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Women’s Athletic Club Chicago

Multiple Locations Nationwide Primarily In United States

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List Of Women’s Clubs

Woman’s clubs or Women’s clubs are examples of the Woman’s club movement. Many local clubs and national or regional federations were influential in history. The importance of some local clubs is demonstrated by their women’s club buildings being listed on historic registries.

In the United States, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs became the primary umbrella organization of women’s clubs in the United States. “For the later part of the nineteenth century andmuch of the twentieth century, the women’s clubs were an essential vehicle for women’s activity outside of the home.”:8 In New Mexico alone, a state federation grew to include 59 clubs.

In Australia, the Country Women’s Association had numerous clubs.

Most historical women’s clubs served social and charitable purposes, most of which may seem relatively uncontroversial today. These purposes have included voluntary civic service purposes such as:

  • opening lending libraries and seeking funding to create permanent public libraries
  • pursuing historic preservation
  • campaigning against lynching and Jim Crow laws
  • serving as professional women’s clubs, comparable to historic men’s clubs of London
  • serving as athletic clubs or otherwise supporting sports, physical activity
  • addressing sanitation and health issues
  • hosting social activities, including card games
  • hosting lectures and otherwise engaging in education
  • addressing employment and labor conditions

First Athletic Club For Women In America


The historic Women’s Athletic Club of Chicago is a private club that was founded in 1898 and was the very first athletic club for women in America. It was established as Landmark status in 1991 for its history and brilliant architecture by Philip B. Maher. I was lucky enough to visit it.If you have the opportunity to visit, PLEASE I urge you to take it. They host receptions, weddings, meetings and events all the time. From the first step of walking into this amazing building, I felt like I was going through time. It felt so elegant and regal! I almost didn’t want to touch anything. The elevator had its own operator and it was necessary since it seemed like it was right out of the 1920’s! The decor was well kept, but felt like it belonged in the 1930’s with men in top hats and women in fur.

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Womens Athletic Club Of Chicago

Founded in the 1920s, the Womens Athletic Club of Chicago was the first of its kind in the United States, and is an architectural treasure along the citys Magnificent Mile. However, the original dumbwaiter equipment had been installed in the 1950s and rising maintenance costs were quickly draining their budget.

The kitchen staff was having to travel a long way to deliver food when the dumbwaiter was not operational, which in turn was creating more work, increasing the risk of workplace accidents, and causing lots of inefficiencies within the building.

The Timeless Functionality of MatotPROVIDING A UNIQUE DUMBWAITER SOLUTION for Another 100 Years

Matot was asked to partner with Parkway Elevators of Chicago to modernize the dumbwaiter and help them reduce costs. Matot devised a unique side-by-side machine room design to replace the original old double drum machine.

New Stainless Steel Hoistway Doors In-Use

New 3 H.P. Machines

Welcome To Thewoman’s Athletic Club

Meet the ’40+ Double Dutch Club’ Women in Chicago | NBC Chicago

The Woman’s Athletic Club of Chicago is a private club for women nestled in the heart of downtown Chicago. Established in 1898, the WAC was the first athletic club for women in America. “Created by ladies, for ladies”, it elected Mrs. Philip D. Armour as its first president, and the prestigious membership included the wives of many prominent Chicagoans.For well over 100 years, the WAC has been identified with graciousness and elegance an oasis in the heart of the city for its membership.In 1929, the Club found its current location and hired renowned architect Philip B. Maher to design a building specifically to its member needs. An architectural treasure, the Clubhouse was awarded Landmark status in 1991.The interior of the Club reflects the early 20th century Beaux-Arts and Art Deco design. From the stunning Ballroom to the elegant Silver Room to the welcoming Drawing Room to the cozy Library each room is uniquely designed to provide a special place for groups large and small to gather.The WAC also boasts modern facilities for health and fitness, including a gym, studio rooms for classes, a pool, as well as a full-service spa.

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