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Where Does Route 66 Start In Chicago

Can I Bring My Pets Along Route 66

Illinois Route 66 Start Your Trip in Chicago

Yes, of course, you can bring along your pets. The better question of course is to decide if you should bring along pets. It can be great to have the companionship of your dog on a trip but it also will limit where you can go and how much time you can spend exploring attractions along the route.

Many museums, attractions, restaurants, and hotels along Route 66 do not allow dogs or other pets. You can of course find many places you can go with your dog and several motel and hotel chains are pet friendly but it does limit your options. Most RV sites and campgrounds allow dogs so traveling with an RV can be a good option for pet owners.

Most motels and hotels have policies where you are not allowed to leave you pet unattended in the room which means one person should always stay with the pet. You should also of course not leave your pets unattended in a vehicle and in many U.S. states it is illegal to leave pets unattended in cars, especially in hot temperatures. It can be very hot when driving the sections in the West, especially in the summer months, and these temperatures can be dangerous to pets, especially larger dogs.

How Safe Is Traveling Route 66

We felt safe during our trip and did not have any incidents however, crime does happen along the route and you should be cautious, especially if you are traveling by yourself. Crime rates vary considerably along the route from big cities like Los Angeles and Chicago where there is higher rates of crime to small little towns in Oklahoma or Arizona where crime is relatively rare.

Most crime, especially violent crime, happens late at night or early in the morning. So completing your sightseeing by dinner time and heading off to your accommodation for the night may make you feel safer, especially if you are new to traveling in the United States.

The most common problem is probably theft you should follow all the practical travel safety guidelines as you would elsewhere. Keep your valuables hidden, car and hotel doors locked, and be cautious about opening motel or hotel doors to people you donât know. Travel insurance for any expensive valuables may be a good idea if traveling with items that would be costly for you to replace.

If you are wearing a purse, Iâd wear a cross body one that is difficult for someone to snatch and being hands-free makes them less likely to be sat down and left behind. Those with wallets may want to keep them in their front pants pockets or inside shirt pockets to make them more secure. You might also consider a hidden travel safety garment such as a hidden pocket to store extra money, IDs, and valuables.

Recommended Attractions At Popular Destinations

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How Accessible Is Route 66

If you are traveling in a wheelchair or have limited mobility, there are of course some things that will be more difficult and some places you will not be able to visit or stay. However, the great news is that a large number of the attractions can be seen from the road and you dont even need to get out of the car to see most of Route 66s roadside attractions, historic buildings, neon signs, etc.

I would make a list of the top places you want to see and then look up accessibility information to get an idea of what you will and will not be able to visit and see. For example the Meramec Caverns cave tour is not currently wheelchair accessible but the majority of the National Route 66 Museum complex is wheelchair accessible. Santa Monica has free all-terrain and beach wheelchairs available to rent that visitors can use to explore the area and beaches.

We would recommend that those with limited mobility, especially those with a wheelchair, book their accommodation in advance to be sure to get accessible rooms as options can be limited in the smaller towns and cities. Many motels and hotels along the route have wheelchair-accessible rooms available and most can be booked online, but you may want to call the property directly if you have any questions about any accessibility features.

Where Does Route 66 End

Route 66 Illinois (Part 1)

Assuming you’re travelling westbound, Route 66 ends in Los Angeles, California. Much like the eastern terminus, the western terminus has also changed over time.

The original 1926 alignment ended where 7th St meets Broadway in downtown LA. However, in 1936 the road was extended to reach it’s final official endpoint at the intersection of Olympic and Lincoln boulevards.

However, you may also be familiar with the ‘End of the Trail’ sign at Santa Monica Pier and wondering where this fits in. In 2009, in recognition of the Route’s popularity as a tourist attraction, and the anticlimactic nature of the Olympic/Lincoln intersection, the sign was erected at Santa Monica Pier henceforth becoming known as the ‘spiritual’ end of the road.

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Taking A Detour To The Grand Canyon And Meteor Crater

While the Grand Canyon isnt technically on Route 66, its worth a detour. The South Rim is the most accessible from the route and has the best viewpoints although that does make it the most popular with visitors.

There are several walking trails, or you could take to the air on a helicopter tour, flying over the green Kaibab National Forest. As the trees disappear, the Grand Canyon opens up in front of you and you feel as if youre going to fall off the edge of the world.

It takes around three hours to reach the South Rim from Winslow, a little longer if you make a stop at Meteor Crater just outside the town of Flagstaff. As the name suggests, the crater is a huge hole created by a meteorite that struck Earth almost 50,000 years ago. There are plenty of alien connotations with the site and you can only get within a certain distance of it, further fuelling speculation.

Finding Your Way On Route 66

Brown and white “historic” signs indicate Route 66’s location in each of the eight states. Alternatively, its presence may be announced on the road surface itself .

In general, older Route 66 alignments laid down in 1926 follow the railway track, avoiding thereby overly onerous civil work.

In most cases, especially in less populated areas, Interstate highways adopted a similar approach and thus follow Route 66.

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Where Does Route 66 Begin

Route 66 begins in the city of Chicago on the intersection between Adams Street and Michigan Avenue and theres a sign there to confirm youre in the right place!

If youre ending your Route 66 trip in Chicago after driving eastward then the sign is on the corner of Jackson and Michigan. The fact you dont begin and end at the same place is due to changes in the roads over the years and it becoming a one way street as youll see below.

Many people think that the sign is a little bit of a let down its just a small brown sign thats quite high up. Get creative with your angles for the perfect selfie there!

Popular Restaurants In Chicago

Chicago: Start of Route 66

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Route 66 In California

Above: Bagdad Cafe in Newberry Springs, California.

Set for the homonymous film, the coffee is always open along Route 66, isolated in the middle of the Californian desert, a few miles off the small town of Newberry Springs.

Above: The WigWam Motel in Rialto, California

With its iconic hard fabric teepee, the WigWam was once part of a chain of motels scattered along Route 66. Today, only two establishments of the old chain remain, the other located a little further east in Holbrook, Arizona.

Above: Santa Monica Pier, California.

After nearly 2,500 miles, Route 66 comes to an end before the world-famous panel of Santa Monica Pier, the platform of the chic little town of Santa Monica, a suburb of Los Angeles on the Pacific Ocean shore.

Your Chicago: Route 66’s Starting Point

CHICAGO — One of the most famous highways in the world starts in downtown Chicago.

“It’s called the Main Street of America or the Mother Road,” professional tour guide Dave Clark tells CBS 2’s Kate Sullivan. “Route 66 started right on the corner of Michigan and Adams. People walk by it every day and have no idea the amazing history that started right here.”

Clark, a historian and lover of all things Chicago, has literally written the book on Route 66, which started at Michigan and Adams.

In 1926, Jackson Street was one of the only streets in downtown Chicago without a trolley car, making it the ideal spot to start a U.S. highway and connect the east coast and west coast.

“If you wanted to get to California you had to come to Chicago to do it,” Clark says.

Nowadays, the remnants of Route 66 are a magnet for all those who love the open road and a slice of Americana.

First stop on the route is Chicago’s longest-running breakfast restaurant – Lou Mitchell’s.

“We were here in 1923, and Route 66 didn’t start until 1926. We were here waiting for them,” Heleen Thanas says.

Route 66 seems to draw people from all over the world, including Ian Metcalfe of New Zealand.

“I feel like this is the land of opportunity, that if you have that good idea you can go a long way,” he says. “I think Route 66 signifies that.”

And then there was the song, “Get Your Kicks On Route 66.” Many people remember it written in 1946 by Bobby Troup and sung by Nat King Cole.

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Maps Showing The Beginning And End Of Us 66 Over The Years


US 66 Scotland MO to Los Angeles CA


US 66 Chicago IL to Los Angeles CA


US 66 Chicago IL to Santa Monica CA


US 66 Chicago IL to Pasadena CA


US 66 Chicago IL to Needles CA


US 66 Scotland MO to Needles CA


West: Sanders, AZ

US 66 Scotland MO to Sanders AZ

So over the years the highway had quite a few eastern and western terminus. More details below.

From Las Vegas To Santa Monica

The Start of Route 66 Route 66 Start Point in Chicago, IL

It takes around four hours to drive from Las Vegas to the final destination on Route 66: Santa Monica in Los Angeles. You can break up the journey in Barstow, the last of the main points of interest along Route 66, where you can visit the Mother Road Museum. The museum displays a collection of memorabilia related to this historic route and is a fitting stop as you near the end of your drive.

The sign marking the end of Route 66 is located on Santa Monicas pier. Nearby, The Last Stop Shop will award you a novelty certificate confirming youve completed the drive.

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Chicago To St Louis Route 66 In Illinois Itinerary

Every Route 66 in Illinois adventure should begin at the beginning. Start your trip at the iconic Historic Illinois US 66 sign on Adams Street just west of Michigan Avenue. You cant miss it: its covered in stickers.

A little further west, in the shadow of a tree and the L, is another sign, this one proclaiming Illinois US 66 Historic Route Begins.

Before you start drive Route 66 from Chicago, take a moment to visit Buckingham Fountain. This iconic landmark was completed the year after Route 66 was established. Local art patron and philanthropist Kate Buckingham donated funds to Chicago for its construction in honor of her brother, Clarence.

Youll want to make sure youre fueled up for your big drive, so stop for a hearty breakfast at Lou Mitchells on Jackson Boulevard in Chicagos Loop. Known for its big portions and fresh donut holes, this diner has been a staple since it opened in 1923, three years before Route 66 came to be.

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As you drive through Chicago toward the southwest suburbs, youll start to see brown Historic Route 66 signs. These are your friends, and they will guide you all the way to the Mississippi River.

Youll have to pay close attention, thoughRoute 66s alignment often changed, and navigating through all of those towns means its not a straight path. Theres usually only one sign per turn. Miss it, and you could end up backtracking.

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Riding Historic Us Route 66 From Chicago Thru Illinois

Historic Route 66 begins in Chicago, Illinois

Route 66 was one of the United Statesâ first continuous stretches of paved highway, and served as a major path for those who migrated west.

âThe Mother Roadâ was established on November 11, 1926, and ultimately stretched 2,448 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles.

The beginning point could be either city, depending on the direction of the trip. Most travelers seem to start their journey on Route 66 in Chicago, and head westbound. That is the direction we take on this website.

The beginning point of Route 66 in Chicago has changed over the years, originally starting on Jackson Boulevard at Michigan Avenue in 1926. Since 1933 the starting point has been Jackson Boulevard at Lake Shore Drive.

Once outside the metropolitan Chicago area, Route 66 followed the Pontiac Trail, a former Indian trail and stagecoach road.

From its beginning in Chicago, Route 66 headed southwest to Joliet, Wilmington, Dwight, Odell, Pontiac, Bloomington, Lincoln and Springfield. The segment from Chicago to Springfield is roughly a 2.5 hour drive.

While in Chicago, many visitors seek out Grant Park, the Willis Tower, the museums, and the lakeshore shopping areas.

Leaving Chicago and arriving in Joliet, travelers like to visit the Joliet Museum, Rialto Square Theatre and the Jacob Henry Mansion.

Map showing approximate Route 66 location from Chicago to St. Louis, Missouri

Roadside Attraction: 1932 Standard Oil Gas Station in Odell, Illinois

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Is Route 66 A Good Road Trip

A road trip along Route 66 is not necessarily jam-packed with must-see sights each day, but the drive itself is the experience. … Some of the most iconic things to see along the route are the buildings and signage of the numerous roadside cafes, motels, gas stations, and tourist attractions along this route.

The Route 66 Starting Point

Illinois Route 66 Recap

If you are traveling westwards route 66 starts in Chicago.

The official starting point has moved a few times.

The beginning of route 66 was originally on Jackson Boulevard at Michigan Ave.

In 1937, the start was moved half a mile east because of the reclaimed land that is now Grant Park. So after 1937, the starting point of RT 66 was the intersection of Jackson and Lake Shore Drive.

To confuse matters further, in 1955 Jackson became one way. So Adams Street, one block north, became the westbound route 66.

Nowadays you can see a sign marking the start point where Adams Street meets Michigan Ave. but this was never a designated start point.

Perhaps all this is getting pedantic.

The beginning of route 66 is in downtown Chicago, Illinois on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan.

This is where RT 66 starts, 2.5 miles east of the starting point the road joins Ogden Ave and later Joliet Road as it heads out of Chicago in a southwesterly direction, beginning its a long journey from Illinois to California.

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Lincoln Home National Historic Site

Springfield was the hometown of Abraham Lincoln in the 17 years leading up to his presidency. You can visit the house where he lived, an attractive wooden building with large shuttered windows. Now a National Historic Site, it has been restored to reflect the era in which Lincoln lived there with his family.

Due to the houses modest size, you can only look around on a ranger-led tour. From the kitchen and living area to the upstairs bedrooms, each room is furnished with items used by Lincoln in his day-to-day life. Your guide will point out the desk at which Lincoln wrote his memoirs, his bed, and the large mahogany table where he ate his meals.

Afterwards, I suggest strolling around the surrounding four blocks, where 12 buildings have also been restored to their 1860 heyday. It really helps to paint a picture of the Springfield Lincoln knew. Exhibits tell you about the past residents, most of whom would have known and interacted with Lincoln.

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