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What Colleges Are In Chicago

College Of Lake County

UChicago VS Northwestern: Chicagoland’s Best Universities Compared

It is the third-best community college in Illinois as, at the College of Lake County, students may pursue a broad choice of academic degrees that will help them advance their careers and personal lives. It provides a wide range of professional training courses and other degrees, some of which may be transferred to other colleges as well.

Students must have a CLC English Placement Test or GED transcript and a Reading and Writing Proficiency Score of 550 or higher to be admitted. Scholarships are awarded by the university based on a students academic record, monetary need, and chosen major. Traditional courses and online certificate programs are also available at this institution.

Best Community Colleges In Illinois

Choosing the correct college may be a challenge, particularly in light of the high cost of attendance. Some of the nations greatest community colleges serve as stepping stones to four-year universities by providing students with affordable and well-rounded degree options that may be completed in as little as two years.

Illinois best public community colleges provide a wide range of associates degrees at a decent cost. They also work closely with Illinois public four-year universities to help students quickly move their credits to bachelors degree programs that are recognized by the state.

So, today I will talk about some of the best community colleges in Illinois.

Quick List of Contents

List Of Colleges & Universities Inchicagounited

Here is a list of22top colleges and universities inChicagowith details including location, courses offered, fees, rankings, official website for international students, year of establishment etc.

The list includes both public, private and government universities offering courses like diploma, bachelors, masters, certificate, PhD program and co-op program in full time & part-time basis in different subjects like Engineering, medical, arts, science, law, tourism, hospitality, nursing and healthcare. Theseuniversities inChicagohave high QS ranking in North America and recognized globally with good infrastructure, faculty, good international student enrollments and research facilities.Some of these institutes are recognized as designated learning institutes under Student Direct Stream .

This list will also provide you with information like number of foreign students / international students, scholarships, post graduate work permit , spouse visa, placement/career details, offer letter time, offer letter fee, acceptance rate, application processing time, accommodation time etc. You can also click the link given in each section to find more details like exchange students, classroom facilities, auditorium, labs, learning environment, internship & part-time jobs offered by individual colleges and universities.



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University Of Michigan In Ann Arbor Michigan

While just over 240 miles from Chicago, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is approximately four hours away by car. The University of Michigan was first established in Detroit in 1817. However in 1837 the school moved to Ann Arbor, which had donated the land they had once set aside in hopes of becoming the state capital. Today the campus has more than 500 major buildings and covers about 781 acres.

The academic programs at Michigan are considered to be among the finest in the nation and students can expect them to be challenging and rewarding. MichiganX is one way the school offers students of all ages a way to join in on the learning experience via edX. Of course the school has other online courses and programs to offer students. Currently the School of Dentistry, College of Engineering, School of Nursing, and the School of Public Health offer online programs for students.

For more information or to connect, please check out these links:

Schools Website

Best Chicago Community Colleges Faq

Academic Departments Contacts

Is community college free in Chicago?

No, itâs not free. However, most of the community college students in Chicago can take advantage of the financial aid, payment plans, and additional scholarships offered by their school.

Does community college always take two years to complete?

No, it depends on the program you choose to enroll in. Community colleges offer associate degree programs that take about two years, plus certificate programs and other technical training programs that can take anywhere from a few months to two years.

Is community college easy?

Community college is easy to get into because there are very few application requirements. However, this doesnât mean the course content of a community collegeâs programs wonât require any effort.

Is community college a good idea?

Yes, itâs a good idea to consider community college if youâre interested in taking advantage of a low cost way to pursue a college education. Itâs also an ideal way of gaining admission to a prestigious four-year school by transferring in from a community college.

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Moraine Valley Community College

Moraine Valley Community College is one of the best learning institutions in the Chicago area. The Palos Hills school was founded in 1967 as a two-year community college. It has a student body of about 24,000 and offers over 130 educational options, such as degrees and certificates. It has a transfer rate of around 22 percent and a graduation rate of 29 percent. Forty percent of its career and transfer students receive some form of financial assistance.

Colleges Universities And Online Colleges In Chicago

Find a program thats right for you.

Chicago is a destination city for students around the world. Home to one of the oldest and most successful city college networks in the country, Chicago is also host to several state universities, as well as a mosaic of private, non-profit schools from among the country’s smallest to the country’s largestand everything in between. A leader in modern education, both the public and private institutions in Chicago provide a range of distance learning programs that serve as models for higher learning facilities nationwide.

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Explore The Top Universities In Chicago Using Data From The Wall Street Journal/times Higher Education Us College Rankings

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Illinois.

Students might find that they dont need to leave the city to find employment as Chicago is home to the headquarters of Google, Boeing and Grubhub, among many others.

Chicago has many interesting sites, bars and restaurants to visit, as well as several music and cultural events throughout the year. The citys waterside position offers space to relax, go for a jog or walk with friends.

Purdue University In West Lafayette Indiana

Chicago Public Schools Cancel Classes Monday Amid Dispute

Purdue University which was established in 1869 lies about 125 miles from Chicago, Illinois in West Lafayette, Indiana. The university is now the flagship of the Purdue University system and proudly serves more than 40,000 students. The university has been particularly influential when it comes to aviation. Purdue was first to offer college credit in flight training, the first four-year bachelors degree in aviation, and is home to the first university airport, Purdue University Airport. In fact, the aviation and aeronautical engineering programs at Purdue continue to be competitive in order to be one of the best offered in the nation. In fact, 23 graduates have gone on to become astronauts, including Neil Armstrong.

Purdue offers students, both graduate and undergraduate, more than 200 areas of study to choose from. Currently, there are several masters level programs available online through Purdue University, and its not terribly surprising that included is a MS in aviation & aerospace management. There are also certificate programs available online and associates degree.

For more information or to connect, please check out these links:

Purdue Universitys Website

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Hope College In Holland Michigan

Holland, Michigan, home to Hope College lies about 150 miles away from the city of Chicago. The college was first opened in 1851 as the Pioneer School and affiliated with the Reformed Church in America. In 1866, seven students who felt the calling to go on full time Christian ministry after they graduated appealed to General Synod of the Reformed Church requesting theological training through Hope College, however it became the birth of the Western Theological Seminary which shares the same campus as Hope College.

Today, Hope college offers its students a liberal arts based curriculum and still maintains a vibrant Christian atmosphere. The college has a reputation for maintaining high standards and excellence in education. There are more than 80 majors, minors, and pre-professional programs offered through the college. Hope students also have online options when it comes to summer sessions as well as other select online courses.

For more information or to connect, please check out these links:

Hope Colleges Website

Butler University In Indianapolis Indiana

Indianapolis, home of Butler University, is about 185 miles away from Chicago. Butler first opened in 1855 as North Western Christian University and has been through several changes on the way to becoming Butler University. The university was the third institution of higher learning in the nation, and the first in its state, to admit both women and men. Butler University is also home to the Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium, which has the largest telescope in Indiana.

Butler University has six colleges Lacy School of Business, College of Communication, College of Education, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and Jordan College of the Arts. The school offers over 60 areas of study for students, both undergraduate and graduate. Not only does the school offer summer sessions with online options, but Fall and Spring semesters also offer online and hybrid courses in many different areas of study.

For more information or to connect, please check out these links:

Butlers Website

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Harry S Truman College

Previously known as Mayfair College, Harry S. Truman College started as a night school in the 1950s. Now it offers many more quality academic services and hands-on experiences to college students who wish to launch a career after graduating high school or transfer to four-year universities.

Truman College provides free English classes to students who are studying it as their second language. It has a 19 percent graduation rate and 21 percent of school graduates transfer to four-year institutions.

University Of Illinois At Chicago In Chicago Illinois

Public Colleges in Chicago, Illinois

The University of Illinois at Chicago is located in the Near West Side community of Chicago. The school has a history which dates back to multiple health colleges in the 1800s. New campuses werent built until the 1900s and UIC has continued to grow and change along with the world around it. Today, the University of Illinois at Chicago is the largest university in the area and is in the top 60 research universities in the nation. UIC has also been recognized for having excellent Career Services, ranking third overall.

The University of Illinois at Chicago offers undergraduates 83 programs to choose from. Graduate students have a variety of 93 masters degree programs and 64 doctorate programs to fulfill their educational needs. There are several programs offered online at UIC including 3 of the most popular bachelors degree programs such as Business Administration and completion degrees for RN to BSN, and Health Information Management. Graduate students have 8 masters degree programs and 1 doctorate program to choose from in the online format through UIC.

For more information or to connect, please check out these links:

UIChicagos Website

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List Of Colleges And Universities In Chicago

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The following is a list of colleges and universities in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Best Colleges In Chicago

After passing out of pre-school, then middle school, and high school, Students have to go to a better college, which gives them the best knowledge and information they need to succeed. Colleges make students get ready for their professions. They acquire all the detailed knowledge they need to growevery student dreams of having an opportunity to be in the best college. In this article we shall see the Best Colleges in Chicago.

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States it is well developed and has audacious architecture. It is covered with skyscrapers. Its people are mostly educated and concerned about it. Suppose anyone from Chicago or out of Chicago needs to be admitted to its college. In that case, a person can enjoy a big-city experience he can consider a college downtown. He can visit the cloud gate or suburban green campuses, which have a garden for artistic people and those who want to study. For all these students, some well-esteemed colleges include North Western University, University of Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, Univ of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola University Chicago, etc. They are one of the top-listed colleges in Chicago. There are more good colleges in Chicago as well.

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We Value Rigorous Inquiry

A diversity of people and ideas, coupled with free and open discourse, lays the foundation for students and scholars to bring forth original ideas that define fields and enrich human life.

Our scholars have led major breakthroughs in archaeological research, including carbon-14 dating.

UChicago scientists landmark sequencing of the octopus genome revealed the basis for intelligence and adaptive camouflage.

Prof. Eugene Parker discovered the solar wind and became the namesake of a NASA mission to the sun.

Chicago Schools define fields from economics and astrophysics to sociology and literary criticism.

UChicago Medicine performed historic back-to-back triple-organ transplants in 2018.

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Other factors we considered were the graduation and transfer rate, cost of attendance, the number of programs each school offered, plus the types of scholarships and financial aid options available. We also took into consideration whether they offered online courses and career training programs.

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Best Community Colleges For Nursing In Chicago

  • Triton College. The comprehensive registered nurse program offered by Triton College provides online and on-campus learners with knowledge of nursing theory and techniques, as well as biology education.
  • Harper College. This school provides incoming learners with the opportunity to train to become registered nurses and nursing assistants through an associate degree or certificate.
  • Moraine Community College. The nursing program at Moraine Community College is quite competitive. This two-year program is taught by industry professionals using cutting-edge technologies to provide students with real-world experience.
  • Malcolm X College. The nursing program at Malcolm X College provides a comprehensive certificate program to students who wish to start entry-level jobs as nurses and is perfect for those looking to gain hands-on experience.
  • Elgin Community College. The nursing program at this school has been training professional nurses for the past 50 years. It offers both a basic certificate in nursing assistance and an associate degree in registered nursing.
  • University Of St Francis

    Joliet, Illinois

    Undergraduate Tuition: $32,320

    Located in a residential neighborhood in Joliet, Illinois, University of St. Francis ranks as one of the most affordable Chicago area colleges. Its Joliet location provides students with close access to nearby Chicago, which is just 35 miles southwest. The 18-acre main campus serves approximately 4,100 undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a variety of degrees ranging from liberal arts, health sciences, and pre-professional programs. In addition to its main campus, St. Francis has two campus locations referred to as the downtown St. Bonaventure campus and the St. Clare campus. U.S. News and World Report ranks St. Francis University #28 in regional universities Midwest.

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    University Of Illinois At Urbana

    Located around 138 miles from Chicago, you will find the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the flagship university of the University of Illinois system. This land-grant institution was established in 1867 and has been recognized by Times Higher Education, the U.S. News & World Report, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities as one of the top 50 universities in the world as well as ranking in the top 5 engineering schools worldwide.

    It is not surprising to find that academics at Illinois are considered to be both challenging and rewarding whether taken on-campus or online. Online courses offered at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are taught by the same instructors as their on-campus equivalent. The online programs offered at UIUC vary from undergraduate and a wide variety of graduate degrees to certificates for both graduates and undergraduates. Many of the online programs have won national awards for excellence.

    For more information or to connect, please check out these links:

    UIUCs Website

    Lincoln Land Community College

    Top 10 Government &  Private Medical Colleges in USA â Pouted Online ...

    Lincoln Land Community College , which was founded in 1967, is an institution of higher learning in southern Illinois. Thanks to low tuition fees, LLCCs on-campus and online programs are of the highest caliber.

    In order to provide its online degree and certificate programs, the university uses a mix of online and hybrid classrooms. Depending on your chosen field of study, you may be required to attend classes in person on campus.

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