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View From Chicago Theatre Seats

Main Floor/orchestra Seating At The Chicago Theatre

LichtsinnRV.com – Winnebago View and Navion 24D Theater Seating Measurements

This seating area is by far the largest at the Chicago Theatre and because of that, not all locations can be treated the same. Sections 3-4 are considered the most desirable, and its wise to use caution if youre purchasing tickets in the 1 sections as high seat numbers in those sections will put you right near the venues walls.

If youre purchasing tickets in row M or higher, youre better off purchasing tickets in first few rows of the Balcony section, as that will afford you a better view of the stage.

Chicago Theatre Seating Reviews

  • “Great for the Cheap Seats” – – For being all the way in the last segment in the balcony these seats still felt awfully close. I wa…Balcony 1R, Row M, Seat 104
  • “On the aisle and walkway” – – These seats were nice to be able to get to the walkway quickly. They are pretty close to the center …Balcony 3R, Row A, Seat 320
  • “Way back in last row, had to look between people in front of me” – – I will say that for being the last row in the main floor section 2R these seats weren’t the worst, b…Main Floor 2R, Row U, Seat 210
  • “Loved the Loge, could see everything!” – – I have to say, the Loge seats at the Chicago Theatre are arguably the best seats in the house! There…Loge 1R, Row CC, Seat 102
  • “Very hard to see the stage!” – – These seats are the second row in the upper balcony. With the rail covered, when you sat back in you…Balcony 4, Row N, Seats 7,8,9
  • “Nice Balcony View” – – Seats were very nice. Venue is beautiful. Dream Theater are amazing.Seats are low in the balcony…Balcony 1R, Row B, Seats 116-120
  • “Really good seats!!!” – – I really liked these seats youre actually so close to the stage I thought I was gonna be way fart…Main Floor 3L, Row MM, Seats 301,303
  • “Main Floor” – – Good visibility to the stageMain Floor 4R, Row HH, Seats 102-104
  • Chicago Theatre Seating Chart With Seat Numbers

    Like all theatres, the seat numbers at the Chicago Theatre are even numbered on the right side of the venue and odd numbered on the left side of the venue . The first digit in the seat number will reflect the section in which its located, and the following two will tell you exactly where you are in the section. The lower those next two numbers are, the closer youll be the center of the venue, which is a much more desirable seat. So in short, lower seat numbers are better, especially if you are purchasing tickets in sections 1 and 2 in any level.

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    The Chicago Theatre Seating Chart/seat Map Details

    We take great care in providing the most accurate seating charts/seat maps because we understand how crucial they are to choosing the right event. We also try to supply actual seat views from different parts of the venue to give you a sense of the view you’ll have from your seat. You can go to our The Chicago Theatre seat views page to see them. The Chicago Theatre can hold up to 3,600 people but we did not take 3,600 individual photos at The Chicago Theatre, therefore the seat views we show are usually a sample from different sections in a venue.

    Every seating chart/seat map at The Chicago Theatre can be a little different, therefore it’s probably a good idea to double check you’re looking at the one that matches the event you’re attending. If not, you can always choose a different seating chart from the list above.

    If you found the seating chart you’re looking for and just want to see events in Chicago, please see below:

    Mezzanine Seats At The Chicago Theater

    Mezzanine Box A at Chicago Theatre

    Am buying tickets ti A Christmas Story in Dec. at the Chicago Theater. How are the Mezzanine Box seats?

    The Chicago Theater mezzanine is under the balcony on the back wall.

    Here’s a seating chart –

    Here’s a review of the seating –

    You do NOT want the Mezzanine box seats. Get Front of Balcony. The Chicago was designed as a movie theatre – the box seats are terrible and the view of the stage is cut in half vertically.

    I agree with shallow_shoals: seats in the front of the balcony are very good, and I almost always choose those if available.

    I don’t necessarily agree with shallow. You’re closer to the stage at the front of the balcony but you are also practically staring down on the tops of the performers heads. Not a great site line. Mezzanine are lower and in my opinion makes up for the further distance. You have a nice view of what the stage designers intended the audience to see. Sound is great also.

    No, no , and no, do not buy the box seats. no sound, the large balcony cuts the proscenium in half and it’s claustrophobic. Get the dress circle/ front of balcony. Remember that The Chicago was built as a movie theatre with vaudeville acts.

    No, no , and no, do not buy the box seats. no sound, the large balcony cuts the proscenium in half and it’s claustrophobic. Get the dress circle/ front of balcony. Remember that The Chicago was built as a movie theatre with vaudeville acts.

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    #frommyseat Instagram Contest Only Through November 28

    How long has it been since your last show?What have you missed about the theatre?How does it feel to be back?

    Take a photo *from your seat* at your next theatre experience and share your perspective on how it feels to be back in the audience.

    Use the hashtag#FromMySeat and tag when sharing your selfie or a photo of your program book in a post or story on Instagram for a chance to win tickets to an upcoming theatre production.*

    We cant wait to see and hear about your return to the theatre.

    *Public accounts only. This contest is not associated with Instagram. Photography is not permitted of the stage or during performances. Click here for the official rules. Contest ends Sunday, November 28, 2021.

    Music Fans: See The Stage From Your Virtual Seat Long

    · PDF tiedosto

    actual view of the stage from their seat, amazing renovation work,

    Chicago Theatre Concert Tickets and Seating View

    · Chicago Theatre Seating Chart, The concert will take place at Chicago Theatre, Please contact the Disabled Services

    Chicago Theatre Seating Chart & Maps

    · View The Chicago Theatre seating charts for live events! If youre planning to visit The Chicago Theatre in Chicago,

    Chicago Theatre

    Primus Tickets (Rescheduled from July 10, Best seats at Chicago Theatre tips, seating charts and information for sports and concerts all around North America, 2021 and you can buy tickets on SeatGeek, jos haluat tarkastella Bingissä1:39

    · a view from the upper level of the chicago theater that you cant see from down below,

    Theatre In Chicago

    Chicago Childrens Theatre: Chicago Childrens newest virtual offering, 2020 and July 20, Balcony Box 13 No Photos Available, The Main Floor Level sits lowest in the theater and closest to the stage, the Mezzanine and Balcony, 2021 with Hinds and you can buy tickets on SeatGeek, Joy & Trampled by TurtlesView and shop tickets for Mt,

    3, wherever it may be in


    Seating Chart View features tickets, is a charming,5/5

    Chicago Theatre Seating Chart & Map

    Brit Floyd Concert in ChicagoBrit Floyd is on tour in Chicago on Saturday August 14th, Chicago, said Bryan Perez, Orchestra Seating Orchestra seating, Tickets and Info,

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    Sat In Booth Seats For Vince Vaughn

    Got 4 booth tickets for Vince Vaughn at the Chicago Theatre. Did some searching to find out more info on the booth seats and didn’t find that much around.The booths are located on the Mezzanine level. Each booth is directly behind the mezzanine seating. There are 14 booths of 4 seats each. Each booth is a couch for 4 with a table in front of it. If you have a group of 4, as we did, it was great. Otherwise, you will be sharing the couch/table with strangers.The big bonus of the booth seating is the waiter service. The downside of the waiter service is you cannot start a tab with the waiter and must pay cash . So having to pay for each round as they come in cash with the show going on in front of you is a bit of a hassle. Seems like it would be much more user friendly if they allowed you to start a tab and run your card at the end. The sight lines are good. The booth seating isn’t that close to the stage. It is farther back from the stage than you would think from the seating chart. The balcony/loge hangs way over the mezzanine. But you can still see the stage with the overhang. Would suggest booth seating if you have 4 people and are looking to hang out/socialize/have drinks at a show. Wouldn’t suggest it for a play etc where you plan to be quiet and attentive. Would prefer regular seats in that case as opposed to a couch for 4.

    Pit Seating At The Chicago Theatre

    The Historic Auditorium Theatre Chicago

    The pit seating at the Chicago Theatre is as close as you can get to stage for any performance. It consists of 4 rows and commands the highest prices in the entire venue. You need to make sure you pay close attention to the seat numbers when purchasing tickets in the Pit. Seat numbers above 420 will be off to the side of the stage and in many cases are not worth the high price that the pit normally commands.

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    The Chicago Theatre Ticket Policy

    Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at The Chicago Theatre would be listed for the buyer to consider prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the The Chicago Theatre seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent.

    Seats So Comfortable You’ll Wish The Opera Was Longer

    We look forward to welcoming you back to our newly improved Ardis Krainik Theatre. Thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous donor in support of Lyric’s Patron Accessibility Initiative, brand-new seats are being installed throughout the house.

    • At the conclusion of this exciting new renovation project we will open with plush, state-of-the-art seats with a pleasing ergonomic design

    • New Main Floor seating configuration that provides staggered design for better sightlines that will parallel the graduated views offered on upper floors

    • Wider aisles for improved entrance and exit flow

    • Increased accessibility with more wheelchair-accessible seating

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    Chicago Theatre Seating Chart

    For most events, Chicago Theatre seating capacity is around 3,600. The Chicago Theatre seating chart divides these many seats across just three levels. The Main Floor Level sits lowest in the theater and closest to the stage. There are also two elevated levels, the Mezzanine and Balcony, which provide ample seating well above stage level.

    Chicago Theatre Seating Chart View

    Shot of the Day: Chicago Theater from the Inside

    masuzi January 30, 2018Uncategorized37 Views

    Chicago theatre seating chart maps chicago theatre seating chart with seat chicago theatre seating chart with seat photos at chicago theatre

    Chicago Theatre Seating Chart Maps

    Chicago Theatre Seating Chart With Seat Numbers Tickpick

    Chicago Theatre Seating Chart With Seat Numbers Tickpick

    Chicago Theatre Seating Chart In

    How To Get The Best Seats For Hamilton In Chicago Theatre News

    Auditorium Theatre Il Seating Chart Maps Chicago

    The Chicago Theatre Seat Map Msg Official Site

    The Chicago Theatre Official Site

    Cibc Theatre Seating Chart Seatgeek

    Chicago Theatre Section Balcony Box 8

    Seating Chart Arie Crown Theater

    Cadillac Palace Theatre Seating Chart

    Chrissie Hynde Concert A Night With Pretenders And Stockholm Groupon

    Cadillac Palace Theater Chicago Il Seating Chart Stage Com

    The Chicago Theatre Venue Tours Official Site

    Rosemont Theatre Seating Chart Maps Chicago

    Chicago Theatre Section Mezzanine Box E

    Rosemont Theater Il Seating Chart Stage Chicago Com

    Booth Theatre Seating Chart Best Seats Pro Tipore

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    Balcony Seating At The Chicago Theatre

    The Balcony is the highest level of seating at the Chicago Theatre. Seats in sections A-E are the most desirable, as they still afford a nice view of the stage. The same seat number logic applies in the Balcony, the lower the seat number the better. The balcony boxes are along the sides of the balcony section but it can be difficult to secure these tickets unless you are purchasing directly from the Chicago Theatre

    Handicapped & Ada Seating At Chicago Theatre

    For those who are confined to a wheelchair and/or those looking to attend an event at Chicago Theatre with somebody who is, there is some important information that youll want to know. If youre seeking ADA or handicapped seating, youll usually find that there are accessible rows at the top of the lower levels of the venue. If necessary, folding chairs will be provided with guests, such as ones looking to sit with a fan confined to a wheelchair. One trick you can use to filter tickets that are handicapped or ADA accessible is by using our Additional filters + button on the event page that allow you to select ADA , which shows all seats that the seller has marked as handicapped seating.

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    Grand Opening Growth And Decline

    Abe and Barney Balaban, together with Sam and Morris Katzfounders of the Balaban and Katz theater chain, built the Chicago Theatre in 1921 as one of a large chain of opulent motion picture houses. The theater would become the flagship for 28 theaters in the city and over 100 others in the Midwestern United States that B& K operated in conjunction with the Paramount Publix chain.Cornelius W. Rapp and George L. Rapp were primary architects and the final construction cost was $4 million . The Rapp brothers also designed many other B& K properties in Chicago, including the Oriental and Uptown Theatres. Preceded by the now-demolished Tivoli Theatre of Chicago and Capitol Theatre of New York City, the Chicago Theatre was the “…largest, most costly and grandest of the super deluxe movie palaces” built up to that date and thus now the oldest surviving grand movie palace. The Chicago Theatre was among the earliest theaters in the nation to be built in Rapp and Rapp’s signature Neo-BaroqueFrenchrevival style. It is the oldest surviving example of this style in Chicago.

    The original 1921 interior decoration of the auditorium included fourteen large romantic French-themed murals surrounding the proscenium by Chicago artist Louis Grell , a common feature that Rapp and Rapp architects included in their movie palace designs.

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