciation can vary significantly depending on the model of watch and its use of precious metals, there will always be some degree of reduction in value that immediately occurs the moment the watch leaves the authorized dealer.

Although used and certified pre-owned might sound similar, the primary distinction is that CPO watches are certified authentic typically by an independent third party. At Bob’s Watches, our authenticity pledge guarantees through an independent service provider that each of our pieces are in fact 100% authentic.

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How Can I Pay For My Rolex Watch

We make the process of purchasing your Rolex watch easy by offering our customers a multitude of ways to pay for their watch. Whether you want to pay by credit card, financing or by wire transfer, we can easily accommodate your request. We do this because we know people have different preferences when purchasing such expensive, precious items and we want to make sure every customer can do what they feel comfortable with. Not only do we go the extra mile to offer our customers a wealth of different payment options, we offer every customer complimentary overnight shipping.

What Is The Best Rolex To Buy

Rolex Watch
  • The best Rolex to buy comes down to what you want out of your watch. Rolex watches come in all different shapes and sizes and many were built for specific purposes such as SCUBA diving or yacht racing. The best Rolex watch for one person might not be the best for another, and it is most important to find a Rolex model that fits your wrist and works well with your lifestyle.

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What Should I Look For When Buying A Rolex Watch Online

When you buy Rolex watches, like the Rolex Submariner, it is important you find a reputable dealer to ensure that you are in fact purchasing a genuine, 100% authentic. This is and should be more important than the price. At Bobs Watches, we guarantee the authenticity of each and every watch we sell. In fact, most of our watches have been bought directly from the prior owner and come with the original box and paperwork from Rolex USA.

Every watch listed on our website comes backed by our lifetime authenticity pledge and is certified to be 100% authentic by a third party organization called Watch CSA. You can rest assured knowing that one of our expert watch makers has thoroughly inspected every detail before a wristwatch is listed for sale.

Rolex Watches Chicago: Buy Certified Rolex Watches

Chicago has and continues to be a leader in business and fashion. The up and comers as well as the established leaders of Chicago choose Rolex watches for a couple of reasons style, quality and prestige. You can purchase a certified pre-owned Rolex watch at up to 50% off. Bob’s has made it simple and safe to purchase a pre-owned Rolex watch. The people of Chicago want to know they are buying from a reputable pre-owned Rolex dealer. Bob’s has been rated number 1 pre-owned Rolex dealer by the customers of Chicago hands down.

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How To Tell If A Rolex Is Real

  • There are a number of different ways to tell if a Rolex is real, but one of the best ways is to look at the details on the watch in question. Rolex watches are some of the finest timepieces on Earth, and they should look like it. If the watch feels cheap or has any sloppy printing, that’s a good sign that it may not be a real Rolex. Be sure to check out our full comprehensive guide on How to Spot a Fake Rolex, and if you still are unsure, you can always bring it to your nearest authorized Rolex retailer to confirm.

How Much Is A Used Rolex

Used Rolex Submariner 18k Gold 116618 Watch Review | Bob’s Watches
  • Much like brand-new watches, the price of a used model can vary greatly depending on the specific model, its materials, and the overall condition of the timepiece itself. It is also worth noting that secondhand timepieces can often sell for significantly more than brand-new ones due to their age, rarity, and overall desirability. Additionally, it is not uncommon for certain pre-owned Rolex watches, which are still currently in production, to sell for more than brand-new examples, simply due to an overwhelming demand and the existence of multi-year-long waitlists at authorized retailers.

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Why You Should Buy Women’s Or Men’s Rolex Pre

While the experience of walking into an authorized dealer and purchasing brand-new can be exciting, buying pre-owned is a much smarter and more practical method of securing a timepiece from one of the most important luxury watch brands in history. Buying from Bob’s Watches can be a smart choice if one is considering the purchase as a long-term investment.

About Rolex Yacht Master Watches

The Yacht-Master is one of the more recent additions to the Rolex family of watches. The brand first introduced the model in 1992 with the Reference 16628. Rolex developed the collection with the needs of the sailing community in mind. Its designed to help skippers measure and anticipate the crucial countdown interval leading up to the start of a regatta or sailing race.

The original 16628 was only available in 18-karat yellow gold. It housed a caliber 3135 movement and featured a white dial, oversized 40mm case, and triple lock crown with water resistance up to 100 meters. Just two years later, Rolex debuted a slightly smaller version with a 35mm case: the Reference 68628. That same year, they also released a womens version, the Reference 69628, with a 29mm case.

Still, it wasnt until seven years after its creation that Rolex made their first major update to the Yacht-Masters design. In 1999, they introduced the first stainless steel and platinum iteration of the model. They dubbed this combination Rolesium.

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How To Buy A Rolex Watch Online

With thousands of 5-star reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Bob’s Watches has become the world’s most trusted place to buy and sell online. Don’t believe us? See for yourself – click the link below to read through our reviews.

  • 4.8/5 Star Rating from 700+ Verified Reviews
  • A+ Better Business Bureau

About Rolex Datejust Watches

Pin on Watch shop

The Datejust was first introduced in 1945 in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of the Rolex brand. To commemorate the occasion, they set out to create a timepiece that was different than any other watch offered at the time. What emerged was the Datejust, the first self-winding, water-resistant wristwatch with a date window on the dial.

The history of the Datejust begins with the Jubilee Datejust, Reference 4467, which was first released in 1945. This original model was only available in 18-karat gold and had a small bubbleback winder with a deeply domed back. It featured a water-resistant Oyster case, fluted bezel, and signature Jubilee bracelet, making it instantly identifiable as a Rolex.

Over the years, the Datejust has seen subtle improvements to its features while remaining true to its original design. Several years after its debut, the Datejust received a major update. In 1954, Rolex added the Cyclops lens to the case. This magnifying bubble is situated on the lens directly above the date. It serves to increase the legibility by two and a half times. Today, the Cyclops lens has become a standard for Rolex watches and is considered a brand trademark.

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How Much Is A Rolex Watch

The price can vary greatly depending on the specific model, the metals/materials selected in its construction, the overall condition of the timepiece , and whether the watch is being sold as secondhand or brand-new. Certain watches can be purchased for as little as a few thousand dollars however others sell for hundreds of thousands sometimes even millions of dollars, and represent some of the most expensive wristwatches in the world.

  • – Datejust 36mm: $7,050

Can You Wear A Rolex Everyday

  • You can certainly wear a Rolex every single day! Rolex watches make some of the best daily-wear timepieces available and can last multiple lifetimes when properly maintained. Despite being considered luxury items, Rolex watches are incredibly durable and offer their owners many years of reliable performance.

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Is The Process Of Buying A Watch Secure

At Bob’s Watches we understand that guarding your privacy and information is a top priority. So please know that when you purchase a Rolex from us, the transaction is protected by the highest level of security in a 256-bit SSL Encryption. Some online shopping websites only offer 128-bit security. This is yet another important reason to trust Bob’s Watches the next time you buy a Rolex watches online.

A Historic Watch Brand

Used Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 Red Lettering For Sale

Although Rolex was originally founded in London, it is today headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the mecca for quality Swiss engineering. Each Rolex watch is crafted with care and with scrupulous attention to detail. Both of these qualities are testaments to the quality that luxury Swiss-made watches such as Rolex watches represent. It is an impressive feat that Rolex has been able to dominate the luxury watch industry for over a century without slowing down in overall popularity or cutting-edge innovations.

After its debut, Rolex was known as the James Bond watch due to Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton using them in their respective movies. They have since become a status symbol, which makes certain models highly prized to collectors.

The watches are expensive partly because of the materials used. 904L Stainless Steel is more expensive than the steel used in other timepieces, owing to its durability and aesthetic appearance. For that reason, Rolex increases the prices on theirs. The company also sources and crafts its own gold rather than buying from a retailer. They are the only watchmaker to own its gold, which makes their wares more expensive.

Time is also a factor. Due to the material used, as well as the artisans involved, it takes a year for Rolex to release a new brand of watches. This makes Rolexes relatively exclusive, compared to watches you can buy in any store. While you use a watch to tell the time, you get a larger investment when buying one of these.

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Sell Your Watches For Top Cash Prices In Chicago

At the Chicago Gold Gallery, we buy and sell watches in Chicago and can give you the cash you need or give you a great selection of affordable wholesale to public watches from which to choose. If you are looking to buy, stop by often because our inventory changes frequently as people come to us to sell their watches. When youre looking to sell we are your watch buyers in Chicago.

Sell Your Rolex Omega Tag Heuer Or Other Luxury Watch In Chicago For Cash

At Royal Pawn Chicago, we buy and sell all brands of luxury watches. You get cash today for you Rolex or other luxury brand, or buy a luxury watch, new or pre-owned, for up to 80% off the retail price.

A list of luxury watch brands that we buy and sell:

  • Rolex

  • Invicta

  • and many other brands!

Above: One of our many pre-owned Rolex Yacht-Master gold watches for sale. If you’re looking to buy or sell a luxury watch, come into Royal Pawn Chicago at 428 South Clark St. in Chicago, IL.

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How Can I Know I Am Getting The Best Price For My Luxury Watch

From the very beginning, Bob’s Watches has strived to be the most transparent and honest business in the pre-owned watch industry. Not only are our prices incredibly low, the prices we are willing to give our customers for the watches they wish to sell to us are posted right on our website for the world to see. We encourage all of our customers to shop around and find the price that works for them without compromising the authenticity of your watch.

Trust The Best Certified Pre

Rolex Watch

The Gray & Sons store has been selling restored, like new, and usedRolex watches since 1980 and has become the #1 used Rolex Seller in Miami, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. Having a huge selection of the most popular Rolex watches has made us an authority in the used luxury watch market. We have been the top Rolex sellers in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Palm Beach, and Huston.

Please contact us with any questions and a member of our skilled team would be happy to provide further assistance. Our Miami Beach store experts will also show you our wares in person, and to make recommendations on the right match. You can emulate James Bond, at a much lower price.

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