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Yellow Cab Chicago Phone Number

Chicago Taxi Safety And Complaints

Yellow cabs will soon be available on Uber app in new deal

Although there have been some problems with unlicensed or rude taxi drivers in Chicago in the past, the city has been going to great lengths to improve both the safety and experience of taking a local Chicago taxi. On all taxis, you will now see a Hows my driving? Compliments or Concerns, Call 311 Report Taxi Number. On the upper bumper, which is helping the district government make these improvements. If you experience an issue with your fare, rudeness or safety while riding in a Chicago taxi, you can call +1 311 to make a report to the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection. You will need to leave your name and contact, along with the name or taxi number of the driver you are making the complaint against.

Chicago Taxi Cab Services

We work with one goal in mind: to get customers where they want to go, when they want to go, promptly, efficiently, comfortably, and safely.

Superior Service: Timely taxi cab pick up, private usage, and customer care.Quality: This means courteous service in clean, well-maintained cars.Convenience: PayPal, Credit and Debit card Payments Available.Technology: Our fleet is operated by independent owners on a seamless computer-aided dispatch and cashless transactions.Cleanliness: We offer new and clean vehicles including hybrid cars utilizing the safest, most comfortable vehicles to provide passengers with the highest quality of service.

Get A Wheelchair Accessible Taxis In Chicago Illinois


One taxi driver reported that 20% of taxis in Downtown Chicago are wheelchair accessible. Still, its a good idea to get the direct cell phone number of a driver in case you get into a jam and the wait is long for an accessible taxi. Every wheelchair accessible taxi I saw had a side-loading door, as opposed to the rear, and used the QStraint 4-Point Securement System to hold a wheelchair in place. If you desire or need a seatbelt to secure your body, speak up because it was not the norm to add this automatically.

Some wheelchair accessible taxis were the traditional minivans and others were an MV-1. The original intent of the MV-1 was to be able to transport two wheelchair travelers at once. However, the design was flawed as it created the two chairs to clash together and so, I was told that no taxi driver will agree to transport wheelchair passengers in this matter. However, if one wheelchair user is able to transfer out of his or her wheelchair and into a seat then this can be done. Furthermore, in the three short nights I was in Chicago two out of a few taxis had technical issues with the ramp. One guy did not know how to put the ramp away once out and another accessible taxi arrived either without a ramp or this guy also did not know how to work it at all. English was sparse and my questions were never clearly answered. Despite these two inconvenient experiences, other drivers I had were just delightful and enjoyed our insightful conversations.

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Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Service In Chicago

There are over 20 licensed taxi companies that offer ADA compliant, wheelchair-accessible taxis. They all have a rear or side entry ramp and can fit up to 4 other passengers aside from the wheelchair user. Wheelchair-accessible taxis in Chicago can be requested on-demand or in advance and cost the same as any metered taxi in the city. Bookings for wheelchair-accessible taxis in Chicago are made through a centralised system, by calling Open Taxis on +1 928-1010 or +1 657-3006.

Transportation At Your Fingertips


Now that 64% of the U.S. population own smartphones, the need for service industry app solutions is greater than ever. That’s why YellowCabCo. developed its own free transportation app, allowing customers to request a ride with the touch of a screen. Using GPS and mobile technology, our customers can now order a taxi online, watch in real-time as the cab arrives, and rate their customer experience all from their mobile devices. Download our app today and see for yourself.

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How Do You Pay For Taxi In Chicago

All of the local taxis in Chicago use a taximeter to calculate your fee. The distance you travel or the time you spend waiting in traffic will determine your final fee. Theres always a base cost of $3.25 USD and then a price per mile of $1.80 USD . You can pay for your journey using both cash or credit card. If youd prefer the peace of mind that comes with a set-rate fare and guaranteed on-time pickups, we recommend booking your Chicago taxi in advance with Welcome Pickups.

How Do You Call A Taxi In Chicago

There are many different phone dispatch taxi companies operating in Chicago. Each one operates using the official taximeters rates and is available 24/7. Some of the top Chicago taxi phone companies are Chicago Checker: +1 243-2537, 303 Taxi: +1 303-0303, Flash Cab: +1 561-4444, Yellow Cab Chicago: +1 829-4222 and American United Chicago: +1 248-7600. Please note that there are extra charges for using this service.

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Chicago Taxicab Rates & Information

Curb utilizes Upfront Pricing in Chicago in order to provide price certainty and transparency to both riders and drivers alike. Your Upfront Fare includes all estimated tolls and government-mandated taxes/surcharges . Any tip you select is applied at the end of the ride and is not included in the Upfront Fare.

Upfront Fares are based on expected travel time and distance for your booked pickup and dropoff in compliance with local taxi regulations. For more information on standard taxi meter pricing and applicable taxes and surcharges, please visit the City of Chicago: Business Affairs & Consumer Protection website.

Reliable Pricing Accountable Service

Yellow Cab files for bankruptcy in Houston

We respect your privacy, so we built our app to work without having your credit card on file so you can pay your driver your way, not ours, with cash or a credit card. With YellowCabCo., you can always rely on a consistent fare, with no surge pricing, during peak transportation events while letting you give immediate feedback on how our drivers are doing out in the field.

Trans Iowa, L.C.1550 East Army Post Rd.Des Moines, IA 50320

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What People Say

  • Georgina M.

    When you are in a rush, nothing beats having a reliable taxi service to count on! Ive booked 303 Taxi on numerous occasions and they havent failed to provide absolutely fantastic conditions, not once! If you ask me, the way 303 Taxi is doing business is the way everyone should be approaching their customers.

  • Steven P.

    Just when I thought there were no more honest people around, I was blown away with 303 Taxi! I travel on business a lot and I practically carry a small office with me. Riding in 303 Taxi from the airport, I forgot my laptop and planner at the back seat. My driver Michael drove back and brought me my stuff. Phenomenal service, and great people!

  • Jenna S.

    Ive got two jobs and getting from point A to point B on time isnt always possible if you are relying on public transport. I ride with 303 for the most part and thanx to their competence and fantastic organization I have never missed a meeting so far! Plus, the drivers are always so friendly and polite, its really refreshing!

  • Simona C.

    I send my kid to school and back with 303 Taxi because neither me nor my husband have time to carpool. The drivers are exceptionally reliable, the plan were on pays off and I can trust my child will arrive to school and back home safely each time. 303 Taxi has my glowing recommendation!

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